Audrey Caroline McGraw: know about the youngest daughter of singer and songwriters Tim McGraw and Faith Hill



For more than two decades, we all have been blessed with incredible music from award winning singer and songwriter Tim McGraw and his equally talented singer, producer wife Faith Hill. Not only is their romance iconic in the music scene but their family as a whole oozes family goals all the time. Here we are going to talk about the youngest of the McGraw bunch: Audrey Caroline McGraw.

Early background

Tim Mcgraw's youngest daughter

Audrey Caroline McGraw is the youngest daughter of country singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill who was born in december 6, 2001, presumably near their home in Williamson County, outside Nashville. She was named after her mother Audrey Faith. She has two older sisters Gracie and Maggie.

She along with her sisters are the granddaughters of famous baseball player Frank Edwin “Tug” McGraw Jr. who was a star pitcher in New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies. She is a high school senior and will be graduating this year from high school. As the McGraw sisters were growing up they were always kept away from spotlight by their parents who strongly believed in letting the girls have a normal childhood.

Personal Life

Since, Audrey and her sisters were never really in the same spotlight as their parents, not a lot was known about them. As of recent years, Tim and Faith have been sharing a lot of throwback photos of the sisters from their younger days. From these many instagram posts, we know that Audrey was a cute little girl who was adored by the whole family.

She absolutely loves her dog, stromboli. For her sweet sixteen, both her parents posted throwback childhood photos of Audrey wishing a very happy sixteenth birthday and that they were proud to see their daughter grow up to be a sweet, kind, honest and most forgiving human being.

Audrey’s Education Background: High School and College

Audrey, being the youngest is the last one to graduate from the high school among the three siblings and is the only child who is living with her parents. Tim and Faith once revealed in an interview that having three daughter was very overwhelming but their attention had to be divided to all three daughters equally.

After Audrey’s 8th grade graduation, Tim talked with her about that. She said, ‘It’s just gonna be me, you, and mom. The only thing is you’re gonna pay attention to everything I do.’ Then Tim said, ‘We always paid attention to everything you do.’ To which she replied, ‘But now it might be a little too much attention!’.

Audrey McGraw seems to be very gifted with beautiful voice just like her parents. When Audrey was only 12 years old, she covered an acoustic set right before her dad’s show in Rogers, Ark. She performed a great cover of ‘Travelin’ soldier’ by The Dixie Chicks. Listening to her soothing vocals, we can say she has a great career if she ever decides to follow the music career path.

Audrey on Instagram

For now, she doesn’t use Instagram probably because of his parent’s figure. But she will be on it pretty soon! However, her father Tim doesn’t put us away from her by posting pictures like this.


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