How to Deal with Burnout in a Relationship


If the spark goes out in a relationship, boredom enters it. It seems that there will be no positive emotions in it. You should take the initiative in fixing it. You have repeatedly heard the expression “I have burned out at work.” But what about your relationship? What about your marriage? After all, at first, everything between you was excellent: fresh feelings, new experiences, and, most importantly, you had fun together. After a while, feelings transformed into a habit. Fatigue has come. You may have noticed that you have begun talking to your partner on autopilot. There is now apathy to their touch and a sense of meaninglessness of the entire relationship. Emotional paralysis has come… 

Why it happens 

You “burn out” slowly. Motivation and self-esteem are fading away; hopelessness enters your life. Even a spectacular woman will become a zombie in a stale relationship. There is a feeling that you are locked in a terrarium of sorts. A huge python entwined your body, and it is suffocating you, and you just sit there, waiting for it to end. 

In this case, you have to start expressing yourself rather than keeping silence for the sake of peace. 

Here are five symptoms of being burned-out in a relationship: 

  1. Every joint day is like Groundhog Day; 
  1. Even the smallest things about your partner are annoying. In their presence, you are either aggressive or too quiet, trying to not explode with emotions; 
  1. There are no romantic feelings, touches, or manifestations of love; 
  1. You have no sincere interest in their possible affairs; 
  1. You prefer to stay at work or find urgent household chores to spend less time with your partner. 

If you have found most of the listed symptoms to be present in your relationship, then you need to do the following. 

Listen to yourself 

Most often, a woman is driving herself to the state of emotional burnout. She has done everything in her power to satisfy him, and he does nothing in return. For example, you’ve arranged a romantic dinner for you two, you’ve spent a lot of time preparing it, and you’ve perfected every detail of it. However, he just ignored it! He ate all the food, drank all the wine, and left to watch the baseball game. Why should you need a guy like that? 

Become vocal 

This is the case when you need to act. You should not endure the pain and wait for everything to somehow get solved in some magical way. Many women live in a state of emotional burnout for years. This is not the way you should live your life. They are accustomed to being quiet and not fighting for themselves. This is the worst position you could possibly be in. This lack of self-confidence will affect all aspects of your life. Cataclysms of personal relationships will affect your work, health, appearance, etc. 


A relationship involves two people, and while you may think that you are the only one who is hurt, you might be surprised… While I don’t believe that a rational conversation is the right answer to every problem, it’s still worth trying it. Talk with your partner about what you feel; be sincere and honest. 

Set goals with your partner 

Both short-term and long-term motivation will do the job. In the process of achieving these goals, they will get you back together on the same page; they will give you the opportunity to feel like-minded once again. It can be anything, from hitchhiking through Europe to conceiving a child. The main thing is that it should be interesting for both of you.  

Stop comparing yourself to others 

Today, it is difficult because social networks dictate the “fashion of happiness.” Many women have the feeling that others have interesting lives, and only they have a boring one. But it is not the case! This is not the reality of things, as everyone has problems, but not everyone wants to make them public.  

Seek new emotions 

A joint dose of endorphin unites two people together. While it may be boring to live together sometimes, you have to experiment and find new ways of having fun. So look for them together. As emotional doping, everything is suitable, from extreme sports to passionate sex. Moments of positive emotions are associated with those people who were near us at those moments, so keep that in mind.
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