6 Interesting Facts About Dianna Fuemana


Whether it’s his stellar performance in “Mary Kills Wiseley” or his animalistic physic in “beauty and the beast”, Jay has certainly been the fan favourite from the start of his career.

Although he appears in the small act in movies, his topnotch charisma is always the talking point in the tv series. Although he shares a public personality, it’s his personal life that makes the fan agog about him.

Like many celebrities, Jay has been pretty numb about his long-term girlfriend – Dianna Fuemana. In 2013, the couple declared that they were having a baby and later named their daughter, Eve Bunyan. But other than that, it’s all been mystery. 

But today we are going to bust the mystery away. And reveal all the secrets behind the enigmatic play writer – Dianna Fuemana.

#Fact 1: Dianna is actually Canadian


This may come as a surprise to many because, considering the facts, Dianna should have been from Newzealand where her boyfriend comes from. However, Dianna Fuemana’s parents come from Canada which makes her origin Canadian. Her parents moved to Newzealand where she was born and raised. She also completed her study, Master of Creativity and Arts in 2005 from the University of Auckland.

#Fact 2: She wrote her first play in 1999


Dianna came up with her first work Mapaki in 1999 which was highly favoured. This play portrays the story of a single woman. It was presented internationally in USA and Greece. It was nominated at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards for the title of Outstanding New Writer and best upcoming actress of the Year.

#Fact 3: Her plays have been staged in various countries

Progressively, she banged the hometown stage and international stage with plays like Jingle Bells (2001), The Packer (2003), My Mother Dreaming (2005), Falemalama (2009) and Birds(2012). Some of these were staged within the country, New Zealand. While some were orchestrated in the countries like Australia, Greece, United States, Hawaii, Canada, Niue, America Samoa and the UK.

#Fact 4: The lovebird have worked together

Oh! the sweetness overload. Who doesn’t love to see the lovebird act together in reel life? This is certainly what happened to this duo. Ryan and Fuemana have worked together in The Packer. Here is a sneak preview of the show.

#Fact 5: Her works have won her various awards

Dianna’s skills, experience, and contribution provided her with an opportunity to work as an art adviser for Auckland City Council (2003-2006), Also, she worked as a guest writer at the Tahiti writers festival (2005) and has sat on the Auckland Readers and Writers festival panels. In her career as a writer, she had won the Pacific Innovation and Excellence Award (2008) Creative New Zealand, Pasifika Arts Award.

#Fact 6: She has worked with Hollywood directors

Dianna completed her internship from Killer Films NYC in 2012 (US Screenwriting Scholarship) with the support of the Film Investment Corporation Foundation and the New Zealand Film Commission. Over this period, she worked with many Hollywood directors and scriptwriters.

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