The Incredible Story of Adi Ezra: Bar Refaeli’s Husband who is a Israeli Businessman

Adi Ezra and Bar rafaeli

From young Natalie Portman to “Wonder Woman” in Gal Gadot, Israel has been all about giving its talent to Hollywood. And, one of the gems coming out of the land of Judaism has to be Bar Refaeli. Voted No. 1 on Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list of 2012, the Israel-born super model’s accomplishments are there to be seen for everyone. But what slips under the radar is her relationship with her now husband, Adi Ezra.

Once popular as “Leo’s” girlfriend, Bar Refaeli is now married and a mother of three. In January, 2020, she took it took it to Instagram to reveal the birth of her son.

“This is what real GLAM looks like. 3rd baby in 3.5 years. #FamilyIsEverything. Life is beautiful,” she wrote.

Amid all the pandemic crisis, Bar and Adi do have the moment to celebrate and look forward to. But who is Adi Ezra & how did the super model meet a common guy? Well, Adi may not be your regular celebrity but he is the quite a big deal in his country, Israel.



  1. How old is Adi Ezra?

    Adi turned 47 years on 19th January.

  2. What does Adi Ezra do for a living?

    According to Bloomberg, Adi Ezra currently serves as the chairman of Williger Industries Ltd, EL Gaucho Ltd, and Ezra Ltd. He is also the heir of Neto Group, one of the top food conglomerates in Israel.

  3. How did Adi and Bar meet?

    Adi and Ezra met for the first time when they were introduced by a mutual friend at an event. At the time, Ezra had just broken up with Hollywood’s heartthrob, Leonardo Di Caprio.

  4. How many kids does Adi and Bar have together?

    The couple so far have 3 kids together. Liv (August 11, 2016), Elle (October 20, 2017), and a son (January 2020).

  5. Is Adi Ezra on Instagram?

    Adi isn’t active on any social media platforms.

Adi Ezra’s Life Before Fame

Adi Ezra was born on 19th January 1975, in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ezra was born to a billionaire father Dudi Ezra and mother Rachael Ezra. He is also the grandson of Meir Ezra-the the founder of Neto Group. As a child, he had all the privileges, one would ever imagine being born into a billionaire family.

As for education, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. This made him capable of justifying any role given to him in his family business. Adi Ezra is a well-known figure in the business world.

Adi Ezra is the Heir of Neto Group

Ezra was pushed into the business forefront when the company got re-launched in 2008. As per Bloomberg profile, Adi Ezra at the moment is the chairman of three companies Williger Industries Ltd, Ezra Ltd, and EL Gaucho Ltd. These subsidiaries fall under the umbrella of Neto Group which is owned by Ezra hierarchy. Apart from this, Ezra holds the position of Chief Business Development officer in the Neto Malinda Trading. He joined the company in 2003 and still works for it.

Neto Group is one of the leading food conglomerates in Israel. Adi’s father, David Ezra is the president and chairman of the board. The company was first established by his grandfather Dudi Ezra in 1940. In 2019, the company made an annual sale of NIS 3.6 billion which is approximately $1 billion U.S dollars.

Well, you can assume he is a pretty wealthy guy!

Bar Refaeli’s Love Story with Adi started in 2012

Adi Ezra got more fame after he started dating the Israelian supermodel Bar Refaeli. Refaeli is a world-famous model, actress, businesswoman, and a host in Israel. She started appearing in the cover of magazines since she was 11 years old. She has even hosted the show ‘X-Factor’.

Their story started back in 2012 when Ezra and Refaeli were introduced to each other through a mutual friend at an event. During that time, Refaeli just broke up with Leonardo Di Caprio after being in a relationship for 5 years. The fuel sparked when the duo started spending time with each other and eventually got into a relationship. The couple has an age difference of ten years and Bar things it’s a good thing. In an interview with Israel Hayom, regarding their age differences, Bar made a statement that said:

I have always gone out with guys who are older than me. A 10-year age difference between a man and a woman isn’t so crazy. I actually think it’s a good thing.”

She further added:

He went out with many other girls before me, he’s seen and done many things, and that’s just a much more complete place to come from. I prefer to date someone who has experienced and done many things and met people and is now ready to choose, rather than someone who doesn’t know.

After dating for three years, Adi and Ezra got engaged in May 2015. As per sources, Adi proposed Bar while they were vacationing in the Caribbean. Soon after getting engaged, the model who has 3million followers on Instagram uploaded a picture of her with Adi with the caption “Love”.

Adi Ezra got engaged to Bar Refaeli

However, it wasn’t always a rosy picture for the couple. Their relationship passed through some rocky rides. While they were dating, the couple broke up for a couple of months due to Mark Jagger. The Israeli publications reported that Ezra broke up with Bar after he accused her of dancing too close with Mark. As per the sources, Ezra pulled Bar of the dance floor at Stones party. After the incident, the duo had a big fight which eventually caused the split up. Nevertheless, they solved their differences, and since then they are going stronger.

Wedding Bells for Adi and Bar

Adi Ezra's wedding with Bar Rafaeli

Adi married his fiance Bar on September 24, 2015, after getting engaged for three months. They married in a Jewish ceremony under a chuppah at the Carmel Forest Spa Resort, near Hafia. Bar Refaeli looked beautiful in a Chloe gown. The bride and groom walked down the aisle with the song “The Beginning of the World” sung by Shlomi Shabbat in the background.

The ceremony was attended by 300 family and friends while it was officiated by Rabbi Yitzchak David Grossman. The wedding became glittery with the presence of popular Israeli stars and models. The wedding featured a hot air balloon, a helicopter, and few drones flying over the venue. Their big day was reported by many Israeli websites. A source told E! News:

‘The ceremony was so magical, filled with close friends and family and a few notable names and models. The location was stunning. Bar couldn’t be happier!.

While Adi’s wedding was a grand affair, there were some dramas leading up to the nuptials. There was a constant discussion between the officials on whether the skies over the venue would be opened to air traffic. The request to close the airspace above his wedding venue was granted by the Aviation authorities. However, later on, transportation minister Yisrael Katz ordered to keep the airspace open for the authorized aircraft.

Despite all the dramas, their wedding ceremony ended on a happy note. While the wedding is the first for Adi, it’s the second time for the model. Bar was married to Arik Weinstein in 2003 when she was in her late teens and got divorced in 2005.

Their four years of courtship have blessed them with three children. The family of five is currently living happily in Israel.

Ezra’s Kids: Liv, Elle and David

Bar Refaili, Adi,

A year after getting married, Refaeli and Ezra welcomed their first baby daughter Liv Ezra on August 11, 2016. Just after seven months of his first daughter, the couple announced that they were expecting their second children. Soon after the announcement, Adi became the father for the second time with a baby daughter named Elle on October 20, 2017. Adi’s wife Bar gave a statement to People who read:

‘We welcomed Liv’s little sister, Elle, into the world on Friday, October 20 at 8.50 p.m., weighing 3 kilos. We are all happy, healthy, and eager to start this new chapter in our lives.”

Likewise, Adi and Bar went on to expand their family and welcomed their third child in January 2020 in Tel Aviv. The model announced the birth of her third child by posting a picture wearing a hospital gown on her Instagram. Times of Israel reported that the baby is a boy. The couple named their son David.

The duo is raising their children in Jewish culture. And even though, both Adi and Bar are notoriously famous, they live a low-key life. They both keep their children away from public scrutiny.

Legal Trouble For Adi’s Wife

Adi Ezra's wife bar Rafaeli

Adi’s wife Bar invited herself in serious legal trouble. She has been charged with money laundering, tax fraud and perjury in Israel. Refaeli who claimed to have lived out of Israel for two years (2009/2010) is accused of hiding her income to evade tax liability to the government of Israel.

While Bar claimed that she was living abroad with her former boyfriend Leonardo during that period, tax authorities have denied her claims on the note that the pair were never married. The prolonged case has finally settled down by Bar with the authorities. The model will have to serve nine months of community service and her mother Zipi will have to go to jail for 16 months for tax evasion. Moreover, the model will also have to pay $1.5 million as a fine.

Adi Proposed the Idea for Bar Refaeli’s New Reality Series

When the news regarding the tax evasion broke in 2020, the media latched onto every single detail the Refaeli family said or did throughout the process. This ultimately led the family to lose their chance to say their side of the story. So, in order to control the narrative, Bar’s husband Adi and her brother Dor suggested the family work on a tell all reality show.

Talking about his Adi, Dor said, “He pitched the idea, he said if there’s so many headlines and noise about every little thing, at least we’ll be able to control it.” “We’ll expose our truth,” he added. He also revealed that Adi thought the series would be a way to make money.

However, don’t expect to see Adi and the couple’s children on the show. When asked about their absence from the show, Bar said, “He doesn’t like the cameras and doesn’t want the kids to be in front of them. I really want them to be part of it, but unfortunately this was the compromise.” She revealed that she wanted everyone to see how cute their children were, so she felt a little disappointed at first when he declined to be on the show. ‘The Refaelis’ reality TV show will be running soon.

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