What Happened to Alessandra Gucci: Everything About the Eldest Daughter of Maurizio Gucci and Ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani

Alessandra Gucci

In early 2021, when the photos of Lady Gaga and actor Adam Driver as their characters in the movie ‘House of Gucci’ was posted, it took the internet by storm. The movie chronicled the real-life events surrounding the late Maurizio Gucci and his ex-wife Patrizia along with other members of the Gucci family. While many parts of the movie are sensationalized for the sake of entertainment, the truth remains that following the murder and trial of Maurizio Gucci, many lives were heavily affected. Among them, the daughters of the ex-couple suffered the most loss. 

If you came here from the ‘House of Gucci’ movie, you might have noticed that the Gucci couple welcomed a baby girl in the movie. In reality, the couple had two daughters; Alessandra and Allegra Gucci. So what happened to them? Let us find out more about Alessandra Gucci, the eldest daughter of Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani.


Alessandra was Born in Milan

On June 28, 1976, Alessandra Gucci was born in Milan, Italy to parents Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani. She grew up pampered with fortune and wealth alongside her younger sister Allegra who was born in 1981. Her family lived the high life at Piazza San Babila in the heart of Milan.

Apart from this, the young Alessandra was always travelling with her parents to different places they owned like the ski chalet in Saint Moritz, their holiday home in Acapulco, a penthouse in New York and a farm in Connecticut. 

Alessandra comes from the Fashion House of Gucci

Alessandra has a strong connection with fashion brand Gucci

Alessandra’s father Maurizio Gucci was a businessman and a former head of the Gucci Fashion House. Her great-grandfather Guccio Gucci was a fashion designer and founded the fashion house. Her grandfather Rodolfo Gucci was an actor and entrepreneur who appeared in more than 40 movies between 1929 to 1946.

After the death of his father, Rodolfo left acting and returned to their family business. After his death, Alessandra’s father Maurizio inherited a majority of the stake in the company thus becoming the majority shareholder. 

Her Parents were Married for 13 Years Before Calling it Quits

Alessabdra with her father, mother and sister Allegra

Alessandra’s parents Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani got married in the church of San Sepolcro in Milan on October 28, 1972. Since the two came from vastly different backgrounds, Alessandra’s grandfather, Rodolfo did not approve of her mother. Apparently, on the day of their wedding, Rodolfo flew to the US.

He had a problem with Patrizia’s strong personality and thought that she was a social climber who had nothing on her mind but money. Her mother too described the early period of their relationship as that of Romeo and Juliet. However, she did end up with her Romeo.

In 1985, Alessandra’s father told her mother that he was going on a short business trip to Florence. However, the following day he sent a friend to Patrizia telling her that he would not be coming back and that their marriage was over. This is how the two separated.

Her father would go to date other women following the separation. They finalized their divorce in 1994 with Patrizia getting an annual alimony of 1.47 million dollars.

Death of Maurizio Gucci and her mother Patrizia is Convicted

Even though both Alessandra and Allegra were born with good fortune, they continued to get burdened by the wrong decisions of their parents, especially their mother. 

On March 27, 1995, Alessandra Gucci’s father Maurizio Gucci was shot by a hired hitman on the steps outside his office as he arrived. In 1998, Maurizio’s ex-wife and Alessandra’s mother Patrizia Reggiani was convicted of arranging the killing. She was said to have made such a drastic decision due to a combination of jealousy, money and resentment towards her ex-husband.

She was initially sentenced to 29 years in prison which was later reduced to 26 years. She was released in October 2016, after serving 18 years in prison.

Alessandra and Her Sister had a Really Hard Time After the Death of their Father

Maurizio Gucci, the father of Alessandra Gucci was murdered by a hitman

Losing a parent in such a way is a horrible experience no child should ever be subjected to. And when the other remaining parent is incarcerated for the murder of the said parent, the effect it would have on the children is immense. When Maurizio was murdered Alessandra was 18 years old whereas Allegra was only 14.

Not only did they have to sit through the legal battle surrounding their mother, but Allegra being a minor was also at the forefront of legal guardianship. They only got help from their father’s friend Fabio Franchini who not only gave them advice on legal matters but also on a human level.

Alessandra is not on Speaking Terms with Her Mother

Alessandra with her mother Patrizia and sister Allegra

Even though their mother was sent to prison for the murder of their father, both sisters continued to visit their mother during her time in prison. However, as of now, the sisters have cut off ties with their mother entirely. During a 2016 interview, Patrizia said:

“We are going through a bad time now. They don’t understand me and have cut off my financial support.” “I have nothing, and I haven’t even met my two grandsons.”

The sisters were also engaged in a legal battle with their mother during this period. They didn’t want Patrizia to receive annuities from their father’s estate however, she ended up winning the case resulting in getting $1.2 million per year as part of her divorce arrangements.

Alessandra was accused of Tax Evasion

In 2013, both Alessandra and Allegra were accused of tax evasion as it was reported that they each had failed to pay almost 5.7 million dollars within the duration of 2004 and 2010. They were finally acquitted of all the allegations the following year on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

Her Sister Allegra Gucci Released a Book

Alessandra Gucci's sister Allegra Gucci released a book Fine Dei Giochi

In 2022, Alessandra’s little sister Allegra Gucci released her book titled ‘Fine Dei Giochi’ (Game Over). The book is told from her perspective of what was the aftermath of the murder of her father and her mother’s conviction. When asked why she wanted to release the book, Allegra said:

”I have two young children. Seeing the hype caused by the film House of Gucci, I didn’t want them to grow up without knowing the truth about the family they come from. I reconstructed the memories piece by piece, document by document.”

Further, Allegra added:

“Sometimes I felt pain, other times a sense of liberation. Finding all the fragments of this story in adulthood, I understood even better how things went. And seeing them like this, in black and white, gave me an unexpected serenity.”

Alessandra was also really happy and excited that the truth would come out through one of them. According to Allegra, they have always waged this battle together and were and will always be united.

Alessandra is an Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer

Alessandra Gucci has a knack for fashion

Following in the footsteps of her great-grandfather, it seems like Alessandra also has a knack for fashion design. According to her LinkedIn profile, she used to design handbags for her label AG. In 2008, she introduced her limited edition collection called The First to the World. The collection boasted its 99 handbags with 11 of each of the nine different styles.

Many of her designs are a tribute to her family as she names them after her father and grandfather.

Alessandra is Married to Federico

Alessandra Gucci is married and has a son

Despite experiencing a troubled marriage first-hand, both Alessandra and her sister have found partners to spend the rest of their lives with. Alessandra is said to be married to a guy named Federico with whom she shares one son.

The three of them are currently living in Switzerland. Her sister Allegra on the other hand got married to Enrico Barbieri in 2011 and share two beautiful children.

How Much of Gucci Money Does Alessandra Have?

In 1988, 47.8% of Gucci was sold to the Bahrain-based investment fund Investcorp. After Maurizio Gucci was appointed as the chairman of the Gucci group in 1989, the finances of the company started to decrease. So much so that he had to sell his remaining company stock in 1993 for $170 million to Investcorp. This move ended all of the Gucci family’s association with the company. 

The untimely death of her father meant that both Alessandra and her sister inherited quite a significant portion of her father’s $400 million fortune. With her booming fashion business and her inheritance, we can predict her to have a net worth of somewhere between $300 to $400.

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