Alexis Roderick: The Fourth Wife Of Legendary Musician Billy Joel

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Best recognized as the wife of legendary musician Billy Joel, Alexis Roderick exposed to the stardom when she shared a romantic relationship with the legend back in 2009. The former Morgan Stanley executive dated Billy for six years before exchanging vows in a surprise wedding ceremony. Mr. Joel was married three times when he met Roderick. Will this fourth time for Joel a charm??  Let’s hope, Alexis will face no problem in her relationship with Joel who has already embraced the parenthood too.

Alexis Roderick’s Wiki

Alexis Roderick was born in 1980 in a household with Irish heritage in the United States of America. The American native Alexis belongs to Caucasian ethnicity. Alexis who came into the spotlight after her involvement with Billy Joel hasn’t shared anything related to her family background yet. What we know about her early bio is that she has attended Stony Brook University. She holds a degree in Politics, Economics, and Latin American Studies. Roderick is married to Billy Joel who is a singer, songwriter, and a pianist.

Alexis Roderick: Professional Life Breakthrough

Before crossing her path with Billy, Alexia worked for Morgan Stanley as the Senior Risk Officer in the Garden City. She was involved in the profession of finance for several years and has garnered experience in the related field. Alexia is a licensed Broker-Dealer too.

Likewise, Alexis is an experienced equestrian who enjoys riding horses. As per media reports, she is also active in the United States Equestrian Federation. Her husband has purchased a horse ranch for Alexis who owns many horses. He purchased the ranch in Wellington paying $3.5 million for 5 acres.

Alexis and Billy’s Surprise Wedding Ceremony

Thirty-one years – that’s the age difference between Alexis and her pianist husband Billy Joel. But, when one truly falls for someone, the age gap doesn’t make a difference. Alexis and Billy are true examples of this. The two first met at a restaurant in Huntington in 2009, where Alexis was working in a nearby office. At that time, Alexis was working as a senior risk officer. The duo remained friends before pursuing a romantic relationship. And six years after dating each other, the couple finally exchanged vows in a surprise fourth July party at Billy’s private estate on Long Island. The guest at the party didn’t know the couple had planned to exchange the vows. The wedding was presided by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Likewise, Billy’s daughter Alexa Ray, from his previous marriage gave the wedding speech.

Alexis Roderick Wedding

This marriage was not the first time when Joel was getting married. This was Joel’s fourth experience with the marriage. Prior he was married to Elizabeth Weber Small. They separated after nine years of togetherness. In 1985, he got married for the second time with supermodel Christie Brinkley. The couple has a beautiful daughter named Alexa Joel ray from their marriage. They legally parted their ways in 1994. A decade after, Billy exchanged vows for the third time in a row with Katie Lee. But, unfortunately, this marriage also didn’t last long and they parted their ways on June 17, 2009.

Billy Joel must have used all his charm to impress Alexis Roderick who accepted him with all his flaws.

Alexis Roderick’s Husband

Alexis Husband Billy Joel

William Martin Joel AKA Billy Joel is an American singer, songwriter, composer and a pianist. Nicknamed as the “Piano Man”, Billy has been in the music industry since the 1960s. He started his music career with the album ‘Echoes’ which was later renamed as the ‘Lost Souls’. Billy is regarded as one of the most promising recording artists of the Hollywood industry. He has even won the “Grammy Legend Award” in 1990 for the album Glass House. Throughout his career till now, he has given many hits like Streetlife Serenade, The Stranger, 52nd Street, Uptown Girl, River of Dreams and the like.  Billy Joel’s song “Piano Man” took him to the top of stardom.

Proud Parents to Two Daughter

A months after getting married, the couple welcomed their first daughter on August 12, 2015. She was named Della Rose Joel. Upon her arrival, Joel expressed his happiness through words like:

“I am gonna spend a lot of time with this kid. I was thinking about that. Probably going to be able to spend more time with this kid than most people are able to spend with their children, because I don’t have a regular job. I could be a stay-at-home dad for as long as I can stay alive.”

After two years, Alexis and Billy Joel were blessed with another child named Remy Anne Joel on October 22, 2017. Billy took the help of the Instagram post to reveal the news to his fans and well-wishers.

Net Worth

Alexis Roderick’s exact net worth is still under surfaced. She is trying to keep her personal life under the bridge where no light can fall. As we know, she is an equestrian and former Morgan Stanley executive, she must have gathered well as her net worth.  She is enjoying a lavishing lifestyle with husband Billy Joel. Roderick’s husband net worth is $200 million. His career singer and songwriter contributes to his fortune making him a million dollar rich.




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