Anton James Pacino: Untold Stories About Al James Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo’s Son

Anton James Pacino Biography

Anton James Pacino is the name that doesn’t ring the bell for many. But what about Alfredo James Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo. He has a strong connection with this former couple. Anton is the lucky one who gets to call himself the son of Alfredo and Beverly. He was born on 25th Jan in the year 2001 and since then he has been a closed chapter for many. When you have celebrity parents, then you cannot hide from the public, and will always be a matter of discussion for many. Therefore,  keeping that in mind we have dethroned some important chapters of his life.

Anton James Pacino‘s Childhood: How old is he?

The iconic Hollywood couple actor Al Pacino and actress Beverly D’Angelo welcomed their fraternal twins on January 25, 2001, in the United States of America. One of them is Anton James Pacino who can call him the only son of the iconic ex-couple. Anton grew up in the USA and was raised by his parents.

Not much is known about Anton James Pacino’s childhood.  But, what we can predict is that his childhood must have been no less than that of a Prince as he was born in an affluent family. He must have enjoyed all sorts of basic facilities that a person would want as a kid. Just like his childhood background, his educational background is also under the bar. As of now he must have completed his primary school and must have enrolled himself at high school.

Anton’s Life Has been Impacted by his Parents’ Fame

Anton Pacino's Parents

Anton James has hogged the limelight being the son of the celebrity couple Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo. Alfredo James Pacino is one of the finest actors in Hollywood who took acting to a whole new level. He has showcased his talent in movies like The Panic in Needle Park, Scarecrow, Dog Day Afternoon, The Godfather: Part II and III, Frankie and Johnny, Glengarry Glen Ross, Donnie Brasco, The Devil’s Advocate, and the list goes on. Alfredo has also tried his hands-on direction. He has directed movies like Wilde Salome, and Chinese Coffee.

His mother Beverly Heather D’Angelo is an actress and has appeared in countless movies, and television series. She is best known for portraying the role of Ellen Griswold in the series National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983-2015). She has appeared in the movies like Coal Miner’s Daughter, Hair, Aria, American History X, Sweet Temptation, The Simpsons, and so on.

The duo involved in a romantic relationship in the year 1997. However, how the chemistry between the two sparkled is still a mystery. At that time, it has just passed two years of Beverly’s separation from Italian Husband Don Lorenzo Salviati. The ex-couple was one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood at that time. The ex-pair never failed to amuse the world with their amazing chemistry. But, it may be quite surprising to know that they never said “I Do’ walking down the aisle.

Being the son of famous parents, Anton hasn’t been able to enjoy a normal childhood as cameras are always chasing him. As per Alfredo, it has been challenging for them to enjoy family moments because of his celebrity status. In an interview, he told:

“I haven’t been in a subway or grocery store in years. It’s hard for my children to go out publicly with me.”

Dealing with Separation of his Parents

Al Pacino and Beverly embraced parenthood by welcoming their fraternal twins Anton and Olivia into the world in 2001. They were enjoying parenthood until things started turning ugly between the couple. For the sake of their children, they tried to save their relationship but they couldn’t. Unfortunately, just a couple of years after their newborn they decided to end their relationship in 2003. Then after lots of legal battles, they decided to share the mutual custody of their children.

Anton is often spotted with his father and sister Olivia in various award ceremonies and other Hollywood events. 

His Siblings: Olivia Pacino and Julie Marie Pacino

Pacino has a twin sister named Olivia Pacino. Like her brother Anton, she is living a life away from the limelight. She is sometimes seen spending time with her parents around Beverly Hills but there’s no information about what she is doing now.

Likewise, Anton has also a half-sister named Julie Marie Pacino. She happens to be the eldest daughter of Alfredo James Pacino. Following the footsteps of her parents Alfred and mother Jan Tarrant, she has also stepped into Hollywood. Julie is a film producer and director known for the movies Tura and Billy Bates, and Blueprints: The Story Of Mike.

Anton James Pacino with his sisters and father Al PAcino

The Pacino siblings are often spotted together attending various Hollywood events along with their father Alfredo. Olivia often shares the moments captured into pictures in her Instagram posts. 

Pacino’s Mother Words about Parenting Him  

D’ Angelo gave birth to Anton and his twin sister at the age of 49 years and she has no regrets about it. In an interview with Closer Weekly, she opened up about her mother journey as:

“I got pregnant at 48, delivered six weeks after I was 49, and by 51 I was looking at the landscape as a single parent.”

When she gave birth to her twins, she wasn’t married to Al Pacino. In fact, they were never married. Beverly D’Angelo revealed that she always had a fantasy to experience motherhood in a family. But, unfortunately, she wasn’t lucky. She told:

“I had a fantasy that when you have kids, you do it in a family setting. After we’d known each other for three months. Al looked me in the eyes and said I want you to be the mother of my children. That’s all I had to hear.”

Anton Doesn’t have Any Social Media Accounts

Al Pacino’s boy is yet to make his debut on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Though he is a celebrity child and has all media attention towards him, he has been able to live the life of a normal child to some extent. Nevertheless, fans are getting to know about him through the posts shared by his parents Alfredo and Beverly D’Angelo.

Will Anton make his Debut in Hollywood?

The world wants to know whether the teenager will pursue his career in the same field paved by his celebrity parents or will grow up as an adult who would hesitate to face the camera. It’s quite unclear if Anton has his plans for stepping into a different industry.

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