Meet Ashley Jade Stern: The Youngest Daughter of Radio Personality Howard Stern & his ex wife Alison Berns

Ashley Jade Stern Daughter of Howard Stern

Howard Stern, one of the well-known yet very controversial personalities in radio and television, has been around the entertainment industry for more than four decades. Mostly gaining notoriety for his popular radio show ‘The Howard Stern Show’ that ran from 1986 to 2005, he has gone on to work on multiple projects in both radio and television like ‘Sirius XM Satellite Radio’, ‘America’s Got Talent and many more. 

With the media attention spanning decades, there is bound to be scrutiny over his personal life as well. At the young age of 24, Howard Stern married his then-girlfriend Alison Berns whom he had met while he was attending Boston University. The couple then went on to have three beautiful daughters.

While the family had been quite private, after the news of Stern’s divorce with Berns broke out, the children, especially the youngest Ashley became part of many discussions. So, who is Ashley Jade Stern, and what happened to her?


Ashley is the youngest in the Stern Family

Ashley Jade Stern is the youngest among Stern Siblings

Ashley Jade Stern was born on January 24, 1993, in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York. She has two older sisters. Her eldest sister Emily Beth Stern was born in 1983 and her second eldest sister Deborah Jennifer Stern was born in 1986. Despite both of her parents remarrying, none of them had any other children. However, she does have step-siblings from her mother’s remarriage to businessman David Simon Scott.

She became the center of attention during her Parents’ Divorce

Divorce is never an easy subject for anyone whether it’s the couple involved or their family. When the news of Howard Stern divorcing his wife of Alison Berns, there was a lot of unwanted attention directed towards the family. As the divorce procedures started to get ugly with settlements and custody battles, the youngest of the bunch Ashley became the talk of the town. The court gave the custody rights to the mother however her father did offer to take full custody for her and her two older sisters. 

Ashley Adopts Lowkey Lifestyle

Ashley Jade Stern has been living a very low-profile life away from the entertainment industry. Despite being a millennial growing up in a digital world, Ashley Jade Stern is not known to be publicly using any social media sites including the most popular ones like Instagram and Twitter. Because of her lack of public interactions, there is hardly any personal information about her. 

She is very close to her father

Oftentimes, having divorced parents lead to having somewhat of a strained relationship with one of the parents. However, the same cannot be said about the Stern family. Despite living with her mother and stepfather for much of her life, the bond between Ashley and her father has remained ever so strong. Some sources have even claimed that she feels a much closer bond with her father than her mother.

Ashley with her mother's family

Her Older Sisters all have Different Careers

Ashley Jade Stern with her sisters Emily and Debirah

While her eldest sister Emily has somewhat followed her father’s footsteps into the entertainment industry pursuing a career in acting and music. However, her second sister Deborah has chosen to completely deviate from the said industry and is known to have pursued higher education. She is said to have completed her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. As of now, she is happily married and founded Deborah Stern Partners, a brand consultancy firm. 

Ashley is working as a Nurse

Despite having a famous father, none of the Stern sisters actively pursued a career in show business. Ashley, the youngest of the three sisters, has lived a relatively even more private life than them. Away from the public eyes, Ashley is flourishing in her career working as a nurse. Her father proudly talked about the incredible work his daughter is doing for the society and said, “She’s a fabulous nurse practitioner. She’s doing well.”

Ashley is happily engaged

As a form of honoring his daughter’s wishes of staying away from the limelight, Howard Stern rarely talks about them in front of the media. However, he does sometimes share a few tidbits about his daughters’ lives. During one of his shows this year, Howard revealed that her daughter has turned 29 and is now engaged to her boyfriend. He did not reveal much about her partner either but he sounded very emotional about seeing her daughter all grown up.

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