Caleb James Goddard: The Boy Who Struggled to be Accepted by father Jack Nicholson

Caleb James Goddard

Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson’s love life has been as conflicting and diverse as his successful career. By the time Jack Nicholson became one of the youngest actors to bag the ‘Life Achievement Award’, he already had fathered five children with four different women. One of them is Caleb James Goddard, Jack’s byproduct with late actress Susan Anspach. Let’s find who he is and what’s his real story.

Short Bio on Caleb James Goddard

For many years, Jack was convinced that Caleb wasn’t his son even after his wife Sandra told him he was. That all changed in 1996 when Caleb revealed that his dad has finally considered him as his son. Caleb James Goddard is the product of Jack Nicholson and Susan Anspach born on September 26, 1970.  

His parents Susan Anspach and Jack met at the sets of ‘Five Easy Pieces’ in 1969. They didn’t take a long to start an affair. Jack who is known to be a womanizer denied any allegations regarding the claim that he was the father of Caleb when he was just four years old. However, it was later revealed that Jack helped Susan with financial support between 1988 to 1994 to pay the college fees. 

Susan claimed Jack helped her because Caleb was his son and he was fulfilling his parental duties. But, there was something else written on the part of Jack’s story. He claimed that he helped her just because she was his friend. Nicholson even sued Susan for the money he lent her. Eventually, their tumultuous relationship got better after a long time and Jack accepted Caleb as his son. 

As for his family, Caleb has a half-sister Catherine Goddard from his mother’s past affair with Steve Curry. The same year Catherine was born, Susan got married to Mark  Goddard. Then, Mark adopted both Caleb and Catherine. Even though Mark and Susan called off their marriage, Caleb kept his last name to Goddard. 

Career Breakthrough 

Children are always fascinated by their parents and they consider them as their role models. Just in, Caleb James Goddard too was fascinated by the career his parents were involved in. Following the footprints of Susan and Jack, Caleb made a decision to kick-start his career as an actor in the entertainment industry. 

As per his IMDB profile, he is an actor credited for the television series ‘The Slap Maxwell Story”. Likewise, he has also served as a location assistant for the movie “Guilty as  Charged”. Some sources on the internet claim that he had moved to New York for building his career. The letter wrote by his late mother Susan Anspach reveals that Caleb was working as a producer and a writer in New York City.  Apart from this, nothing much is known about him. Though he is born into a family of celebrity, he prefers being away from the media.  

Family: Womanizer Dad, Loving Mom, and A Step-father

Caleb James Goddard is born in a star-studded family. Though he was born to famous Hollywood personalities, he has always struggled to get the fame he deserved. His biological parents were Susan Anspach and Jack Nicholson. Later on, he was adopted bu His biological father Jack Nicholson denied the fact that he was his son at the initial phase of his life. Later on, in 1996 it was happy days for Caleb as Jack acknowledged him as his son. His mother Susan and Jack had a brief blame game regarding him for a while. But everything’s well when the end is well. 

Jack Nicholson 

Jack Nicholson is an actor whose career has spanned more than 60 years in Hollywood. He is an actor, scriptwriter, and film director born in 1937 in Neptune City, New  Jersey. He is the recipient of three Oscars and six Golden Globe Awards. Over his long career in the industry, he has been part of hit movies like Batman, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Chinatown, Easy Writer, Five Easy Pieces,   Terms of Endearment, The Shining, The Border, Heartburn, Reds, Pizzi’s Honor, Ironweed, As Good as it Gets and the list continues.  

The huge success in the movie industry made him the most well-known womanizer of the town. However, being famous among women didn’t make him really happy in his personal life. He has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world. Jack was only married once but has children with multiple women. 

Caleb's father Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson was married to Sandra Knight who is a writer, painter, and actress. Their marriage lasted for six years before they ended their relationship. I was Sandra who left Nicholson as she didn’t feel comfortable with the idea that Jack’s popularity was increasing day by day. After the ugly divorce, the Oscar-winning actor was devasted. He did fall in love but didn’t marry any other woman. 

After experiencing the doomed marriage, he again found love in Anjelica Houston. It was love at first sight for Nicholson. Their relationship lasted for the whole seventeen years but couldn’t stop him from being a Casanova. During this period, he had an affair with Rebecca Broussard with whom he has welcomed a child. He has then been in a relationship with Susan Anspach and Honey Duffy.

Susan Anspach

The radian and marvelous actress of the 1970s Susan Florence Anspach was born on November 23, 1942. The rebellious actress was known for the movies like The Landlord, Five Easy Pieces, Play it again, Sam, Blume in Love, Montenegro, Blue Monkey, Blood Red, Wild ABout Harry as well as for the musical ‘Hair’. The musical was known for its anti-war messages, nude scenes, and celebration of non-marital sex. 

Caleb James Goddard's mother Susan Anspach

Apart from this, Susan has also made Broadway appearances in ‘And Things That Go Bump in the Night’ and ‘Lover’’. Around the same time, she made her debut in the television screens with the show ‘The Patty Duke Show’ and ‘The Defenders”. She continued to work in films and televisions until her late 60s. As her career faded, she made the headlined by filing a breach of promise suit against her ex-partner Jack Nicholson. 

Although Ms. Anspach often stated that she undervalued marriage, she did marry and divorce twice in her lifetime. She was married to actor Mark Goddard for eight years from 1970 to 1978. Mark adopted her children Catherine and Caleb from her previous marriages. Likewise, she was married to musician Sherwood Ball from 1983 to 1988. 

Mark Goddard

Mark Goddard

The actor Mark Goddard happens to be the step-dad of Caleb. He legally adopted Caleb after marrying Susan. Even though the couple ended their relationship, Caleb continued to keep Mark’s last name. Mark is an actor known for the CBS series Four Star Television. His other credentials include  To see the Elephant, Lost in Space, Blue Sunshine, Roller Boogie, One lIfe to Live, General Hospital and many others.

The Death of Caleb’s Mother: Susan Anspach

The actress Susan Anspach who had several hit roles in the 1970s and 1980s took her last breathe on April 2, 2018, at her Los Angeles home. Caleb revealed the reason behind her death was cardiac arrest in an interview with ‘The New York Times’. 

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