Caspar Jopling :Know Everything About The Fiance Of Ellie Goulding

Casper-Jopling Biography

‘Love Me Like You Do’ Singer Ellie Goulding announced some time ago that she will be exchanging vows with the man of her heart in a classic way in the British newspaper The Times. Yes, she is engaged to a hot, art nerd called as Caspar Jopling. After news of their engagement hit the headlines, people are bursting around to know who Caspar Jopling is.  He is actually not a part of the music industry at all like his fiancé.

So, on deck, we will make you aware about Caspar Jopling, his early background, career, how his relationship with Ellie started and all. Scroll down to know everything.


Caspar Jopling Early Background

Caspar Jopling was born on 10th January 1992, in the beautiful city Yorkshire, England.  Born to parents Nicholas Jopling and Jayne Warde-Aldamgrew, Caspar’s upbringing took place at Lyonshall where he attended Eton College at Windsor. Likewise, he graduated from Harvard University with a degree in History of Art and Architecture.

In between his time at Harvard, he also attended London Film Academy to pursue a degree in Cinematography and Film and Video Production. Besides just being an art nerd, the fiancé of Ellie is also an athlete. In his early school, he took part in the Youth Olympic Games where he participated as a rower. The game was held in Singapore.

After attaining a degree from Harvard University, he shifted to New York City and started living there.

Wandering From An Athlete To An Art Dealer

Before stepping career in the art world, Jopling was an athlete. He was a part of  Team Great Britain at the Youth Olympics. Both Goulding and Jopling have uttered that his athletic days are now history. In an interview with the Evening Standard, Goulding said;

“But people keep saying Caspar is a Team GB rower. It’s kind of got now out of hand now but we find it really funny. He is most definitely an art dealer now.”

Jopling has mentioned ‘Not an athlete’ in his Twitter bio. As per Caspar’s LinkedIn profile, he is currently working as a Corporate Development and Strategy officer at Sotheby’s in New York City. He has been working there since May 2017. He organizes bidding events for auctions of paintings and artworks. As his uncle, Jay Jopling is known as the powerhouse of the art world, he may be the inspiration behind Caspar’s love for arts. Jay Jopling is the founder of the Blue-chip London gallery White Cube. Apart from being an art dealer and former athlete, Caspar has also written a couple of pieces for the Huffington Post Blog about various art exhibitions in New York City.

Jopling is a huge fan of Damien Hirst who helped him launch his career through his involvement in his some famous works like For the Love of God. Jopling and Ellie are thought to be bonded over their shared love of art.

Caspar Engaged To His Sweetheart Ellie Goulding

Caspar Jopling with fiance Ellie Goulding

Caspar Jopling is happily engaged to Grammy Awards nominated singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding. The pair was rumored to be dating since April 2017. They were seen spending quality time at a Karaoke night in Mayfair, West London and seemed too close that gave a spark to the rumors. And then they finally announced the news of their engagement. The soon to be bride and the groom shared the news in the most traditional way as it was published on the personal news section of the British Newspaper The Times. The news read as;

“The engagement is announced between Caspar, son of The Hon Nicholas Jopling of Yorkshire and Mrs. Jayne Warde-Aldamgrew of Yorkshire, and, Elena, daughter of Mr. Arthur Goulding of Hertfordshire and Mrs. Tracey Sumner of West Midlands.”

As per some sources, Princess Eugenie is responsible for their first meeting and relationship who happens to be a good friend to both.Before going down on his knees, Caspar dated Ellie for 18 months.  The pair is assumed to have bonded over their shared art of love. The two were spotted visiting numerous art galleries around the world like Storm King Art Center, Art Basel. They even co-curated Sotheby’s auction together which featured artists like George Condo, Andy Warhol, Agnes Martin and Ed Ruscha.

Caspar Jopling seems to be head over heels over Ellie Goulding. They have moved in together in an apartment in SoHo splitting time between New York and London. Apart from showing his love for Arts in his Instagram Posts, Jopling is seen flooding the pictures of his fiancé. A quick overview of his Instagram reveals that he has two love in his life; Art and definitely Ellie Goulding. When he is not taking shots of portraits, framed paintings, and statues, he is seen uploading photos of his fiancé, Goulding. His Instagram posts are the proof that they are deeply into each other. Jopling posted a picture of Ellie with the caption “Dam beautiful, darling.’ If that’s not love, then what else is?

How Rich Is the Fiance of Ellie Goulding?

Caspar’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million as of 2018, which is pretty high right? And what makes it better is the fact that Jopling was born into a wealthy family. His grandfather Michael Jopling was a politician in the UK whereas his uncle Jay Jopling is one of the famous art dealers in London.

It seems like the wealthy family source and his career in art dealing has helped him to earn big sum of money. In addition, working at Sotheby’s might have added an extra fortune to his net worth.




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