Hayes Grier: Things You Need to Know About The Vine Star

One of the internet sensations who took the headlines in the buzz feed overnight is Hayes Grier. While other kids are busy acting juvenile, taking drugs, involving in crimes, and being detained in  jail, he has established himself as an internet sensation at an early age of 18 years. It, therefore proves that age is just a number and anyone can drive the world crazy if he/she has the talent. Today Hayes Grier has a huge fan following in all social media platforms.

You must be curious to know about this overnight star. How his journey started and all? To quench your thirst, here we have tried to dig down the uncovered facts about Hayes.

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Hayes Grier garnered recognition from the entertainment network Vine. He is the younger brother of the fellow Vine star Nash Grier. Hayes Grier was once a part of the group Magcon Boys. He is also popular as YouTube star and owns a YouTube Channel; Hayes Grier. The Vine star has a massive fan following. His funny gestures and videos drive his fans crazy. His sweet smile can lighten up the whole dark room.

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Who Actually Is Hayes Grier?

Hayes Grier (born as Benjamin Hayes Grier) was born on June 8, 2000, to Elizabeth Floyd and Chad Grier. He is an American Internet personality popular for posting videos on Vine. He was born and raised in Mooresville, North Carolina in the United States, along with his elder brothers Will Grier and Nash Grier and half-sister Sklynn Elizabeth Floyd. His sunshine is Gemini.

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Hayes Grier attended Davidson Day School in Davidson with his brothers. His father Chad Grier is a football coach. Likewise, his older brother, Will is a football quarterback who plays for West Virginia University. Nash Grier, his oldest brother is also an internet sensation just like him. Following the footsteps of Nash, he started posting videos on the Vine. He once stated that his brother Nash is his role model.

Hayes Grier’s Road to Success

The teenager started posting videos on Vine, so that is how he really became famous. He released a video of Nash on a rooftop that was retweeted by fellow Vine Sensation Tiffany Semashko, making the short video go viral overnight. This helped him and his brother gain massive popularity and followership on Vine. Shortly after that, the brothers took part in a trip for social media personalities where they met and collaborated with Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, Aaron Carpenter, and Taylor Caniff. He came under the media radar when he won the Teen Choice Award for Most Popular Viner. The youth sensation was also a part of Magcon- a popular group consisting of several vine stars.

Hayes Grier has outshined his career in the entertainment industry. He has attained a lot of stardom after his appearance in the 21st season of the popular show; Dancing with the Stars. Hayes was the celebrity on Dancing with Stars, partnering with the dancer/ choreographer Emma Slater. What impressed the viewers is his level of dedication and determination on the show. He was the youngest male participant to have ever been on the show on that date.

This North Carolina native is a bunch of talent. There is rarely anything he can’t do. Grier has worked in the first season of the show Freakish and has a reality show on the app go90 called Top Grier. In 2016, he has published his first novel Hollywood Days with Hayes. He has also starred in the Netflix series Chasing Cameron. Further, he has recently gone on his Under26tour to travel across the countries to meet and perform ahead of his fans. Hayes has really tried hard to please his fans at every stop.

hayes grier clothing line

Vine star Hayes has also launched his own clothing line, United XXVI, with Aeropostale collaborating with his brother Nash and Cameron Dallas in 2014. He is also a YouTube star and owns a YouTube channel named Hayes Grier.

Hayes Committed or Still Single?

Rumors of Hayes Grier having a girlfriend hit the headlines after the photo of him kissing a lady circulated on the media by the June 2015. The fake picture of him with that girl went viral on the social platforms.

Hayes Grier Fake GF

Later on, Hayes clarified on his Twitter that the picture was fake. On June 8, 2015, he twitted;

“I don’t have a girlfriend that picture was so fake. If I had one I would tell you but don’t worry about me getting a girlfriend, I have a zero game.”

Similarly, after one year of the fake photo went viral, again rumors about his dating affairs went viral when he was spotted with a surreptitious girl on one of the Willie Sosa’s Snapchat story. However, Hayes has remained closed-mouth about the Snapchat story.

Hayes shared a romantic relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Jordan Griffis. As per some sources, Griffis originally met Hayes at a football camp. Though the information about their dating affairs and break-up has been under the radar, the former couple were seen wrangling and dominating each other on social media platforms. Currently, he is single but when asked in an interview what the picture of his ideal girl is, he answered he wants a girls who will be shorter than him and a little younger.

How Rich is Hayes Grier?

Hayes Grier’s internet career and his clothing line company contributes to his net worth. As per social blades, his YouTube earning ranges from $170 to $2700 annually. He also maintains his earning from his own clothing line company. Therefore, he is earning both fame and wealth from his YouTube channel. At present, his net worth is expected to be around $1 million. His brother Nash shared a video on YouTube saying, Hayes bought a new house. So, he indeed is living a lavishing lifestyle.

Social Media Presence

Hayes racks a good bunch of followers on Twitter, YouTube and on Instagram. His follower counts 5.5 million on Instagram and 4.02 million on Twitter. He often tweets photos of him with his pet dog called Zan.Similarly, he has 921,381 subscribers on his YouTube Channel Hayes Grier where he posts then and again his funny videos.

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