Biography of Isabella Cruise: The Adopted Daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

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In the 2018 Golden Globes Award, when delivering her acceptance speech Nicole Kidman graciously thanked her two daughters. People, however, were quick to notice that two of her older children were left out of her speech. Many might have already forgotten but once there was a time when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were a power couple who adopted two beautiful children Isabella and Connor. As time went by, the kids slowly faded away from the spotlight and due to the speech snub, it looked like even their mother had a hard time remembering them. So what happened to their first child Isabella Cruise. Let us find out.


Early Beginnings

Isabella Jane Cruise was born on December 22, 1992, in Florida, USA. Isabella’s birth mother was also a Scientologist who already had two kids and could not afford to raise another child. According to Daily Mail, the church of Scientology helped to connect the mother with Tom and Nicole. Upon moments after the delivery, the infant was placed right into Nicole’s arms and Tom reportedly stayed up all night just to watch his baby daughter breathe. After the court proceeding, Isabella was legally adopted by the couple. Almost two years later, Isabella became the big sister of Connor Cruise who was also adopted by her parents. The siblings were raised with little exposure to the public eye and the times the family would be photographed were even less.

Isabella Cruise Childhood

The couple loved being new parents and would take their children along with themselves whenever possible. The family has been photographed while visiting Kidman’s home country Australia to spend family holidays in 1996. During the filming of the movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ directed by Stanley Kubrick that starred both Nicole and Tom, their children spent nearly three years in a rented house in England 

As for her education, she reportedly did two years of an art degree before opting for a hairdressing diploma with Vidal Sassoon. She then went up to sign up at Delamar Academy of Make-up and Hair at Ealing Studios with the intention of becoming a make-up artist.

Divorce of the Parents

After almost 12 years of marriage, Isabella’s parents Tom and Nicole got separated in February 2001 citing pressures from work. Their divorce was very abrupt and kind of messy as the court documents revealed that Kidman was completely blindsided with the news of the divorce as it came without a warning. Tom reportedly refused any discussion regarding a possible solution or couple therapy instead went on to inform the media within 24 hours.

Many believed that Scientology came between the couple since the church had been upset with Nicole after she left the church within two years of joining. The church was deeply involved with the relationship of the couple and even managed to turn her own children against her.

The custody of the children was decided to be 50/50 but the children choose to be with their father. After the divorce, the Cruise siblings were relatively absent from the media spotlight that used to hover around them during their earlier years.

Being a devout Scientologist

It is a well-known fact that Isabella’s father Tom Cruise is an outspoken advocate for the Church of Scientology since 1990 when his first wife Mimi Rogers introduced him to it. Years later, it was revealed that in the honeymoon period of the couple’s marriage, even Nicole Kidman was enthusiastic about joining and learning more about the controversial church. Nicole reportedly felt the need to be a good wife to Cruise and wanted to understand his religious belief despite being a catholic since birth. With a father with such beliefs, it’s no wonder that his children would also follow his path of faith.

Isabella with dad Tom and brother Connor

Both Isabella and her brother have been deeply involved with scientology since their childhood. While her brother Connor has largely started to focus on other things, Bella on the other hand became more and more involved with the church that ultimately satisfied her father very much. Apparently, she is being groomed to become a scientology superstar who has so-called superpowers just like her father. She completed her super power course and is gradually rising up in the organization. She is also believed to be working as an auditor for the church which requires her to ask participants questions and monitor their responses through E-meter.

Career Success

Isabella Cruise chose art school at the beginning of her higher studies because she dreamt of being a screenwriter. But eventually thought about pursuing a career in makeup and hair styling. She had little luck in that field too.

After her father’s marriage with actress Katie Holmes, she became very close to her and ultimately started working at Holmes’ clothing line. But following the divorce of Holmes and Cruise, Bella was apparently fired from her job. Her firing process happened too soon that none knows what went wrong with them.

According to different reports, Isabella has now started her own fashion company ‘BKC’ that stands for Bella Kidman Cruise. In 2018, her company dropped a t-shirt line.

Her Personal Life

While her brother Connar did not totally hide from the media, Bella went off the radar for a long time. She reportedly is a very private person and enjoys her life away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. 

Isabella with husband Max

In September 2015, Isabella Cruise married her one year long boyfriend Max Parker, an IT consultant, at Dorchester Hotel in London. None of her immediate family members were present on her wedding day. Apparently, she did not even inform her mother that she was going to get married. The ceremony completed with scientology beliefs so the idea of having her mother there was not something she was very fond of. Tom, however, despite his absence in the ceremony paid the bills for the wedding. As far as we know, her husband is not a Scientologist but there are high chances of him converting to it one day. 

Isabella wedding

Bella also has a tattoo on her arm. She has a private Instagram account with 959 followers. Her net worth is estimated to be somewhere between 1 and 5 million US dollars.

Relationship with her mother: Nicole

After the divorce of her parents, the one who suffered the most would probably be Bella’s mother, Nicole. Not only did the divorce come as a surprise to her, her own kids seemed to be growing distant from her. 

After the divorce, Nicole immersed herself into work and became one of the ondemand actresses. She even got her first Academy Award in 2003 for the movie The Hours. Bella accompanied her mother to the award ceremony and Nicole in her acceptance speech acknowledged Bella and said that she wants to make her daughter Bella proud. 

As time went by, Nicole got more busy and would not be able to meet the children who were growing up in the environment of Scientology. Their timing of meeting one another seemed to clash a lot but they try to make up for their lost times. Bella even was a bridesmaid in her mother’s second wedding to country singer Kieth Urban in 2006.

Isabella with mother

The last time the mother-daughter was photographed together was probably in 2007. Their relationship seemed to be gradually strained. According to former Scientologist Leah Remini who encountered the Cruise siblings in 2006 at their father’s wedding to Katie Holmes, mentioned in her book that Bella considered her mother to be a suppressive person. Remini recalled the conversation:

“When I asked if she talked to her Mum, Bella scoffed and said, ‘Not if I can help it, she’s a f*****g SP’. Connor just looked out the window. There was something human about his silence and the sadness I felt in it.”

A suppressive person in terms of Scientology is someone who will “goof up or vilify any effort to help anybody and particularly knife with violence anything calculated to make human beings more powerful or more intelligent.” in simple terms someone who does not support Scientology. 

The children reportedly stopped calling Nicole ‘Mum’ rather starting calling her by her name. They also started calling their father’s new wife Katie Holmes ‘mom’. According to various reports, Isabella and Nicole have not met each other for many years. Some say they do talk with each other on phones but there is always a lack of intimacy between them. 

Repairing the Broken Relationship

As far as anyone concerned, we might never know the full story behind what really is happening to Nicole Kidman and her older children. She might be in her happy place now but there are still broken things in her life that she needs to mend slowly. Many claimed that her children were taken by her ex-husband and his faith but now since they are adults, they would know what is best for them. 

While she might have failed to acknowledge her kids in her Golden Globe acceptance speech, she did redeemed herself by thanking all of her kids for loving her in another award ceremony. 

Nicole is looking for opportunities to reconnect with her children and there are sources who mentioned that the number of their contacts has started increasing. She is proud of children regardless of what faith they believe in and we can only hope that the children and the mother would be able to reconnect at some point in their life.

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