Who is Kelly Baldwin: The Ex-Wife of NSYNC’s Joey Fatone

Kelly Baldwin

As a member of one of the most popular and best-selling boy bands of all time, NSYNC’s Joey Fatone has had a career spanning more than three decades. Despite the group existing for only five years, Joey Fatone along with his NSYNC members were quickly catapulted to Hollywood stardom. And decades later, he is still one of the most recognizable faces of the music industry.

One of the few people who have been through all the ups and downs of his life is his ex-wife Kelly Baldwin. So what do we know about the woman who won the heart of one of the 90s heartthrob?


Kelly and Joey Met in High School

Born on June 6, 1977, Kelly Baldwin grew up in a loved family in Orlando, Florida, USA. She went to Dr. Philip’s High School where she would meet her future husband during their senior year of 1983. Kelly revealed her first impression of Joey in an interview. She said:

“I thought he was obnoxious’. “I hated him. He was just in your face, singing, dancing, going crazy and I was like back off, just you know back off a little bit.”

To this Joey added that he backed off for two seconds and she got him.  The two ended up dating officially for almost 3 to 4 years until two years after Joey signed to be part of NSYNC. However, the two continued to have an off-and-on-again relationship for a long time.

Kelly and Joey Rekindled Their Romance

After dating on and off for years, Kelly Baldwin and the former Dancing with the Stars contestant Joey Fatone found love in one another in 2000. The same year Kelly became pregnant with the couple’s first daughter, Briahna.

A year after their daughter was born Joey decided to make it official and proposed to Kelly on their 10th anniversary. Kelly revealed that Joey got down on both of his knees and gave her a three-and-a-half-carat cushion-cut diamond ring. 

Kelly and Joey Finally tied the Knot in 2004

On September 9, 2004, Kelly Baldwin and Joey Fatone got married at Oheka Castle on Long Island, New York. The ceremony was attended by 250 people including the couple’s friends and family and all of Joey’s NSYNC bandmates. 

Kelly and Joey welcomed their Second Child

Kelly and Joey’s first daughter Briahna Joely was born on March 21, 2001. Almost nine years later, the couple was blessed with their second child. It was reported that during her second pregnancy, she ran through some health complications. Fatone said in an interview with Popeater in May 2010:

“I was like, ‘I am not doing s-t.’ I decided, ‘I’m not working. I’m just going to stay home, be with my wife and wait until the baby is delivered,’” “I wanted to make sure everything was OK.”

kelly with husband joe y and two daughters

Kelly gave birth to their daughter Kloey Alexandra in January 2010. The birth of their daughter helped the couple rebuild their relationship. Fatone revealed to Entertainment Tonight in June 2017, that the couple were going through some trouble in their relationship. She said:

“It has tested us a lot,” Fatone said. “She’s on the spectrum of autism and there are all different types, so everyone handles their child differently, but we handle it as we go, like most parents.”

Lance Bass is the Godfather of the Couple’s Daughters

Despite the speculations, we all know that there is no bad blood between the members of NSYNC. This could be further proven by the fact that every member has somehow been a part of the major moments in each other’s lives.

When Kelly and Joey welcomed their daughters, the first person they turned to for godfather duties was none other than Joey’s best friend and bandmate Lance Bass.

Kelly worked as a Writer

Despite being linked to one of the biggest pop stars of that time, Kelly also tried to build a career for herself. She worked as a screenwriter in a couple of short films. According to her IMDB page, in 2007 a short film titled Buried Secrets was released.

The following year she wrote another short film called ‘False Security’. While Kelly had immense talent, she took a backseat in terms of her career to raise her young children while she supported her husband’s professional career.

Kelly and Joey Fatone have Separated

Kelly And Joe Got Separated

In August 2013, there were many rumours about Kelly and Joey heading towards a divorce, however, the NSYNC member had brushed the rumours aside. “We’re still married; kids are great,” he said. “I’m deeply upset about the rumours. We’re fine.”

A little after that, it was confirmed that the couple was indeed separating. However, they did not file for divorce for quite some time. Joey Fatone moved on from their relationship with his new girlfriend Izabel Araujo in October 2014. 

In June 2019, news broke out that Kelly and Joey were officially getting a divorce. “I was, at one point, married, and now I am separated, going through a divorce,” Fatone told Us Weekly at the Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards on June 2. The musician had filed the papers in May of the same year. 

Kelly and Joey are Crushing at Co-parenting

Despite separating after being in each other’s lives for more than two decades, both Kelly and Joey have nothing but praise for one another. With a history like theirs, it was inevitable for them to come to the conclusion of co-parenting their two children. Joey talked about the early phases of co-parenting while taking on the role of Kelly during his time with the children. He admitted how incredibly hard it must have been for Kelly to take on the reins in their home when he was always touring and believed that parents should occasionally get their breaks. Regarding this, Joey explained during an episode of the ‘How Men Think’ podcast and said:

“We all need downtime to ourselves, whether that be either watching TiVo all day, going to play golf, going to a hotel and reading a book.”  

He continued:

“Whatever in that sense may be your Zen, I think it does give the other person a break, and I never noticed that when I was younger because I was always travelling with NSYNC.” “My ex was always with the kids, and it was always, ‘Well, the kids did this and this and that,’ and I was always like, ‘Yeah, yeah, but you can deal with it.’ It’s not that easy.”

Joey also revealed that he always offers help with the Kids as much as he can so that Kelly could have some free time for herself. Looks like the partnership between Kelly and Joey has taken a new path where both of them are learning to be there for their family and also growing alongside them.

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