Who is Michelle White: Everything about Donald Glover’s Girlfriend Who has been with him since 2016

michelle white girlfriend of donald glover biography

Whether you know him as the actor portraying Troy Barnes in the sitcom Community or as a rapper and singer going by the stage name Childish Gambino or as a brilliant writer and creator for FX series Atlanta, Donald Glover is a talent powerhouse who has made the whole world love any form of art he produces. But despite attracting a lot of media attention through his work, Glover is known to be notoriously private about his personal life. 

Today while many are obsessed with posting their private moments all over social media for others to see, one would hardly find Donald Glover doing the same thing. However, on the rare occasions we do hear him talk about his personal life and family, he usually gushes over his partner and baby mama, Michelle White. So who is Michelle White and what do we know about her? Let’s find out.


Michelle White is of Asian descent

Despite not knowing much about her life, we do know for a fact that Donald Glover’s longtime girlfriend Michelle White is a white Asian-American woman. She is also believed to be born on May 18, 1989 making her 33 years old. 

Her Relationship timeline with Donald is still Undisclosed 

donald grover with girlfriend michelle white

Donald Glover famously known for being a private individual would probably choose someone who understands and respects his need for privacy. Both Donald and Michelle do not share anything personal on social media with Donald only posting a few promotional material through his social media accounts. Because of this, it has been hard to pinpoint when the couple started dating each other. 

She Grabbed Media Attention After Having their First Child

Not many people knew about the woman Donald Glover was going out with. However this all changed with the birth of the couple’s first son named Legend. In 2016 news broke out that Donald Glover had welcomed his first child with an unidentified partner who was later revealed to be Michelle White. In January of 2016, Michelle was photographed with a baby bump doing grocery shopping with her boyfriend. A couple of months later in May, the couple were seen pushing a stroller in New York City. Fans and media alike wanted to know more about the baby mama that ultimately pushed her to gain more attention than she asked for.

Donald Thanked Michelle on Multiple Occasions

Despite being famously private about his personal affairs, Donald Glover does not shy away from showing his love and support for his partner from time to time. While accepting an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy series in 2017, he said, “I want to thank Michelle, my partner. You love me even with how crazy I get. I want to thank my baby, my son, for just being the joy of my life. I want to thank my unborn son, we’re listening to Stevie tonight.”

He bore the sentiment during his acceptance speech at the 2017 Golden Globes. He said, “I really want to say thank you to my son and the mother of my son for making me believe in people again and things being possible, so thank you.”

The Couple Welcomed two more Babies

michelle with her second child bump

During the same 2017 acceptance speech for winning an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy series, Donald Glover revealed he was becoming a father for a second time. Michelle and Donald welcomed their second son, Drake in January 2018. 

Following the birth of their second son, Donald opened up about their roles in parenting. “I sleep four hours a night! I mean I don’t dream as much, I just miss dreaming,” he told during Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour.

“My partner, she does all the hard work to be honest. She’s just very supportive. I haven’t really had to change anything. It’s given me another perception of what life is. It gives me a lot of context.”

michelle white with donald strolling their kids

In May 2020 amidst the covid pandemic, Michelle gave birth to the couple’s third son. Their third son is named after Donald’s late father Donald Glover Sr. Talking to Michaela Coel for GQ, Donald shared his experience with childbirth when protests were going on as an aftermath of the death of George Floyd. 

“It was such an intense, weird moment, because I’m watching that video and it’s like eight minutes long, so you’re sitting there and I had just had this amazing, joyful, expanding moment, plus my dad had passed away recently, so [my son] was named after my father,” he explained. “I don’t even know what, really, the word is to describe it. It was just expanding: the empathy and compassion and the terror and the joy of it.”   

She is Supportive of his Work

With the amount of projects Donald Glover is involved in, anyone would classify him as a workaholic. But juggling both fatherhood and a career in entertainment for Donald has been relatively smooth. A lot of the credit goes to his partner Michella who has taken a full time parenting job as the three children’s mother. Donald has also talked about how supportive she is regarding his career choices. Without the support from home, Donald probably would be unable to follow through all his projects.   

Marriage might still be far away

Donald Glover is not a big believer in marriage. Talking about the union with Hollywood Reporter in 2017, he said, “It doesn’t serve the purpose that I would want it to serve.” However during his 2019 press tour for Lion King, he referred to Michelle as his wife so who knows if Donald has started to acknowledge the value of it. 

There’s a Possibility for more Children

michelle and donald strolling with their kid

During the GQ interview, Donald also mentioned the possibility of expanding their family of five. He revealed that Michelle planned to freeze her eggs and he may do something similar like ‘freezing his assets’. He also talked about how the couple had been discussing adoption too. He explained, “Because adopting kids, my family adopting kids.. And we actually have been talking about it, because we have three boys so I’m like, ‘Oh it might be nice to get a girl in there’. So I think all those are great options but it is hard.”

While not a lot is known about Michelle White, with the little snippets we get about her, she seems to be an incredibly supportive partner who loves Donald Glover and their children very much.

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