Life Timeline of Olivia Pacino: From Personal to Professional, Everything About The Youngest Daughter of Al Pacino

Olivia Pacino bio

Alfredo James Pacino, ‘Triple Crown of Acting’ is a life-long bachelor but is also a doting father to three kids. The Hollywood king was in a relationship with acting coach Jane Tarrant and actress Beverly D’Angelo. From them, he has three kids named Julie, Anton, and Olivia Pacino. His youngest daughter Olivia Pacino is the beat of his heart. He leaves no stone unturned to make her happy. Olivia is often caught in cameras spending quality time with father Al Pacino. Here’s everything about the mysterious daughter of the Hollywood icon.



  1. Who is Olivia Pacino?

    Olivia Pacino is the daughter of award-winning actor Alfredo Pacino and longtime girlfriend, Beverly D’Angelo. Her parents broke up just two years after she and his twin brother Anton were born.

  2. How old is Olivia Pacino?

    Born on January 21, 2001, she is 22 years old now.

  3. What does Al Pacino’s youngest daughter do?

    Olivia recently has graduated from high school with good marks. She is yet to make her career. As of now, she is doing nothing that earns her some bucks.

  4. Why did her parents break up?

    The actual reason behind Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo’s breakup is not known. However, during the custody battle, Alfredo blamed Beverly for treating the kids as hostages. Likewise, Beverly also made allegations against Alfredo of being a controlling man.

Who is Al Pacino’s Daughter Olivia Pacino?

Olivia Pacino with her father Alfredo James Pacino

Olivia Pacino was born on January 21, 2001, with her twin brother Anton James Pacino in the United States of America. The fraternal twins were born to parents Alfredo James Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo. Olivia is also the granddaughter of the architect Howard Dwight who designed the Ohio stadium.

She has spent most of her childhood days with her parents as every other child would do. Growing up, Olivia’s parents have made sure her childhood won’t suffer due to their charm in Hollywood. They have tried hard to give her a normal childhood free from the tantrums created by the media buzz.

Olivia together with her parents has mastered the art of hiding her personal information from the media. However, in recent times, she has been making her presence on public platforms.

Olivia’s Struggle with Learning

Olivia Pacino is a fresh graduate of Fusion Academy Miracle Mile in California. The academy is a private school providing one-to-one education over 250 courses. The academy is helpful for students like Olivia who face struggles in traditional schools.

Olivia Pacino has indeed graduated with good grades but before it wasn’t like that. Prior she used to have a lot of struggles in passing the exams. Things changed when her mother Beverly enrolled her at Fusion Academy.

In a video shared by the Academy’s website, she has shared about her journey in the Academy. She revealed how her school assisted her with understanding teachers that provided one-on-one lessons. The counseling provided by the teachers helped  her to change her attitude from “I don’t know” to ‘I do know.’ She commented:

‘The normal, like schooling, it wasn’t the right fit for me, but it was fit for my brother, and I’ve always felt like um…like a competition with him, and I felt like I had to be right up to where he was. And it was hard for me because I didn’t learn the way he did, and I didn’t learn the way that other students did. I was very visual.”

Olivia’s Dating Life with Ryan Harley

Olivia Pacino with boyfriend Ryan Harvey

The youngest daughter of Alfredo is head over heels in love with upcoming rapper Ryan Harley. From Olivia’s Instagram, we can tell that they have been dating for almost three years. On November 4, 2020, she shared the couple’s picture with the caption ‘2 years with you which validates the dating period. Many sources also claim that they met through an online dating app named “Ok Cupid”.

Olivia Pacino and Ryan Kinney are dating since two years

They are quite open about their relationship. They frequently share adorable posts on Instagram leaving everyone to adore their romantic dating life. The couple even has matching bios for each other. Olivia’s bio states My boy – nonamemadeit and Ryan’s bio mentions My girl – Olivia Pacino. Like many young couples out there they also have cute names for each other from simple ones like ‘love’ to specific like ‘Bub.’

In a conversation with a fellow follower, she even revealed that the couple has been living together for a while now. ‘We live with each other and have been for months so we have been quarantining together,’ she said when asked if the couple is still seeing each other in lockdown.

In the Q&A session, they did on IG TV, we got to learn more about Ryan and their relationship. Ryan has already met Olivia’s family and attends special functions like a family. Further, Ryan is a fresh graduate like Olivia who is aspiring to become a rapper. His tracks are available at the website Link Tree under the banner ‘Nonamemadeit’ as well as on his youtube channel. He goes by the stage name nonamemadeit.

Olivia and Harvey have plans for getting their own place after building their career in their respective fields. We hope they continue to thrive in their relationship, unlike Olivia’s parents.

Little About her Parents: Al Pacino & Beverly D’Angelo

Olivia Pacino with her family

Olivia Pacino first hit the headlines on 21st January, back in the year 2001. She unknowingly dragged the media attention towards her when she landed on earth as the daughter of Hollywood star Alfredo and Beverly D’Angelo.

Alfredo Pacino was born in 1940 to parents Sylvester and Rose Pacino.  He has been in the acting world for more than 50 years now. Al Pacino has earned many awards and honors including Oscar and Golden Globe Awards for his exceptional performance in the entertainment industry.

There’s no doubt we can say him “Triple Crown of Acting”. The major work of the star includes The Godfather, The Panic in the Needle Park, Scarface, Scent of a Woman, Angels in America, and the never-ending list goes on.

Al Pacino and Beverly D'Angelo

Likewise, Olivia’s mother Beverly Heather D’Angelo is an American actress and singer. Beverly is known for her role as Ellen Griswold in the popular series National Lampoon’s Vacation.  She entered into the world of acting making her debut in the theater show Rockabye Hamlet in 1976.

Since then she has appeared in many A-rated movies like Coal Miner’s Daughter, Vegas vacation, American History X, The Unicorn, Frat Pack, Sweet Temptation, and many more. Not only this, but she has also appeared on the television screens with the shows like Captains and The Kings, The Simpsons, Mom, Shooter, and Insatiable.

Pacino Convinced Beverly to have Children

In 2000 when Beverly’s pregnancy rumor circulated, it came as quite a shock. She was 48 and Al Pacino was 60 at that time which is quite a risky period for pregnancy. Nevertheless, she was able to conceive without any risk. In an interview with Closer Weekly, she recalled her decision to get pregnant. She told them how Al Pacino convinced her to be the mother of their child.

“After we’d known each other for three months, [Al] looked me in the eyes and said, ‘I want you to be the mother of my children.’ That’s all I had to hear,” she explained.

However, just after two years, things turned sour. And they found themselves fighting instead.

“I got pregnant at 48, delivered six weeks after I was 49, and by 51, I was looking at a landscape as a single parent,” she explained her experience of raising the kids, she said while talking about her past experience.

Her Parents went through a Messy Custody Battle

Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo were in a relationship from 1996 to 2003. They were one of the iconic couples of the Hollywood industry. But, unfortunately, the pair could not survive their relationship. The couple decided to part ways just a couple of years after their children were born. However, Al Pacino and D’Angelo have never exchanged vows.

Olivia Pacino Family

After the separation, Olivia’s parents were involved in a very ugly custody battle. Lawyers from both corners threw jabs at each other trying to defile one another. Beverly’s corner made some serious allegations by stating that “he was a controlling, harassing man who has never changed a single diaper.”

It was retaliated by a barrage of accusations by Pacino’s defense stating, “Beverly continues to use the kids in a way that almost makes them hostages.” 

Talking to Closer Weekly, she also expressed how her relationship with Pacino changed her completely. She said she realized the importance of acceptance.

“We all have a desire to change things that we don’t like, but you can’t change another person,” she said.

Fortunately, the couple decided to solve the issue out of the court and made the final decision to co-parent their twins Anton and Olivia Pacino. Though Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo are not together anymore, they try hard to give their children a normal family life. Olivia along with her brother Anton is often photographed spending time with her parents every then and now.

Beverly’s relationship with Al Pacino wasn’t her first. Before she met Al Pacino, she was married to an Italian actor Lorenzo Salvati. The former couple got married in 1981 and shortly after parted their ways due to irreconcilable differences. However, the pair separated legally in 1995.

Before Beverly, Al Pacino was also involved in a romantic relationship with acting coach Jan Tarrant. He even shares a daughter with her named Julie Marie.

Olivia Pacino’s Half-Sister: Julie Marie

Olivia Pacino Half-sister Julie Pacino

Julie Marie is the oldest daughter of Al Pacino with his ex-partner Jan Tarrant. Marie was born on October 16, 1989. She is a film producer who hogged the limelight for producing Abracadabra in 2009 and Billy Bates in 2013. Julie is also a screenwriter and director known for the movies Tura, Phoenix, and Shifting Past. Julie got inspired to direct when her parents gifted her a video camera. In an exclusive interview, she shared her passion for movies as:

“I’ve always had a passion for filmmaking. As a child, I was always making little shorts with my friends and writing stories to act out. Making movies and watching movies are always very therapeutic for me. I liked being sucked into a story, falling in love with different characters and ultimately earning something about my own desires and myself.”

Further, Julie also co-owns a production company “Poverty Row Entertainment” with Jennifer Delia. The production company is based in New York which specializes in film development and creation.

Trouble with the Law

Olivia’s half-sister Julie was arrested back in the year 2011 for drinking and driving. The Oscar-winning actor’s daughter was caught at a West Houston Street police checkpoint. As per reports, Pacino was given a Breathalyzer test after the duty officers smelled alcohol on her breath and were found drunk. She even told she drank three bottles of beer and had smoked marijuana in interrogation. Marie was charged with DWI for her crime. After the incident, Julie told New York Post:

“It was a big mistake. I never want it to happen again.”

Olivia’s boyfriend gave her a promise ring

olivia with her boyfriend ryan

In November of 2022, Olivia and her boyfriend Ryan celebrated their four year anniversary of being together. For a young couple this is a huge milestone and to commemorate this Ryan surprised Olivia with a promise ring. Both of them took to their social media to celebrate their love for one another.

Olivia posted stories of the couple captioning ‘4 years with you, 4 years of memories, 4 years of learning. You’ve been there through it all. You have shown me what true love is. Ryan Harley, you are truly my soulmate.’ Ryan on the other hand posted adorable photos of the couple with the caption ‘4 year anniversary with the love of my life’ accompanied by a heart and a ring emoji. 

She has a huge Social Media Presence

Olivia made her debut on Instagram in 2019.  Within a short time frame, she has earned 13.6k followers. Her popularity is growing day by day. She shares glimpses of what’s going on in her life through posts on the account. But most of her pictures circle around her life, her boyfriend, and her family.

Olivia Pacino Instagram

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