Paige Butcher: Know What You Don’t Know About Eddie Murphy’s Fiancée

Paige Butcher bio

Paige Butcher is the ‘mystery blonde’ who has paparazzi in a spin after spotted out with notorious ladies man Eddie Murphy.  Paige Butcher is a model and actress by profession. However, it wasn’t her profession that made media spin around her. It was her relationship with Eddie Murphy, the king of comedy. Meanwhile, she lives a private life to avoid intrusion and media is trying hard to break the mystery behind her. Here’s what we have dig out about Murphy’s Fiancée and soon to be his wife.

Early Background and Education

Paige Butcher born originally as Jacinto Paige Butcher was born on October 6, 1979. She was born in Perth, Western Australia to folks Robert Butcher and a mother whose identity isn’t known. Her father Robert was an Australian model whereas her mother was popular as a style designer. Ms. Butcher has a sister who has been successful in hiding her identity from the media world.

Butcher early life

While growing up, Paige has lived a luxurious life along with her sister all because of her parent’s successful occupation. As a child, parents are the ones whom they would like to follow and regard them as their motivation guru. Following this, Butcher from a young age desired to walk in her parents’ shoes. She first wished to be a model and then ultimately have a career as an actress. As for education, she attended Santa Clause Maria Catholic College. After graduation, Paige went on to pursue a career as an actress and model. She gave audition for different acting roles, booking various photo-shoots and started modeling for different ventures.

Professional Life Breakthrough

The Australian born Paige was blessed with good looks from birth and she belonged to a family that was into the fashion industry. Therefore, she didn’t have to go through the real struggle to commence her career as a model. She was already familiar with the modeling world, thanks to her parents, from an early age. This has helped her a lot to build up her career. At the age of 14, she won the Cover Girl Cosmetics Supermodel Search. This secured her an IMG modeling contract and her journey took her to New York. She was so passionate about her work that she only visited her family once a year. Besides modeling, she also worked in charity works while she was residing in New York. In an interview with The West Australian, Butcher’s father Robert told:

“She’s done a lot of work in New York with disabled children, taking aged people shopping, working in pet refuges and helping build houses for the need.”

Soon after she entered the modeling world, her talent and beauty garnered wide attention. This recognition led her to bag a role in the movie “Something’s Gotta Give’. Though she had a small role in the movie, sharing the screen with great actors like Jack Nicholson, Keanu Reeves, and Diane Keaton was a huge accomplishment for her. Butcher continued modeling for many big brands. One of her notable modeling campaigns was appearing in a swimsuit video for the magazine Maxim named ‘Real Swimsuit DVD Vol.2’ in 2005. Being featured in such a renowned magazine lifted her modeling career. The following year, she landed a role in the comedy movie ‘Big Momma’s House 2.’ However, she couldn’t get any other acting projects afterward. So, she fully focused her attention to modeling where she was witnessing success.

While her personal achievements are noteworthy, she became famous after she started dating legendary comedian Eddie Murphy.

Relationship with Eddie Murphy

paige Butcher with Eddie

Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy commenced their romantic relationship in 2012. They met each other for the first time in 2006 on the sets of Big Momma’s House 2. At that time, Murphy was in a relationship with Tracey Edmonds. He started dating Paige after his relationship crumbled with Edmonds. The couple was spotted first time together in September 2012 at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game.

As Paige’s relationship with the comedian went public, she deleted all her media accounts in a bid to maintain privacy. She revealed:

“I’m in a relationship with a celebrity, so I felt like there’s already enough of me out there. I felt like I was giving out too much information. I was giving people too much access. I like to keep as much as private as possible now.”

After the incident, she rarely made public appearances with Eddie Murphy. Though she has worked in the entertainment world, she likes to keep her personal life away from the media’s eyes.

The duo dated for six years and got engaged in September 2018. Though the duo is yet to tie the knot, they already have embraced the parenthood. The couple welcomed their first baby daughter Izzy Oona Murphy on May 3, 2015. Two months after they got engaged, the couple again embraced the parenthood with son Max Charles Murphy. He was born on November 30, 2018. Paige Butcher has taken a break from work to focus on her family and kids. She indeed is a great mother and a great partner for Eddie Butcher.

Her Fiancée Eddie Murphy

Edward Regan Murphy aka Eddie Murphy is an American actor, comedian, and singer. He is ranked among the ten greatest stand-up comedians on the list of 100 Greatest Stand-ups of all time. Murphy was a member of Saturday Night Live from 1980 to 1984. He has been part of many hit movies including 48 Hrs, The Nutty Professor, Trading Places, Coming to America, Dreamgirls, Norbit, Meet Dave, Shrek and many more on the list. His performance has dragged his name for nominations in many prestigious awards including Golden Globe and SAG.  Besides acting and comedy, Murphy is also blessed with a beautiful soul. He started his singing career with the songs ‘Boogie in Your Butt’ and ‘Enough is Enough’. He has given hits like ‘Party All the Time” and “Put Your Mouth on Me”.

eddie murphy family
Eddie Murphy with Kids

Murphy hasn’t only been the talk of the town for his promising career, he is also famous for his relationship with many girls. From his relationship with ex-partners, he has fathered eight children. His two children with Paige makes him father to ten children in total. Prior, he was in a relationship with Paulette McNeely, Nicole Mitchell, Melanie Brown, and Tracey Edmonds.

Pre-Nup Agreement

 Eddie has asked the big question to his girlfriend and Paige said ‘yes’. But, they won’t tie the knot until Paige signs a prenup agreement. The comedian loves his girl like crazy but still, he is afraid to hold her hands until she signs an agreement. It seems like Murphy wants to protect his financial empire even if he has to part his ways with Butcher. He has learned a lesson from his ex-wife Nicole. In their divorce, the comedian gave $15 million as a settlement. A source close to Radar told:

‘He loves Paige and has been devoted for years, but make no mistake, they are not walking down the aisle without a prenup. This isn’t Eddie’s first time at the marriage rodeo.

Net Worth

The Aussie beauty has collected a fair sum of money mostly from her career on the runway as her acting career didn’t last long. She lives a low-key life and prefers hiding from the paparazzi. Therefore, the information regarding her net worth is not known. She must be living a good life being the partner of a millionaire apart from her won earning. Her partner Eddie Murphy has an estimated net worth of $120 million as of 2019. This amount is sure to increase in the days to come if his movies keep on grossing nearly $6.7 million at the box-office worldwide.

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