Who is Colin Hanks wife, Samantha Bryant: Everything about their Beautiful Love Story that spans over a decade

Samantha bryant and husband colin hanks

Let’s be real here! Colin looks like his face got printed by Tom Hanks’s photocopy machine. The resemblance is amazing. But Colin isn’t just about the face. The 45-year-old has embarked quite a journey in his Hollywood career. Although not as remarkable as the Senior Hanks, Colin has still gathered a massive following of his own with his roles like ‘Jack Bailey.’ The calm headed Jack might not have courage to talk to his ex girlfriend in the series, but he sure has the opposite in his real life.

Colin is married to “Samantha Bryant” for over a decade now and after two kids later their bond seems unbreakable. Met through mutual friends, the beautiful couple has known each other for almost two decades.

And although Samantha has done a fair share of work as an actress as well as production assistant, she is predominantly known as Colin Hank’s wife.


How did Colin and Samantha Meet?

Colin Hanks was listed among the hottest bachelors by People magazine in 2013. He was among those guys who could ring bells in heart of any girl. The majority of the girls got heartache when their crush handsome hunk got married to Samantha Bryant. Bryant is the lucky girl who gets to call herself Mrs Colin Hanks. And Colin on the other hand absolutely adores Samantha or in his word, “Red.” Isn’t he adorable?

samantha and colin attending emmys togethter

Everything wasn’t as smooth and cosy for the pair. They met through their mutual friends but didn’t hit it off immediately. They never paid attention to each other though they knew each other for a long time. Hanks told the New York Times:

“We had the same group of friends and knew each other, but never paid attention to it.”

Bryant and Colin started their relationship with friendship. They became friends and then lovers. They found they had strong chemistry and soon after they started dating each other. In the same interview, Samantha explained her relationship with Colin before exchanging heartstrings with Colin as:

“He was the perfect gentleman.”

The statement made Colin flattered and think about Samantha. We all know what happened next and the rest is all history. After dating for a while, the adorable couple got engaged in June 2009. The following year they got hitched in a lavishing wedding ceremony.

Star Filled Wedding of Samantha and Colin Hanks

Wedding of colin hanks and samantha bryant

Samantha Bryant walked down the aisle with Colin Hanks on May 8, 2010. The pair said ‘I do’ at sunset on the roof of swanky London West Hollywood hotel. The entire rooftop pool area was rented out for their wedding ceremony. The venue was beautifully decorated with huge ball lamps hung over the actual pool area.

The wedding was witnessed by about 300 guests that included big Hollywood names like Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon, Jim Toth, and Alyssa Milano.

At the Ellen Show, Colin also shared his bit of experience on meeting “Bruce Springsteen.”

“I just caught him like across the room. And we locked eyes from like far away. And he just gave me like the double thumbs up. That’s weird man. Bruce Springston gave me thumbs up at my wedding. I’ll take it.”

Well, after all, it’s Bruce Springsteen we are talking about. And, Ellen too seems a big fan of the artist arguing, “But it’s Bruce Springsteen” when Colin said it’s awkward hanging out with your father’s friends.

Rumours have it that other guests of the hotel were asked to leave the pool starting from 3 pm so that the crews would decorate the venue for the A-class wedding.  In an effort to neutralize the inconvenience caused to the guests, they were handed out some free drinks.

With over a decade of marital bliss now, the pair look happier than ever and their bond is growing stronger with time. The couple is seen appearing on red carpets together in many events. Together they are proud parents of two adorable daughters named Olivia and Charlotte.

Colin Hanks and Samantha Bryant’s Kids: Olivia & Charlotte

Bryant chose to keep aside her career when she gave birth to two beautiful daughters. Bryant and Hanks welcomed their first baby Olivia Jane Hanks on February 1, 2011, in Los Angeles. She happens to be the first grandchild of Hollywood’s nicest man Tom Hanks. On Olivia’s birth, a close source to the actor said:

“The family is home and everyone’s happy and healthy.”

Likewise, the couple again welcomed baby no. 2 on July 2, 2013, right after two years of embracing parenthood for the first time. The couple announced they were expecting a second child in April when they appeared for the premiere of Tom Hanks’s play Lucky Guy. Once Colin Hanks joked about fatherhood saying:

“A baby’s existence for the first three months is a one-way street. One person is doing all the work and the other is crying, sleeping, and pooping. But, since our daughter joined us, the spectrum has widened. My job is to recreate moments between people and when you are able to look at moments differently, you get deeper meaning in things.”

Bryant’s husband Colin shared with US Magazine that his daughters have no idea how famous their grandfather is. Colin said:

“They really don’t care how famous he is although he reminds them every day. They spend time with their grandpa like every other play-date with a grandfather. The grandparent gives them stuff they shouldn’t be having, and the grandparents don’t listen to what the parents are saying they should be doing.”

He added:

“Children are great humblers. They don’t care what you do or what you have done. They just want to do their kid stuff.”

Colin Hanks and Bryant are enjoying their family life. He never misses any chance to brag about how doting Bryant is as a mom.

Colin absolutely adores his kids like any normal dad would. During his interview with Stephen Colbert, he revealed how he cried his eyes out with joy when he was taking his first child from hospital to home. He told in the late show he shared his same experience with the director and how they used it in the pilot episode of “Life in Pieces.” And for that, he received an earful from his wife, Samantha.

Samantha Bryant Parents were also Actors

Born on April 14, according to Colin’s Instagram post, Samantha was a restaurant publicist and a production assistant before taking a back seat to raising her two beautiful daughters. Just like her husband Colin, she too comes from a family of actors. Her parents and Tom Hanks have one way or another worked with each other according to an exclusive report by New York Times in 2009.

Although Colin shares a lot about his wife on his Instagram, not much is known about Samantha’s previous life as she prefers to stay low key. She even doesn’t have any social media profiles making it really tough to crack down her personal details.

Samantha started her career with a tiny role in 1986 mini tv series “The Singing Detective”

Everyone has to start somewhere and so did Samantha. She started her acting career as a child artist in 1986 playing TV series, “The Singing Detective.” In the episode “who done it,” she plays a mini role of Barbara, a student in the same class as Philip Marlow. The episode centres around Philip reminiscing about his childhood days when he puts the blame on Binney for the mishap he did on the school. In the round of questioning with the teacher Barbara raised her hand and supported Philip’s answer.

Samantha Bryant as Barbara in the singing detective
Samantha Bryant in “The Singing Detective”

Although the role was pretty small, this is where it all started for Samantha.

Samantha despite her decent acting chaps couldn’t hack the acting world. So, she moved from the front of the camera to behind.

In 2005, she worked as an assistant to director Jon Favreau in the science fiction movie ” Zathura: A Space Adventure.” Meanwhile, she has also directed a TV short documentary Still Swingin’.  Her other notable works as a production assistant include First Time Flippers in 2013 and Grave Mysteries in 2017.

After working behind the scenes for a while, Samantha seems to have put on brakes. After giving birth to two beautiful daughters, she sidelined her own career to raise her kids. While Colin is busy working on his career, Samantha is taking care of the home front.

Samantha is Adored by the Hanks Family

Although Colin is a stepson to Rita Wilson, the actress takes him as his own son. She even jokingly admitted that her son was naive not to understand the cues given by Kate Hudson who was at that time completely on to him.

“Kate used to bicycle over to my house when she was 14 to see if my son Colin Hanks was home,” Wilson said. “And Colin Hanks being a little too clueless to know, she noted mocking Colin.”

Well, that ship has sailed for good now!

But there is no love lost between Rita and Colin’s wife Samantha. Wilson and Hanks are often seen wandering around the streets of LA on shorts and pyjama bottoms with their grandkids. Bryant and her in-laws are seen in numerous family outings, events and even celebrating Christmas together.

Samantha Bryant’s Net Worth: How much does she contribute to the clan?

Samantha belongs to a wealthy family in Hollywood. Her father-in-law veteran actor Tom Hanks and her husband Colin has earned a massive fortune from their career. Likewise, Samantha has worked as a New York publicist for the most part of her life and also worked in Hollywood for a while. From this, we can guess she has somewhat garnered a fair amount of fortune. It has been assumed that her net worth is around $4,00,000. However, her exact net worth and salary has not been revealed yet.

She is living a lavishing lifestyle as she shares the fortune of her millionaire husband. As Samantha’s career has taken a backseat now, she is currently enjoying the net worth that amounts to $15 million earned by husband Colin Hanks.

How is Samantha and Colin’s Relationship After 10 years

The foundation of Samantha and Colin’s relationship was built on a long friendship. They started as friends before embarking on this ten-year journey of marriage. And by the looks of it, they are happy than ever.

Samantha is mostly there for her husband during his movie premiers or any sort of red carpet events. Colin on the other hand has nothing but sweet words for his wife. If you check his Instagram, you will find a lot of posts dedicated to his wife, kind of like this.

Even after ten long years, Colin finds new ways to love and surprise his wife. Whether it’s a “Mothers Day” or their marriage anniversary, Colin doesn’t skip any dates.

Well, this is one way to keep your relationship smooth. And Junior Hanks seems pretty well on that task. Taking chapters from Tom and Rita’s love book, we hope this relationship last forever and ever.

For Samantha’s 43rd birthday, Colin made a dedicated birthday post for her. He posted a throwback photo of their family in their house kitchen. As for the caption, he wrote “I am one of the luckiest fellas on earth. I fell in love with an incredible woman. And no matter how old we get, she makes me feel like a young man who has just fallen head over heels in love. It has not always been easy but it has ALWAYS been worth it.

She is worth it and I will continue to do everything I can to be worthy of being her fella.” He ended the caption with wishing the love of his life a happy birthday. In the same post, Samantha’s mother-in-law Rita Wilson left a comment saying ‘She is one of the finest humans I know. I love you both.’ It is safe to say that Samantha is definitely adored by all of her family members.

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  1. Just curious if Samantha Bryant Hanks is the daughter of Joshua Bryant (also an actor of the late 1960s until 2000s , currently living in France with second wife, Melinda Mullins) and Bonita Enten Bryant, mother, (currently living in New Mexico or Studio City, CA). If so, she was living in Wrightwood, CA in the early 1980s and attended preschool with my son, Stephen Beltramo. I don’t believe she had any siblings.
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