Meet Sarah Trigger: The Former Wife of ‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Jon Cryer Who Tried to Kill Him

sarah trigger

Well, there are plenty of examples of relationships gone sour in pop culture. We as an audience are at ‘AWW’ when the ex-lovers turned foe cross the line that shouldn’t be crossed. But it isn’t rather uncanny in the cinema world. However, if these sort of things happen in real life and also to someone who has a baggage of fame, it becomes a major headline. The same thing happened in the case of Jon Cryer, the guy you may know as ‘Alan’ from ‘Two and Half Men.’

His wife, Sarah Trigger also an actress by profession tried to get rid of Cryer in the worst possible way imaginable. After going through an ugly divorce battle, Sarah developed so much hatred towards Jon that she hired a hitman to kill him. However, she never accepted the allegation. 

Did she really try to kill him? What was the real reason behind their divorce? Who is Sarah? There are a lot of unanswered questions. So, let’s try to join the puzzles. 


Sarah’s Earlier Life is Relatively Unknown

Sarah Louise Trigger was born on 12th June 1968 in London, England. The details about her immediate family members aren’t known. Likewise, nothing is known about her schooling and her college days. She has kept her life before fame under wraps. 

Sarah’s Career Highlights

Sarah Trigger has worked in the entertainment industry as an actress for most of her time. The 51 years old actress started her acting journey at the age of 22. She debuted on the TV screens with the series Monsters in 1990. Sarah played the character of ‘Edwina’ in one of the episodes of the series named “Museum Hearts’. She then landed on another series named Screen Two in one of its episodes named ‘Fellow Traveler’. The same year she got a part in one of the episodes of famous series ‘21 Jump Street’. Sarah then was featured on another series ‘Nasty Boys’. 

sarah trigger career

Sarah performed well on TV screens. Her acting was noted by many directors. Following this, she started getting offers from movies. Within a short period of time, she starred in movies like El Diablo, The Last to Go and Aftermath: A test of Love and Kid. However, her biggest hold to glory came when landed a role in adventure comedy fantasy ‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey’ alongside Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. 

Her solid portfolio includes other movies like Pet Sematary Two, Deadfall, Things To Do in Denver When You are Dead, Destiny Turn on the  Radio, ATF, Too Close to Home and many others. Sarah has appeared in more than 30 movies and TV series so far. She was last featured 

Sarah Trigger has successfully established herself as an actress in the industry. But, her success was overshadowed by the stardom of Jon Cryer and she started getting more recognition as Jon Cryer’s partner. 

Marriage that Turned Sour Quickly

Sarah trigger with ex-husband Jon Cryer

The British-born actress Trigger gained much popularity after tying the knot with actor Jon Cryer in 1999. They had a brief romance before they decided to hold hands forever. Soon after, Sarah got pregnant with their first child. They welcomed their son Charlie Austin Cryer on June 27, 2000. They were enjoying the parenthood but surprisingly their relationship took an ugly turn. Things started getting so ugly that their marriage ended in an ugly split-up.Sarah and Jon legally parted their ways in 2005. 

An Ugly Battle for Child Custody 

jon cryer with son charlie austin

The real reason for Jon and Sarah’s failed marriage isn’t known. The equation between the duo was getting bad and it even got worse with the custody battle. After their divorce, Sarah and Jon had joint custody of their child. Jon had to pay $80000 for child support to Sarah.

Later on, in 2013 Sarah demanded an increase in the child support amount by $8000. She claimed that her son was attending an expensive school and expenses were really high. And as she wasn’t working, it was difficult for her to fulfill Charlie’s need. Trigger’s lawyer Keith Simpson made a statement regarding her appeal as:

‘It’s not that she wants this for herself. The child is 13 years old right now, and you have one parent earning an extraordinary income and the other parent with a normal income, and at that age, children are able to recognize who’s able to provide what.”

Jon Cryer wasn’t ready to pay the extra amount because Sarah had just 4% custody. But, the court ordered him to pay the extra amount despite having close to full custody of his son.

Sarah was Accused of Murder Plot Against her Husband 

sarah trigger murder plot jon

In December 2009, Jon Cryer filed a case against his ex-wife Sarah Trigger and made allegations that she tried to kill him. As per the reports, Sarah hired a hitman to kill him. Jon was attacked while he was shooting for the hit sitcom Two and A Half Men. The hired hitman was Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Eddie Sanchez. While in interrogation, Sanchez gave a statement that Sarah personally called her and gave instructions to kill Jon and David Dickey. However, Sarah denied all the allegations. Since no evidence was found against her, she wasn’t found guilty.

After the incident, Jon Cryer added more security and notified to Warner Bros that he won’t shoot in open areas in front of live audiences. He even added more security guards in his mansion after the attack. 

Short Story of Jon Cryer

Jonathan Niven Cryer was born on 16 April 1965 in New York. He is known by the name Jon Cryer in the industry. He is an American actor, comedian, writer, and director. Jon’s parents were part of the Hollywood industry. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that he also chose the same profession. 

Jon debuted as an actor with the Broadway play ‘Torch Song Trilogy’. After this, he played a few minor roles in TV series and films before his big hit in the romantic comedy film ‘Pretty Pink’ in 1986. Cryer played the role of Duckie.  Following year, he became part of the movie ‘Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.’ Besides acting, he has written and produced the movie ‘Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God.. Be Back by Five.’ The movie was screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival. 

Jon Cryer

It wasn’t easy for Jon to establish himself as a good actor in the industry. It took him a lot of time as his initial movies and series weren’t a great success. After much struggle, he got his biggest success when he became part of sitcom Two and a Half Men. The show ran for 12 seasons and was a commercial success. For his character as Alan Harper in the serial, he nacked two Emmy awards. Likewise, he also received a Hollywood walk of fame in 2011.

Like Sarah, he has also moved on in his life. He married Lysa Joyner in 2007 and have adopted daughter a baby girl Daisy.

Sarah Trigger’s Life After Divorce 

Sarah has moved on after her doomed relationship with actor Jon Cryer. She started dating David Dickey soon after the divorce. After dating for a while, David and Sarah exchanged vows. The couple welcomed their child in 2006 and named him Alex Dickey.  David and Sarah both have kept themselves away from the media. Therefore, nothing much is known about their personal life. However, multiple sources on the internet claim second marriage also didn’t work for Sarah and they called off the marriage.

Sarah was last seen on the screens in 2005 in one of the episodes of the TV series ‘Nothing to Lose in CSI: Miami’. Trigger is only in the headlined for her controversies with her former husband Jon. Other than that, she rarely breaks the headlines. 

Cryer Wanted to make Trigger ‘Homeless’

sarah trigger with ex husband jon cryer

Just like his character ‘Alan,’ in Two and Half men, Cryer was sickened by the child support he had to pay to his wife. So, in 2010, he filed a lawsuit to stop child support. According to Trigger’s attorney ‘Vicky Greene’ the sole intention of Cryer’s lawsuit was to make Sarah homeless.

“Cryer is trying to take child support away from my client and he would like to see her homeless,” she said to Radar Online.

However, Sarah got a small victory in keeping the payments coming as the court gave the verdict in the favor of Sarah. Talking about the incident, a close source told Radar Online how Sarah was worried about being homeless if the payment was taken away from her.

“You’re looking at a guy that makes more than half a million dollars a month, and he’s complaining about paying the mother of his child $8000,” the source said.

Sarah was Arrested for Child Abuse 

The Two and a Half Men Star’s former wife was taken into custody on suspicion of child abuse. In 2009, Sarah got arrested from her home in Hermosa Beach, California after police received a call from her second husband David Dickey. Their two years old son Alex had injuries on his neck. He had a rope or cord marks around his neck. 

Sarah said in the police custody that the incident was an accident and she didn’t have any role. And, the charges were dropped against Cryer’s ex-wife. She was booked into the HPBD jail. Meanwhile, Trigger got out on bail paying $100,000. 

Net Worth: How much Wealth does she have? 

Sarah has worked as an actress for a short time in Hollywood. Though her tenure was short, she is successful in collecting a good sum of money. Her estimated net worth is $300k as of 2022.

Sarah has bid farewell to the industry and lives a low key profile life. Probably she is enjoying her life away from the scandals and is happy in her world. 

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