Who is Steve Craig: Less Known Facts About Marie Osmond’s Husband

Steve Craig biography Marie Osmond Husband

Well everyone knows about famous Hollywood personality Marie Osmond, many may not know about her husband Steve Craig. Steve Craig is an athlete-turned motivational speaker based in Los Angeles. The former basketball player also worked as a producer before switching his career to a motivational speaker. Unlike Marie, he is not famous for his profession but rather is known as Marie Osmond’s husband.


Steve Craig’s Life Before Fame

Born originally as Stephen Lyle Craig aka Steve Craig came into the public eye when he married Marie Osmond. Steve was born in 1957 in Provo, Utah, USA. However, his exact birth date is still unknown. Stephen grew up in the Mormon way of life and still holds up to it. As per some sources, he has attended Brigham Young University. He established his identity as a basketball player from the same college. He was drafted to be a part of the NBA in 1981 and was finally selected in the draft. Steve was selected to play from team Philadelphia Sixers. For the team, he played the position of the Point Guard. Till now he has played 86 games before his retirement.

After his basketball career, Steve dabbled in music production for a while before he worked as a motivational speaker. Steve Craig is mainly in the highlight due to his relationship with Marie Osmond than through his professional career.

Steve Craig and Marie Osmond: From Breakup to Makeup

Craig grabbed all the media attention towards him when he exchanged vows with Marie Osmond. Steve and Marie Osmond got married on July 26, 1982. How did they fall in love with each other is still a puzzle. The basketball player turned motivational speaker embraced parenthood on April 20, 1983. Their firstborn was named Stephen James Craig.

Just a couple of years after their son was born, they parted ways. The reason behind their separation was kept secret. However, as said true love never dies, the couple got remarried on May 4, 2011.

Steve and Marie Osmond Renewed Their Wedding Vows

Steve rekindled his love with Marie even after 26 years of separation. Separated in 1985, Marie and Steve again got united on May 4, 2011. The couple tied the knot at the Las Vegas Mormon Temple in presence of close family members. Then after the wedding ceremony was held at their Nevada home. The actress wore the same gown, designed by Ret Turner that she wore back in 1982. Marie shared her happiness:

“I am so happy and look forward to sharing my life with Stephen, who is an amazing man as well as a great father to my children.”

Steve Craig marriage with Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond revealed on the show “Good Morning America” that they have been dating since 2009 and didn’t reveal anyone because they didn’t again want to hurt anyone’s feelings in case the relationship didn’t work out. Marie couldn’t resist expressing how grateful she is for Steve coming back into her life. Who knew that helping her move to her new house would rekindle a love that she thought was lost long ago?  Since 2011, the couple is living happily ever after.

As a tribute to her late son, the couple chose the wedding date to coincide with his birthday. Marie Osmond said:

“We chose this day to kind of have Michael here as well. It’s his birthday and my mom’s birthday, and I just kind of feel like she’s been on the other side just of making this thing happen.”

Marie Osmond is head over heels in love with Steve. As per Closer Weekly, she told;

“I know I’ll never find anyone I love or respect more than Steve.”

Steve Craig’s Wife Marie Osmond Has all the Limelight

Unlike Steve, Marie Osmond has always been in the limelight for her stardom. She is an American actress, musician, television personality, doll maker, and entrepreneur. Marie Osmond garnered instant fame following her solo album “Paper Roses”. The song ruled the box office and reached the Top 5 on the Billboard Magazine pop chart. Her later albums also made a good impression just like her first album. Following her passion, she debuted on the show Donny and Marie Show in 1975. She hosted the show together with Donny Osmond, her brother. Likewise, she has established herself as an actress with the movie Hugo the Hippo.

Steve Craig's wife Marie Osmond

Prior to getting married to Steve, Osmond was engaged to Jeff Clayton in 1979, but they ended their relationship soon after. After separation from Steve, Marie went on to marry Brian Blosil on 28th October 1986. She shares seven children with Brian-two biological and five adopted. Her biological children include Rachael Lauren and Mathew Richard. Likewise, she has adopted Jessica Marie, Brandon Warren, Michael Bryan, Brianna Patricia, and Abigail Olive May. The couple called off their two decades relationship in March 2007.

Altogether Marie is a proud mother of eight children. Meanwhile, his son Michael committed suicide following depression. Now, Steve regards Marie’s children from her ex as his own children along with his biological child Stephen.

Steve Craig Net Worth

Steve Craig’s net worth is still under the media radar, but he has surely accumulated a fortune worth to have a luxurious life. He currently lives in a Los Angeles home with his wife. Athlete turned motivational speaker has accumulated a healthy amount from his professional career. Steve travels many places to propagate encouraging words to people which certainly has treated him with fame and richness. Currently, Steve also enjoys the $20 million net worth of his better half Marie Osmond which she earns from her acting and singing career.

Steve Craig is rejoicing his life with Marie Osmond alongside their grandchildren. He always has been holding Marie’s back at difficulty. He is a great husband, father, and indeed now a great-grandpa.

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  1. so happy for you guys finding each other again. I to was raised in a religious family my dad was a minister , it wasn’t always easy but it is easier with God at my side. Have always loved the Osmond’s music

  2. Marie, I too was born in Ogden, Utah.
    I feel such a connection with you ever since you started doing “The Talk”. When you meet all the famous people, I feel like I’m netting them too.
    Fun fact, my ex married your cousins widow. Her name is Kathy Jackson Osmond Ross.
    So, I kinda feel related. Haha haha.
    Keep smiling preset lady

  3. I have always been a big fan of the Osmonds and especially Marie. I am 60 years old and live in the Midwest in Indianapolis and can remember so many hours growing up listening to your beautiful music. Marie you’re more beautiful now than you were when I was a young child and your integrity sets you apart from the majority of people in showbiz. Marie’s grace and elegance are worth more than all the gold in Fort Knox. God bless you Marie And after more than 40 years of listening to your music I’m a bigger fan now than ever before. Sincerely Roger G from Indianapolis

    1. Mr. Gammon,
      I’m in Indy as well and have been searching for a way to contact you for many years now. Is there a way to contact you privately?

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