Meet Taina Marie Meléndez: The Childhood Love of Latin Singer Ozuna & Mother of Two

Tania Marie Melendez wife of Ozuna

Regarded as the ‘New King of Reggaeton’, Latin singer Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado widely known by his surname ‘Ozuna’ shook up the music industry with his debut song ‘Imaginando’. With all the eyes on him, it came as no surprise that he has become one of the best latin music artists of his generation, selling over 15 million records. While his professional life has been nothing short of magical, a lot of his fans always wondered about his love life. Unlike many celebrities who try to keep a low profile, Ozuna has always been full of praise for his childhood love; Taina Marie Meléndez.

The self-proclaimed ‘typical boricua with Dominican blood’ was engaged with Taina for a long time. And, numerous sources claim that the couple have already tied the knot. But, who is Taina Marie Meléndez? Here is everything we know about the Puerto Rico native.


Taina and Ozuna were Childhood Friends Turned Lovers

Undoubtedly Ozuna’s rise to fame should be credited to his talent and hard work. The sheer persistence in which he has been pursuing his career since the age of twelve is what dreams are made of. However, the one woman that stood by him through thick and thin is his wife Taina Marie Meléndez

Born in 1994, Taina Marie met Ozuna when they were just kids in Puerto Rico and started off as friends. They started dating each other sometime in the early 2010s and even moved with him to the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. After staying there for almost three years, they moved back to Puerto Rico. 

In a post, Ozuna revealed that Taina accepted him when he was a nobody and hardly had any money to sustain a normal life.

“When I met you, I only had 40 dollars in my pocket, I had no car — I only had a heart to give you,” Ozuna gushed about his wife.

Even now, despite all the controversy and extortion scandals surrounding Ozuna, she along with her two kids has always stood beside him.

Did Taina and Ozuna had a Secret Wedding?

After almost eight years of being committed to each other, Ozuna finally popped the question to Taina Marie. On January 13, 2020, Ozuna posted his post-engagement announcement in a video through his Instagram with the caption ‘Un día muy especial’ which translates to ‘a very special day’. In the video, he shared the heartwarming news to his followers. He said:

“It wasn’t until I had a family that I was able to move forward, change many things, and think differently”. He further added, “The most special thing a family has is a marriage and I had been wanting to get married but I was waiting for a special moment and I didn’t have time … but I finally asked and told her I wanted to get married.”

Taina too on her Instagram is all praise for her man. Although she has merely 21 posts till this date, her posts are mostly dedicated toward her family.

“I am not going to promise that I am going to love you for the rest of your life, but I am going to love you for the rest of mine, she said on one her posts,” she said on one her posts.

Although it’s not clear if the two love birds have been officially married, but the Taina’s Instagram bio does suggest that they have.

Taina has two kids Sofia and Jacob

In their almost a decade long relationship, the couple share two beautiful kids. According to some reports, Taina Marie got pregnant with her first child and delivered a beautiful baby girl in 2014. The couple named her Sofía and she resembles her mother a lot. A couple of years later, the couple welcomed their son, Juan Andrés but is also called Jacob by the family members. She is very committed to raising her children in a very loving home and always treats her children as her greatest treasure.

Rapper Ozuna with his wife Taina and kids- Sofia and Jacob

Strong Women Influence is what Motivates Ozuna’s Songs

If you have ever listened to one of Ozuna’s songs, you will notice that while his songs do contain explicit content, one thing that he constantly refrains from is the use of any words that objectifies or disrespect women. When he was only three, his father was shot. Growing up among fatherless house and mostly with his grandmother, he understood what it means to be a woman.

After falling in love with Taina, as a tribute to her he started to avoid all the lyrics that sounded misogynist. After the birth of his daughter, he became even more focused on creating PG content.

Ozuna’s Wife isn’t a Social Media Fanatic

Unlike wags of many professional singers and players, Taina keeps herself distant from the oozing craze of social media. The only way to track her whereabouts is through her twitter handle and Instagram. Her Twitter however seems to be dead and buried as she hardly tweets anything these days. She was active till 2019. Then the tweets sort of dried down gradually. She still has around 449 followers in her twitter account.

However the most joy you can find is through her Instagram which has a good number of following. There she usually posts about her family. It seems like she only recently started using Instagram as there aren’t many posts on her feed.

Her Professional Life is still a Mystery

Taina Marie is notoriously private in terms of sharing her private information despite her husband being in the constant media spotlight. This is why regarding her career choices, there hasn’t been any leakage of information. There are some sources that claim that she assists her husband and even oversees his concerts and tour arrangements.

Since her husband is very committed to philanthropy, she too might be helping him run his non-profit organization ‘Odisea Children’. Some other sources claim that she is a very dedicated housewife who loves to take care of her family and does not oppose the idea of watching her husband front the sidelines. 

Well no matter what she actually does, one thing is for sure that Taina Marie Meléndez is a woman who can do her best in whatever she chooses to do. 

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