The Unknown Story of Late Yusef Rasheed: The First Husband of Oracene Price

Yusef Rasheed

Yusef Rasheed was a man living a normal life in the United States of America. He had no relationship with the stardom of any distance. But his life took a dramatic turn when he met the love of his life. Yusef fell in love with tennis coach Oracene Price and ever since he got married to Price, he hogged the limelight. As he lived a life away from the spotlight, people didn’t know much about him. Hence, we are debugging everything we know about Yusef Rasheed, the husband of Oracene Price.


Yusef Rasheed Lived a Low-Key Life

Late Yusef Rasheed lived a quiet life before he fell in love with Oracene Price. As he rose to fame following his relationship with Price, little to no knowledge about his early and personal life is known. What is only known to date is he belonged to mixed ethnicity and was of Arabian Ancestry living in the USA. 

On the other hand, his wife Oracene was born on 3rd April 1952 in Michigan, United States of America. Her father was an automotive worker. She graduated from Buena Vista High Scholl in 1970 and then went to Western Michigan University for higher studies. 

Yusef and Oracene’s Marriage was Short-Lived

Wife of Yusef Rasheed Oracene Price

After dating for a while, Yusef got married to his girlfriend Oracena Price in 1972. The wedding ceremony was undoubtedly a private affair as no detail regarding the ceremony came out. The duo welcomed their first daughter Yetunde the same year they got hitched. 

Three years later, they again welcomed their second daughter Isha  Price in 1975. They went on expanding their family and welcomed their third child Lyndrea Price in 1978. Yusef was truly enjoying his life with his beautiful wife and three daughters. But, the god had planned something else for him. As he was going far in his life, all of a sudden he couldn’t win the battle against a heart stroke and lost his life in 1979. 

All of His Three Daughters, Yetunde, Isha and Lyndrea, Have Grown Up

Yetunde Price, the eldest daughter of Yusef and Oracene was born on August 9, 1972. Yetunde was a personal assistant to world tennis champion Serena William. Apart from this, she was also a registered nurse and owned a hair salon. She as the oldest daughter took care of her sisters like a mother and worked hard to cover their finances and travelling expenses. Unluckily, Yetunde died following a tragic accident at the age of 31 years old. Price is survived by three daughters whose identity is unknown. 

Isha Price was born on February 18 1975 as the second child of Yusef and Oracene. She is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and Howard University. As per Oracene’s Wikipedia, Isha is working as a lawyer in America. Likewise, she is also a producer of the documentary film “Venus and Serena” and “King Richard”. Further, she has also invested in the Tv series Red Table Talk. 

The youngest of the Rasheed Clan Lyndrea Price(born in 1978) is a web designer in the USA. She also serves as a creative executive at Letzchat. Likewise, she is also a co-founder of the clothing brand “Eleven” founded in 2001.

Rasheed’s Wife Oracene Price Got Married to Richard Williams after his demise

Oracene Price and Richard Williams

After his demise, Oracene Price got married to Richard Williams in 1980. Richard is a tennis coach in the USA. After her marriage with Richard, Oracene Price also debuted as a tennis coach. The duo then welcomed their first daughter Venus Williams on June 17 1980. Further, they expanded their family and welcomed their second daughter Serena Williams the following year. After her marriage to Richard, her daughter from her previous marriage also formed a good bonding with the family. All of the five sisters grew up as a family and Oracene also loved them equally.

Everything was going well, however, all of a sudden things started getting bitter and Oracene’s second marriage with Richard was doomed. The couple formerly parted ways in 2002.

Yusef’s Daughter Yetunde was Murdered

Oracene Price's Daughters from two marriages

The 31 years old Yetunde was shot dead in her head on  14th September 2003 in Compton, California. She was shot by Robert Edward Maxfield, a member of the Southside Crips gang. She was travelling in an SUV with her boyfriend Rolland Wombley when the gunshot cracked through a window and hit her in the back of the head. They were driving down East Greenleaf Boulevard near a suspected drug house when the incident happened. 

As soon as the incident happened, her boyfriend Wombley took Yetunde to Oracene’s house which was nearby. Then Oracene called 911 and took the injured Yetunde to hospital where she was declared dead. The incident gave shockwaves to many including her half-sisters Serena and Venus Williams. As soon as they heard the news, both of them flew to LA to join their mom Oracene and father Richard. 

Recalling the tragic incident, Wormley in an interview with Los Angeles Times in 2003 told:

I am trying to get through this. I am trying to get away, I am trying to get her to safety. Once I get to Long Beach Boulevard, I see the back window is shattered. I look to the right and said, ‘Baby, are you all right?’ I look at Price and there was blood everywhere.

In remembrance of the late Yetunde Price, her siblings established Yetunde Price Resource Center in Compton in 2016. The main motto of the centre is to help the victims of trauma and violence. In a statement, Serena Williams said

We wanted to honour our sister’s memory because she was a great sister, she was our eldest sister and obviously she meant a lot to us. And it meant a lot to us, to myself and to Venus and my other sisters as well, Isha and Lyndrea, that we have been wanting to do something for years in memory of her, especially the way it happened, a violent crime.

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