Angelina Jolie House : Short Tour To The $25 Million Mansion

Angelina Jolie House

Angelina Jolie is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and one half of ex-power couple Brangelina. Following her divorce from Brad Pitt, Angelina bought a lavish Hollywood mansion in Los Feliz, California. The actress is said to have bought the mansion for $25 million as a new residence for herself and her 6 kids.

The mansion currently owned by Angelina was previously owned by Cecil B. DeMille-the legendary US filmmaker. The property which sits on 2.1 acres was built back in 1913. The house has undergone thorough renovation, taking six years to complete. The outcome of the restoration was modernizing the home with modern facilities while still keeping the original style of the house.


Angelina’s new home is located in the historic Laughlin Park, which is home to many other A-list actors like Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart, Casey Affleck, and the like. When it comes to space, the 11000 square foot mansion has 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms offering plenty of rooms for Angelina and her six kids. In addition, there are enough facilities that won’t allow the family to get bored, including outdoor swimming pool, pool house, a home gym, comfortable library as well as a beautiful garden with fountain and many more. Let’s explore her eye-catching Mansion.

Angelina’s House; Walk through the Foyer

Stepping inside, a grand foyer with a stunning curved staircase will greet Angelina and her kids when they enter the mansion. The hallway is decorated with dark wood furnishings, a royal carpet, and neutral walls, with huge glass doors leading on to the spacious landscaped gardens.

Angelina Jolie House Hallway

The Mansion’s Living Room

Angelina’s home’s living room is a perfect place for relaxation to have some gossips with your friends and family with plush sofas seated around a traditional fireplace. Just like the rest of the assets, the room is well furnished with dark wood covered by printed carpet, white walls, chandlers, and potted plants. The fresh air circulates in the room with glass doors opening onto the private garden.

Angelina Jolie House Living room


The Room With a View

One out of the six bedrooms in Angelina’s house, this master bedroom opens to a private balcony that offers the breathtaking view of Los Angeles skyline. The room hallmarks the same traditional décor that flows throughout the mansion with a tapestry style rug, a dark wood,and an open hearth.

Angelina Jolie Bedroom

The House’s Only Place Full of Books

As well as a series of multi-aspect living rooms, the mansion also attributes a fabulous library. Fitted with floor-to-ceiling bookcases, burgundy sofas, and armchairs to seat in, it’s the ideal place for Angelina to focus on her work.

The Mansion’s Kitchen

The old farmhouse style kitchen is as stylish as other rooms in the house. The spacious kitchen is decorated with white fitted cupboards and marble counters along with a restored vintage range cooker.

Angelina House kitchen

It is well complimented by the grand wood-paneled dining hall that features fireplace too.

The Gym: Sweat It Out

The onsite fitness room means you don’t even need to leave your resort like a mansion to get fit. The gym is fully-equipped that leads out on to the private gardens and swimming pool, where the children are sure to have fun in the Californian sunshine.

Angelina Jolie House Gym

The Pool and the Garden

The old Hollywood-style pool is located in a lovely courtyard with arching fountains. Angelina’s new home has 2.1 acres of private gardens including manicured trees, rose gardens, rolling lawns, and the like, all with marvelous views that span across to the Pacific Ocean.

Outside pool of Angelina Jolie House

There is also a separate pool house, a teahouse, and a self-contained guesthouse. Surrounded by trees and bushes, Angelina and her children can truly relax and enjoy in their home without the fear of being spied by the neighbors. Her house is fully surrounded by greenery. It’s like enjoying the nature to the fullest with cold breeze air and more.

Angelina’s  home is situated just two miles away from her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s residence. The couple shared a huge portfolio of property including houses in Los Angeles, New York, Spain, New Orleans, and France prior to their separation.









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