Joel Osteen: Keeping Up With The Gorgeous Home of The Mega- Pastor and His Net Worth

Joel Osteen House Tour

The controversial yet beloved mega pastor can spellbound people with his preaches. Joel Osteen is renowned as the senior pastor of Lakewood Church located in Houston, Texas. Beyond that, Joel is also an American televangelist, preacher, and an author of the New York Times Bestselling books such as I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life, Your Best Life Now, You Can You Will, The Power of Favor: The Force that Will Take You Where You Can’t Go On Your Own Joel Osteen and many more on the list. Osteen has been nicknamed the ‘smiling preacher’ due to his toothy smile and upbeat attitude.

The smiling preacher owns the most expensive house in the world and lives a life of riches. Let’s explore his beautiful mansion where he lives with his family.


Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church Journey

Joel Osteen

Born on March 5, 1968, he started preaching right after his dad John Osteen passed away following a heart attack. John Osteen was the former Southern Baptist pastor and the founder of Lakewood Church. Soon after he took over the church, the membership of the church grew up by more than 100%. Everybody in the town is keen on listening to his unique thoughts on Christianity. Not only this, he has fans from all over the world.

His live sermons are streamed to an average of 7 million people weekly and over 20 million monthly in 100 different countries. His sermons are broadcasted 24/7 on his own Sirius XM satellite radio. Before he took over the church, he spent his time working behind scenes at Lakewood church.

Joel Osteen has multiple earning sources and maybe soon his name will be listed with millionaires like Warren Buffet and Elon Musk. His net worth is estimated to be around $40 million to $60 million. And it’s no surprise to say a millionaire like Joel Osteen lives in a million-dollar mansion that he calls his little kingdom.

Joel Osteen’s House is No Less Than a Palace

When the list of the richest pastors in the USA is being talked about then, the name Joel Osteen can’t be excluded. He comes into the class of millionaire and there’s no doubt why he has such a big house to live in. His 17000 square feet mansion is located in the Tall Timbers subdivision in River Oaks.

His house is situated in a massive 1.86 acres of land surrounded by a large and beautiful ornamental fence. The house is more of a mega-mansion than just a house. He moved to River Oaks in 2010 from his house at Tanglewood. When he purchased the house, he paid $260000 in property taxes for the year.

Joel Osteen House Houston located at Texas

The Harris Country Appraisal District had valued the house at $10.5 million back in 2010. With time, the worth of Joel’s house certainly must have been skyrocketed. The Osteen’s empire includes six bedrooms, three elevators, six bathrooms, and five fireplaces. The mansion also has a one-bedroom guest house and a pool house in the backyard for ultimate relaxation.  Well, that’s enough space for a family of four-Joel, Victoria, and his two kids Jonathon and Alexandra.

His residence has a big front door, accompanied by impressive stone pillars which opens into a gorgeous entranceway. The mansion is covered by greenery where one can enjoy the solace scenes from the balcony. The singing of the birds in the morning, the cold breeze, and the fresh air all make it a perfect place to live in.

Likewise, the large backyard encircled by tall trees makes the place a little more private. It also has a huge concrete driveway that has space to fit probably more than 20 cars.

Here we have collected some pictures of Osteen’s House.

Joel Osteen House
Joel Osteen House main entrance
Joel Osteen's residence garden
Joel Osteen's House' fence

Osteen’s House at Tanglewood

Before shifting to Houston, Joel and his family used to live at their home at Tanglewood. The house was in the name of Joel and his wife Victoria Osteen. There’s no detail about his former residence. What we know is that the house has an area of 5600 square feet with four bedrooms. After shifting to the new mansion, Joel’s house was offered for sale at $1.1 million.

How Rich is Joel Osteen?

Joel Osteen has collected a healthy amount of wealth from his career as a televangelist, preacher public speaker, and author. Though he is a public figure and keeps on coming on the buzz feed, his exact net worth is unknown. However, his net fortune is estimated to be between the range of $40 million -$60 million. He used to get an annual salary of $200000 for his post as a senior pastor of Lakewood Church, but it’s reported that he no longer accepts the hefty salary.

Instead, he collects wealth from his book sales, public speaking, radio shows, and the church collection. In 2004, his first book “Your Best Life Now” debuted on the New York Times bestselling books list. The book remained on the list for more than 200 weeks. He has been able to list his books on the top list time and again and collects great revenue every year. In the days to come, his net worth is definitely going to soar.

In 2013, he revealed the reason behind why he doesn’t accept the salary from the church and commented as:

“Not everybody can do that, it’s not practical. But for us, it was important to me because I don’t need to. And I think it’s important to because being in the public eye, there’s a lot of scrutinies, and people think, well, he’s just doing it for money. This way I can say I don’t do any of this for money. God has blessed us in other ways. It’s really part of my message in that, you honor God and you stay faithful, you don’t know where God’s going to take you. I don’t tell people that God’s going to make them rich. But you don’t know how God’s going to bless you.”

Apart from this, Joel Osteen has also talked about his wealth to Oprah Winfrey in an interview as:

‘I’m not asking for money on television. I don’t try to be slick, I just try to be sincere. I just try to be who we are. You know it’s a battle we have to fight. We just feel that this is God’s blessings. We’re big givers. We live what we preach. We’ve given millions of dollars. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a nice place to live and being blessed.”

Hatred for Joel Following The Hurricane Harvey Controversy

The smiling preacher was slammed by his millions of followers in August 2017 following the Hurricane Harvey Crisis. He fell into controversy when his church didn’t open for Texans who were in need of food, shelter, and care due to the destruction caused by the hurricane. As the news broke in the media, criticism and hatred comments started flooding in the social media.

In reply, the church authority claimed that the church was inaccessible due to the harm caused by the storm. However, the public bashed the church, and Joel again posting the pictures of accessible roads to the Church and called them inhuman and unchristian.

Following the criticisms, Joel said :

The city set up a shelter about four miles from Lakewood that can house 10000 people, they didn’t need us as a shelter at that point. We have been here for 58 years taking care of the community, but social media can be powerful. “

28 thoughts on “Joel Osteen: Keeping Up With The Gorgeous Home of The Mega- Pastor and His Net Worth

  1. This is not right a man of God should not be living in a home so big. Yes he should have a home but nothing like this it’s just not right at all. Here I’m down in my back and legs and can’t even get a check until I can get it fixed. I live with my mom can’t even afford a house of my own and people out here live in something like this hous just unreal

    1. The Osteens are using money to buy homes and luxuries from money they made from the sales of the books they wrote….they made a fortune. Enough to not accept any money from the ministry. So the money people give in church , is for the ministry…not funding the lavish lifestyles of the Osteens…so I have no problem with their mansion, or anything else they want to buy or give. Ive only heard them preach on television, and have bought several of their books, and love their positive, hopeful message although I dont believe in some things they teach. Ive actually helped them purchase their home by buying their books…lol.

      1. I used to “judge” him for his style as well. God has certainly changed my mind. I have been going through the roughest time in my life these last few years and wished I had turned him on sooner. His you tubes God is truly using to bring me out of the pits of despair. The Holy Spirit attest to my spirit that Joel Osteen is a blessed man by God. He worked for his money and we have nothing unless given to us by the creator above. Jesus thank you for sending me to your messages thru this man. I have hope. His messages have made me realize that Jesus/God is not some fault finding master “up there” waiting to find fault. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. I thought I knew you until the trials of the last few years came up and thought I was doomed to hell. Well…I should have known better. My Jesus will never let me go and this man and his God given messages have helped to save my life. literally.

    2. Jealous much? You know it is wrong to covet another’s possessions. Perhaps rather than judging his own lifestyle, you can concentrate on your own. Everybody will be judged one day and let me reassure you that you are not the Great Judge. If Joel is disobeying God, then I guess he will have to answer for that. If not, I hope he invites me over for a swim some day.

    3. I Pray for Healing over you Ms. Short and God Will Bless you what ever you ask. ?? He’s earned the money Thur his book sales. He has right to purchase what he wants without giving you or anyone else an explanation. God Bless him.

  2. What was that verse about “pass thru the eye of a needle”.
    He offends me.
    Drives a Ferrari. Wow
    He charges $147.00 to sit close to Joel’s Sunday talk.

  3. Joel & Victoria are not only generous in giving, they are tithers & if you read Mal. 3:8-11, you will see that God promised to BLESS those who tithe. God also said in Ps. 3:3-4 that He will give you the desires of your heart. Does that mean “anything you want”? No. It means those things in line with His will, but He can also surprise you with the most unexpected blessings, in the most unexpected ways, any time He choose; after all, He is God. I have no problem with those whom God blesses. To those who are jealous, you need deliverance!

  4. I never been at Lakewood but I watched Joel beautiful sermons I believe god has blessed him and his family immensely and he will keep blessing Him as long he is sincere and put God First .
    Sincerely Esther B.Lomax.

  5. Well said! People who do not read their Bible nor understand how Jehovah God works will criticize pastors like Joel Osteen and that is very wrong. God promises us to bless us if we seek first His kingdom. He will give us the desires of our heart, once they are in line with His will for us.

    My thing is, if God tells me this, and I work hard at living a holy life (not just because it is what I need and want for myself) then I expect God to open His storehouse and bless me just as He did the great ones in the Bible! Abraham, Issac and Jacob were no doubt wealthy in their times; was this wrong for them to have all this gold, silver, cattle, land, etc.? Didn’t God promise them these blessings? When Job lost everything, didn’t God restore to him more than he had? So its right then but wrong now? That’s a clear indication of jealousy and ignorance!

  6. Oh my the comments are definitely piling high so here is my 2 cents: My husband and I have followed Joel’s programs when we have not be able to attend our own church a few times for the past 3 or 4 years and enjoyed his messages of preaching. We are followers of Jesus, we put God in the center of our lives, and God has opened His storehouse and blessed us immensely in many ways. We believe that Joel is a blessed man. On Easter Sunday, not being able to attend church because of the “stay home and be safe” C-V19 crisis situation, we were disappointed that a sermon was not aired or preached by Joel for the resurrection of Christ. God promised our forefathers Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Job, and others wealthy blessings to expand their territory which was the purpose for their riches. Joel stated ” We’re big givers” and “We’ve given millions of dollars”. My comment to this is where and who did they give too? Nothing was mentioned about giving to the world-wide missions or feeding the hunger missions or giving to the example of the first comment from Lenora Shortt and many others like this person.

  7. Wow, this man is something else. I know that their are alotnof people that live this guy. He is entitled to use the money that he had made during his career and good for him. My only thing is the price you have to pay to even see this man’s service. $150 plus for tickets? He is already loaded and why charge so much. All it does is only bring in people that can afford it which is definitely a minority right now. I hope he can continue to keep it going but he could look out for all of his followers that can’t afford to come see him. He just reminds me of the righteous gemstones. That’s just my opinion and I’m not against people loving him. He is one of the many reasons why I don’t go to church anymore. Its just a show now a days. Being a man of science, there is just so much proof of extraterrestrial life and once we finally see them then all this religion will be gone. Many will be sad but all religious beliefs have caused countless wars on our beautiful planet. Any case, don’t hate and be good to people. That’s what will make our world great.

    1. Hmmmm. There are some paid events. Those are special, scheduled events with speakers from all over the US and abroad. These engagements usually last two or three days. Regarding his regular Sunday services, I have never had to pay to attend; not even the ones where people like Joyce Mayer (just to name one guest speaker) speak. If you arrive early enough, you can sit right behind the guy. Joel Osteen is brilliant, inspiring, and funny (even if you are not a Christian you can learn something from his sermons). If you cannot attend his services because you don’t live in the Houston area, you can always listen to his sermons online or on TV.

  8. 10 million could feed a lot of hungry people. Guess we’ll just have to wait for those fishes and loaves to magically appear since the money is obviously earmarked for other things.


  10. Amazing the jealousy and envy Christians have for Osteen. Osteen is an author and motivational speaker. Most of his income and wealth is from selling books, tapes, and appearances. The money is not taking from donations.

  11. He should not live as a rich man if he is preaching in the name of the Lord. Jesus slept on the ground or a pile of straw .If you’re going to be a Preacher,you should live a frugal lifestyle,not in a 18000 square foot home.I have never commented before.

  12. He’s just another talking head on the tube. Phony as a 3 dollar bill. No, Joel, I didn’t just offer to donate $3 to your “ministry”.

  13. The surprise to me is how so many believe in the prosperity gospel that Joel teaches. Did not our Lord Jesus say to lay up treasure in Heaven NOT on earth where moth and rust destroy ?? Also those who love Joel always comment on how he makes his money from his books, His books are primarily a compilation of his sermons put together in book form. My belief on this is that a Preacher of the Ture Gospel should NOT be taking money for books he writes or compiles from his Church. Those proceeds should be going to the Church to be used to promote the True Gospel and feed the poor. Too many seem to forget that Jesus came to show us a new Gospel and to do as He taught not use the Old Testament to get rich off of poor people. As for charging a fee to go see Joel preach is absolutely shameful. Take a collection and use that money to once again Preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and feed the poor. A Preacher should be paid a modest salary where he can afford to have a home and support his family. Anything above that is not in line with Scripture, NO MATTER how you want it to be. Lord, Lord id I not do this and do that ?? It is the HEART that the Lord will Judge my friends. Living an extravagant lifestyle while the majority of your congregation barely make sit from payday to payday will be the only Heaven these types of Preachers will inherit for same and damnation awaits those who defile the Lords’ Scritpures.

  14. I lost a good catholic friend augue how much he hates what Joel to offer, prosperity preaching. He was offended that I watched and defend his ministry so he vanished our friendship. I believe Joel is a blessed man of God and fine preacher and author. It’s reported he takes no salary from his church ministry. I frankly love listening to Joel sermons and reading some of his books. He’s help me, I know many others, through so many hard struggles. Joel believes in healing and saving of souls for those who find Jesus and makes a enough to grow Christ kingdom. For that I’m grateful and keep listening on SeriusXM for his messages frequently. His large church and TV congregation I believe continues to grow while some churches struggle.

  15. I have read several of Joel’s books and purchased many of them. He is a motivational speaker and I thoroughly enjoy his messages.
    If he gives to the poor I am ok with how he lives. His home is very extravagant for my taste but I live in a very modest home. I am so thankful for his wisdom and wish him all the success in the future. He will have to answer to our God if his behavior is not genuine.

    1. First of all he is not doing right by Gods children he do not help with nothing I know him personal and I been to his church I met his mother and wife and Joel he is not the man of God you think he is trust me he not and y’all need to stop get on hear acting like fans y’all work for him make him look good but his actions tells it all ? stop ✋ it

  16. all i can say is that at the end of DAY GOD IS IN CHARGE AND OUR JUDGE. lets ask our selves did GOD mean that he’ll bless us unlimited here on earth or in heaven or both i’m sure the answer to that is in the greatest book in the world our bible GOD’S true word. Joel Osteen is a good inspirational speaker and he also quotes verses from the bible i listen to him on my way to work and on my way home. the only thing i’m uncomfortable with is why charge people for seats at lake wood church

  17. I watch Joel, and bought Everyday a Friday, those of you who demean him for his huge home, I get it, he is a preacher, God was a preacher and never had a mansion. Joel doesn’t seem to tout his wealth, and bolster many properties. On the other hand Oprah Winfrey wouldn’t give you a sandwich if you passed out at her feet. Don’t judge one without the other, Joel gives hope and contributes. He gives freely. Oprah made a statement once I won’t forget, “ I don’t advertise or back anything unless I’m paid “ and she has homes she won’t even let relatives stay in. When you look at people like this makes you wonder why she would question Joel’s wealth as a pastor, but she never questions her own selfishness, unfortunately neither do others. Next time anyone feels Envy, remember “ Thou shalt not Covet” Joel didn’t make us have back problems, cancer, neuropathy, cardiomyopathy. Would you rather have Joel as a friend who actually believes what he preaches or Oprah who runs off a stage yelling “ give all glory to God”, then interviews Royalty who trash their own family and enjoys every minute.

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