Georgia Ford: A Timeline Showing the Chapters of the Only Daughter of Legendary Actor Harrison Ford

Georgia with dad

Marriages in Hollywood are quite fragile. Most of the celebrities are unable to survive the storms they face in their marriage. And the ultimate result is a doomed marriage. One of those celebrities is Harrison Ford. Harrison has played some of the greatest characters in film history. But, he is unsuccessful in playing the role of the greatest husband. He has got married to three different ladies from which he has fathered five children. One of them is Georgia Ford, the only girl in the Ford brood. Here’s debugging some interesting details on the lady who has been tagged ‘SuperHero’ by Harrison. 


Early Years

Georgia was born to celebrity parents Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison on June 30, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. She is the only girl in the family of four brothers. With her father Harrison being one of the most private actors, she has got the chance to have a normal childhood away from the media radar. Therefore, most of the chapters of her early life are shrouded in the mystery.

However, as she is the only daughter of a legendary actor, the world has got to know a little about her life. As per some sources, Georgia attended Wildwood School in Los Angeles California. Growing up, she has suffered from epilepsy. When Ford attended an event at NYU Langone Medical Center’s Find Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures department in 2016, he revealed how Georgia had suffered from the disease in the past.

She had seizures when she was a child and the doctors prescribed her migraine medicine. A few years later, she again got seizures on a beach in Malibu. Luckily, Harrison took Georgia to NYU Medical center and she got the right treatment at the right time. The doctor Orrin Devinsky confirmed that she was suffering from Epilepsy and prescribed the right medicine. Georgia has not had a seizure in the last eleven years. 

While she is now not active in Hollywood, Georgia has always aspired to follow her father’s footsteps into the world of acting and has tried her luck in the acting field.

Career Progress

Georgia, following the footprints of her famous dad, has tried establishing her career as an actress and a model. While nothing close to zero is known about her modeling assignments, we do know about her acting career. She landed on the acting gig in 2013 with the comedy movie “American Milkshake”. The movie also starred stars like Leo Fitzpatrick, Shareeka Epps, and Tyler Ross. Her first movie was a commercial failure and she didn’t get the desired fame.

Then, she again appeared in the mystery thriller  ‘A True Story” in 2015. The drama was directed by Rupert Goold. The movie only collected $5.3 million at the box office and wasn’t a big hit. However, she got the chance to work with actors like James Franco, Jonah Hill, and Felicity Jones. 

A year later Ford again appeared in a short movie ‘The Visitor” directed by Jemil Hendi in 2016. The movie was released in Spain. After this, she hasn’t appeared in any projects. It seems like she has taken a break from the movie industry and is planning something big to offer to her fans and audiences. 

Who are Her Parents?

Georgia is the byproduct of Harrison and Melissa Mathison. While many still do not know about the existence of Georgia, almost everyone on the planet knows about the legendary actor Harrison Ford. He is an American actor, aviator, and environmental activist. His career spanning more than five decades has earned him worldwide acclaim. He is an actor whose portrayals of Hans Solo in the original Star Wars movies and as the title character in the Indiana Jones adventure series will forever secure his place as Hollywood royalty. 

According to IMDB, Ford has appeared in more than 80 incredible movies until now. His strong portfolio includes movies like American Graffiti, Air Force One, What Lies Beneath Witness, Heroes, Hanover Street, Witness, The Mosquito Coast, Patriot Games,  Clear and Present Danger and many more on the list. 

Harrison Ford with ex-wife Melissa Mathison

On the other hand, Georgia’s mom Melissa Mathison was a screenwriter. She had written screenplays for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, The Indian in the cupboard, The Black Stallion, The BFG, The Escape Artist, Ponyo, Twilight Zone: The Movie,  and Kundun. Mathison got her name nominated for the ‘Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay” for the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in 1983. The Oscar-nominated screenwriter died at the age of 65 on November 4, 2015. The cause of death was neuroendocrine cancer. 

Harrison and Melissa got married in March 1983 after a brief romance. After 18 years of togetherness, the couple called off their marriage in 2001.  They officially got separated in 2004. Their divorce was one of the most expensive divorces in Hollywood. Melissa reportedly received a whopping amount amounting to $118 million for the divorce settlement. The couple has a son named Malcolm born in 1987 besides Georgia.

Before Harrison got married to Mathison, he was married to his college sweetheart Mary Marquardt. Their courtship remained from 1964 to 1979. Their courtship produced two kids- Benjamin and Willard. Likewise, after parting ways from Mathison, Ford again decided to give the marriage thing a shot again.

Harrison Ford with Calista
Harrison Ford with Calista Flockhart

In 2010, he got married to his girlfriend, actress Calista Flockhart. They do not have biological children together, but they are parents to Liam Flockhart. The actress adopted Liam in 2001 sometime before she met Harrison. So, basically, Georgia has one brother Malcolm with whom she shares a blood relationship and three half brothers  Liam, Benjamin and Willard.

Her Siblings 

Georgia’s father has been married three times in his lifetime from which he has fathered five kids together. Therefore, Georgia is fortunate enough to have been surrounded by four brothers to protect her. 

Benjamin Ford

Benjamin Ford

The eldest Ford is quite popular and is an accomplished chef. He owns his own restaurant “Ford’s Filling Station” located in California. Besides, he has also penned a book named “Taming the Feast: Ben Ford’s Field Guide to Adventurous Cooking”.  He is married to Emily Tomerlin and is a father to two kids- Waylon and Ethan. 

Willard Ford 

William Ford

William Ford is the second child of Harrison with ex-partner Mary. Unlike his dad, he is a businessman who owns Strong Sports Gym and Ludwig Clothing Company. 

Malcolm Ford

Geargia's brother Malcolm Ford

Born on October 3, 1987, Malcolm isn’t into acting like his dad, but he does have inherited some of his parent’s natural artistic abilities. He has established his career as a musician. He is a vocalist of the punk rock band ‘The Dough Rollers”. 

Liam Flockhart

Calista Flockhart adopted Liam shortly before she entangled a romantic relationship with Harrison Ford in 2001. The youngest among Ford siblings have been out of the spotlight for the most part. Growing up, he has been nurtured by Calista and Harrison like their own biological child. In an exclusive interview, Harrison stated that he spends his weekends doing the pieces of stuff Calista and Liam wants. The statement reads: 

“Whatever Calista and Liam want to do. We’ll take a couple of hours on Sunday morning to go motorcycle riding or go for a hike. I just made a birdhouse with my son.”

Personal Life 

As Georgia isn’t active in Hollywood and lives a low key life, nothing much is known about her personal life. However, it is known that she has dated actor, songwriter, and musician Donald Cumming in the past. He is popular as the lead singer of the band “The Virgins”. After releasing two albums, the band collapsed in 2013. Since then, Cumming has undertaken a solo career.  In June 2015, Donald released an album named “Out Calls Only’.

The inner story of Georgia and Dunning’s dating story isn’t known. Whether they are still together or have parted their ways is a shrouded mystery. 

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  1. All of Harrrison Ford’s kids have knocked it out of the park. His daughter is very very nice looking
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    Harrison happens too be my favorite actor in all of Hollywood scene.
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    I had a video idea back in the 1990’s I wish I could have shared with someone in the business
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