Who is Steven Roy: Spilling the Beans about Carrie Anne Moss’s Husband

steven roy husband of carrie anne moss

Carrie Anne Moss needs no introduction. The 90’s heartthrob has her name carved in the golden history of Hollywood. Kickstarting her career as Trinity in the ‘The Matrix’ film series, she went on to have an illustrious career.

While she is always testing her acting chops with different roles, her marriage is where she has found ultimate consistency. The Canadian actress has been married to her fellow Canadian counterpart for over two decades now. The couple have three kids together and have hardly taken a foot wrong when it comes to their relationship. But who exactly is Steven Roy that stole Trinity’s heart? Here is everything we know about the actor.


Steven Roy’s Life Before Meeting Carrie Anne Moss

steven roy husband of carrie anne moss

The Canadian actor was born on July 23, 1966, in Canada. He was raised in Canada along with her parents whose identity isn’t known. Growing up in Canada, he attended a local school for his primary education. He garnered interest in acting while he was slowly changing into an adult. Following his interest, he joined Toronto Film School. He graduated with a good score from high school. He must be very grateful towards the school as he not only learned about acting but also for bringing his soul mate in life.

Career as an Actor

Steven Roy is not the name that is listed among the A-listed actors in Hollywood. But he definitely has done some good works in the industry. Steven is an actor known for movies like The Mallory Effect (2002), The Guest House (2003), and Shattered released in 2007. He first debuted on the TV screens in 1996 on the series Viper. There he played the role of Mick Broussard in one of the episodes. The following year he again got a chance to show his acting skills in the drama Naked in the Cold Sun. After that, his projects went on increasing. He caught the eyes of audiences when he appeared in the popular show ‘7th Heaven’. Likewise, he also appeared in TV series like ‘Angel’ where he played the role of Jason and in ‘Roswell’ as Steve.

Steven has a sly and comical expression on his face which is perfect for comedic roles. After trying his hands on the small screen, he moved to the big screen with the movie The Mallory Effect in 2002. This movie gave a big break to his improving career. His comic role was well appreciated by the audience. His acting in the movie treated him with other movies like Shattered, and With or Without You, Kalamazoo?

He debuted in his own short movie named The Guest House in 2003. He introduced himself as the director and writer with the movie.

Roy met Moss at Toronto Film School

teven Roy Wirh Wife Carrie Anne Moss

Steven Roy is married to actress Carrie Anne Moss for more than two decades now. The couple first met at Toronto Film School where both of them were learning acting following their passion. The common passion for acting played an important role in their romantic relationship. At the Film school, they first became friends and soon they felt some spark between them. Then after we all know what happened and the rest is history.

Who is Carrie Anne Moss??

teven Roy Wife Carrie Anne moss

Carrie Anne Moss is an actress known for playing the role of Trinity in science fiction ‘The Matrix’ in 1999. The Canadian actress has starred in many hit movies like Unthinkable, Red planet, Fido, Snow Cake, Memento, and many more to count.  Carrie is much more popular than her actor husband Steve Roy. She has even featured in television series like Model Inc., Jessica Jones, Daredevil, The Defenders, Humans, Iron Fist, and Wisting.

Moss’s struggle in the acting industry has honored her with few Awards and Nominations. She has been honored with Empire Award for Best Newcomer for ‘The Matrix’ in 1999. Moss has also taken home Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award for the movie Fido in 2006. Furthermore, Carrie has won the Genie Award for Best Performance for her appearance in the movie Snow Cake.

Marriage with Carrie Moss

Steven Roy and Carrie started dating shortly after they encountered each other in Film school. They soon decided to tie the knots after dating for ten months. They walked down the aisle on November 11, 1999, in an intimate ceremony. The ceremony was attended by immediate family members and friends only. Steven though an actor doesn’t like being surrounded by cameras. He loves his privacy and tries hard to keep his personal life away from the limelight.

The duo is the true example that celebrities’ couples also can make their relationship a lifetime affair. Steven will be celebrating the 20th marriage anniversary with wife Carrie Anne Moss this November. Meanwhile, there was a rumor of Carrie having an affair with actor Keanu Reeves. The rumor was proven as false and Steven stuck with her throughout the allegations. This proves how strong their relationship is. Currently, Steven and Carrie are residing in Los Angeles with their three kids.

Steven and Carrie have three Kids: Owen, Kaden, Frances

teven Roy Kids and Wife

Steven Roy has embraced parenthood with his lovely wife Carrie a long time ago. They are blessed with two adorable sons and one lovely daughter. Steven welcomed his first child Owen Roy on September 11, 2003. Likewise, a couple of years after their firstborn they again became parents to Kaden Roy. Kaden was born in November 2005. Moss loves spending bedtime with her two sons.

Moreover, they again gave birth to a baby daughter named Frances Beatrice Roy in 2009. Steven loves spending time with his kids and they are his first priority no matter what. Recently, on the occasion of Father’s day, Carrie thanked Steven for being a wonderful father for their kids.

During an interview with GQ, Carrie went on to dispel all the rumors regarding her alleged axing from Hollywood. She revealed that she simply chose motherhood and raising her children over being a movie star. She said, “Somebody sent me one thing, a video someone had made. ‘What happened to Carrie Anne-Moss? Why did Hollywood turn their backs on her?’ Or something like that. And I was like funny! I had kids, and I wanted to be with them.” With the speed kids grow up, It’s no wonder both Steven and Carrie wanted to be a bigger part of their children’s lives.

Net Worth: How Rich is Carrie’s Husband?

Steven Roy is an actor, writer, and director. There’s no doubt his profession has earned him a good amount of fortune. He must be a millionaire and must be living an extravagant lifestyle.  But, his exact net worth is under review. The actor hasn’t spoken about his net worth just as many chapters of his wife. Meanwhile, his wife Carrie has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She contributes to her wealth from her career as an actress.

Steven made a Cameo appearance in his wife’s latest movie

steven roy acting in matrix resurrection

Roy made his return to acting after a long time through his wife Carrie’s latest movie ‘The Matrix Resurrections’. During a scene in the movie, where Keanu Reeves’ character Thomas Anderson/Neo looks into the mirror, a much different reflection is seen on the mirror. The much older looking Thomas’ reflection is actually played by Steven Roy.

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