What is Alice Adair up to these days: Here is What We Know About Brolin’s ex-wife

Alice Adair bio

The ex-wife of Josh Brolin and a mother of two, Alice Adair is more likely known for her stint relationship with Josh Brolin. However, she is a retired actress with guest roles on series like Beverly Hills Cop II, Quantum Leap & Miami Vice. The Academy Award nominee most likely loved by his millennial fans for his portrayal of Thanos has married three times so far. And, Alice is the first lady to make inroads into his marriage books.

The love story of these two couples dates way before Josh became a household name with his role as Brand Walsh in The Goonies. She has two kids, daughter Eden Brolin and Son Trevor Brolin with Josh.


Quick Facts on Alice Adair

  1. Who is Alice Adair?

    She is the ex-wife of Josh Brolin married from 1988-94. She has appeared in several cameo roles in series like “Private Eye” and “Quantum Leap.”

  2. How old is Alice Adair?

    56 years

  3. How many kids does Alice have?

    2. Trevor Brolin (34), Eden Brolin (29).

  4. How did Josh Brolin and Alice Adair meet?

    It’s said that they met on the sets of “Private Eye.” But nothing is officially confirmed.

  5. How much is Alice Adair’s Net Worth?


Alice’s Life Before Fame

Alice Adair in early days

Adair was born on June 26, 1966, in Colorado Springs, USA. She also goes by the name of Deborah J. Adair where J stands for her ex-husband’s name. When it comes to her personal life, Alice has kept a low profile.

Career: The Acting Career That Never Peaked

Alice has been active in the entertainment industry for over 30 years now. Although her acting career never blossomed as compared to her ex-husband, she has been featured in a few notable roles. She first appeared in the music video of Toto’s Holyanna in 1985. This is what jumpstarted her brief role in the showbiz world.

She then got her first acting gig in the episode ‘Streetwise’ of the Miami vice’s third season aired in 1986. She there played the role of Carla Cappoletti, a prostitute who eventually is murdered by her pimp.

Alice was able to land her first movie role as Jan Bogomil in Beverly Hills Cop II (1987). The movie was a commercial hit earning a whopping $300 million at the box office. Later that year, she also appeared in NBC’s ‘Private Eye.’ 

She also played the character of Diane McBride in the 1989 hit TV series ‘Quantum Leap.’ In 1990, she appeared as Kathleen Devlin in the first season of ABC’s ‘The Young Raiders.’ She also guest-starred in 1992’s drama ‘Szuler.’ Her latest gig was in ‘Rideshare’ where she played the role of Mary. Although she didn’t manage to star in the movies and TV dramas, she did land enough cameos and guest appearances to keep her active in the industry.

How did Josh Brolin and Alice Adair meet?

Adair and Brolin met on the set of “Private Eye” where Adair was playing the role of Jessie whereas Brolin played the side role of Johnny Betts. In the two-part- episode of “Blue Hotel”, we as fans can see the heat between Jessie and Betts. There probably was an instant connection between the two actors which resulted in their marriage just a year after.

Relationship with Josh Brolin: Ex-lovers but Still Friends

Adair was 22 and Brolin was 20 when they tied the knot. Maybe it was the tinder age that was the reason behind their fast marriage and even much faster divorce. The couple decided to call it to quit in 1994 after just 6 years of marriage.

Together they have a son named Trevor Brolin who was born when Adair was still 22. Later in 1994, Eden was born. Just like their parents as well as grandfather, both the kids have laid foot in the entertainment world. Well, who can blame them when you have “Thanos” as your dad.  

alice adair with josh and eden

Even after 3 decades of their divorce, Adair and Josh find comfort in their friendship with each other. In an interview, Brolin revealed how they have still been able to maintain a healthy relationship.

josh brolin son trevor celebrating birthday

She [Alice Adair] was the mother of my children. I’m still best friends with her. I ended up having two amazing kids, so it turned out OK.

Brolin after getting divorced has married twice. He gave a second try at marriage by marrying actress Diane Lane in 2004. Unfortunately, his relationship with the actress also didn’t work. Their union lasted from 2004 to 2013.

After three years, he again got married to model Kathryn Boyd. His current wife, Kathryn Boyd welcomed their first daughter, Westlyn Reign Brolin on November 4, 2018.  The couple also welcomed their second baby girl, Chapel Grace on December 25, 2020. 

Adair’s Life after Divorce

Just like her ex-husband, Josh Brolin, Alice Adair also found love after her divorce from him. She met a man named Peter Swanke in the early 2000s and even got married to him. With him, she shares a son. Her youngest son, Peter Swanke Jr. was born on April 24, 2005. However, her second marriage also did not last long and she filed for a divorce in 2011. 

As of now, Alice does not seem to be in any romantic entanglements and is more focused on raising her youngest son Peter as a single mom. Alice is a proud mother of three and loves to brag about all of them. She shares beautiful moments of them and always captions them as the best kids through her Instagram posts.

Alice Adair Three Children

Alice’s Children With Josh Brolin: Trevor & Eden

Alice is a doting mother to two kids, Trevor Brolin and Eden Brolin. Her eldest son Trevor was born on 26th June 1988 in Los Angeles, California. In an interview, Brolin revealed all the pressure he had to deal with during the teen pregnancy.

“I was acting in a TV series called ‘Private Eye’. And I was getting ready to have my first kid. And everyone told me I shouldn’t. Well, I was an idiot. A 19-year-old guy riding on a Harley-Davidson, so embarrassingly dumb. But she got pregnant and that’s what happened.”

Trevor and Eden both have already secured their position in the entertainment industry just like their parents. Born in a family of actors, he was destined to make a career in the Hollywood industry.

Unlike her parents and sister, he has chosen to remain behind the cameras. Trevor is a director, filmmaker, writer, and producer. He debuted his career with one of his father’s directional movies. He has composed music for the short movie ‘X” in 2008. Likewise, he has produced, directed, and wrote a short drama called Felt which was released in 2011. Trevor hasn’t achieved success like that of his father, but he is working hard to make himself proud.

Further, Adair’s daughter Eden is also an actress known for the movies Manson’s Lost Girls, Ruby Sparks, and The Dark Rite. She has appeared in movies and television series like I Dream Too Much, Live Forever, Code Black, Blood Bound, Back Fork, and many more. Eden will be appearing in season 3 of the paramount network drama “Yellowstone”. Besides, she has wrapped a role in the independent feature Arkansas.

What is Alice up to these days?

Currently, she is working as a business executive and has a close circle connection with her ex-husband and kids. They are often seen together on Brolin’s Instagram enjoying their life. We just hope she gets the best out of her life.

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