Everything About Andrew Frankel: The Business Tycoon Husband of Actress Bridget Moynahan


A heartbreak, a surprise pregnancy, and a single mom, the Blue Moon actress Bridget Moynahan had faced it all in her life. She was once in a relationship with actor Tom Brady. Tom and Bridget broke their relationship after three years of dating leaving the actress heartbroken behind. But, that wasn’t just enough. The biggest curve was yet to fly. Just after the break-up, she found she was pregnant and the father of the unborn was Tom. 

Being pregnant turned her life upside down welcoming many hurdles in the path. However, she decided to keep the child and envisioned herself being a single mother. She gave birth to the child, nurtured him with love, and gave him the best childhood she could. Going through the difficulties alone, she finally found the best partner for her after waiting for a long. She is now happily married to Andrew Frankel and he has happily accepted her child with Tom. 

While the Blue Bloods actress has been reluctant sharing her relationships over the past, she always seems to have nothing but praise for her new man. But what do we know about the guy who stole Bridget’s heart and soul?

Andrew Frankel is a businessman who is mainly in the media for his relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan. The duo is very much private about them and hardly anyone knows about them, especially about Andrew. So, here we are revealing everything we know about the husband of Bridget Moynahan; Andrew Frankel.


Andrew Frankel’s Business Background was Laid by his Predecessors

Andrew Frankel was born on August 20, 1974. He was born to a businessman father Stuart Frankel and his wife Sharyn Frankel. He grew up in Philadelphia, USA along with his parents. His father Stuart owned a brokerage firm Stuart Frankel and Co. Inc. The firm was established in 1973 right before Andrew’s birth. He spent all his childhood in Philadelphia watching his father work in the company and eventually nursed an interest in the business.

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania

Upon his completion of high school, he enrolled himself at the University of Pennsylvania. He chose to study Economics at the university so that he can enlarge his knowledge about the business world and fit into his father’s shoes. According to his LinkedIn profile, he graduated from the University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1994.

Andrew Sure is a Fitness Freak

Andrew loves keeping himself in shape and that is evident through a series of his pictures. He makes sure he manages his time for the gym to keep his body in shape. Not only this, but he also loves traveling to new places. Whenever he gets free time after cracking up deals, he packs his bags and goes out on vacation.

He is a Business Tycoon: Carrying out his Family’s Legacy

Andrew is definitely not an ordinary bloke. Born in a family filled with a business heritage and elite mentality, he started taking interests in his work since his childhood. With sheer persistence and his father’s guidance, Andrew has become one of the successful business tycoons in the history of America

Andrew, at the tender age of 16, partnered with his cousin brother to manage the production of a comic book called ‘Alien Space Avenger’. Then after graduating from high school, he began working as his father’s company as a co-president. He learned different business tactics at the office. Likewise, he has left no stone unturned in preparing himself to fill in his father’s shoes.

During his tenure at the university, he involved in different companies to broaden his skills. He has served as an assistant in Demaine Vickers Advertising Agency. Frankel has also worked at UTV 13 News Digest as a newscaster, editor, anchor, writer, camera, and audio operator. Furthermore, Andrew worked at Kenner Toy Company as an assistant where he showed outstanding performance. Following this, he caught the eyes of executives of Hasbro Toy Company and eventually was offered a job.

Andrew not only worked as the co-founder of Stuart Frankel and Co. Inc but also managed the global research and executive department of the company. He defined his job on Linkedin as:

“I co-manage Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc. a corporate access, global idea generation, and execution brokerage firm that was founded in 1973 by my father Stuart. I oversee our sales effort and our US cash equities trading desk situated on The New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor.”

On March 2021, Frankel started working at Inside11WallStreet as co-managing editor.

Besides cracking deals, he has tried his hands on acting. He debuted as an actor in Alien Space Avenger in 1984. He portrayed the role of the plant technician in the movie.

In addition, he has made an appearance in the movies like Tomorrow Never Dies and Godzilla. Furthermore, he has invented graphics for the movies, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Dragons: Fire and Ice, GI Joe, and Transformers.

How Did Frankel And Bridget Moynahan Met?

Frankel is married to actress and model Bridget Moynahan. As reported by PEOPLE, they met each other through a mutual friend in 2015. Their love story didn’t start in a quick go. They remained good friends for a long before they fell in love with each other. After being friends for a long, they noticed the sparks between them. Eventually, Andrew proposed to Moynahan in April 2015 during their romantic gateway in Puerto Rico. They tied the nuptial knots in Hampton in the presence of close friends and family.

Andrew Frankel and Bridget Got Married to a Private Ceremony on Long Island

Andrew and the actress Bridget exchanged the vows on the 17th of October 2015. Their intimate wedding ceremony was held at Wolfer Estate vineyard in Hampton. The newlywed couple requested their guests to donate to ‘The Hole in The Wall Gang Camp‘ instead of bringing them wedding gifts. The said organization helps people suffering from different diseases.

According to sources, their wedding was organized with ‘festive fall mood‘ theme in mind. The stylist that made her gown opened up about the little surprises that made the ceremony so beautiful.

“We surprised Bridget with her favorite H.Stern earrings. There was only one pair in existence,” she said.

The pair has maintained privacy over the years about their relationship. They’re quite sensitive about their personal life and rarely showcase their life in public. However, in a rare interview Bridget gushed about her husband and said:

“He’s pretty easy and basic. So honestly, if I boil water for him, he’d be like, ‘This is amazing!’ He really is the sweetest. He’s the nicest guy ever. Genuine, kind, and sensitive. He’s the best. He’ll eat basically anything and tell me it’s great.”

Frankel and Bridget are Raising Kids From Their Past Relationships

Bridget and her husband Frankel are living happily with their blended family. The couple is parents to four kids and none of them is their biological one. Andrew Frankel was previously married to a woman whose identity is still unknown. He has three sons from his doomed marriage whose whereabouts are unknown.

Likewise, Bridget Moynahan has a son named John Edward Thomas Brady with her former partner Tom Brady. She was in a relationship with Tom for three years and broke up with him in 2006. She only came to know about her pregnancy when they had already parted ways and Tom had already moved on with Gisele Bundchen. Meanwhile, they decided to keep the child and co-parent their son.

As of now, Andrew and Bridget are living happily raising up their kids from their previous relationships. While talking about her kids, the actress told in an interview:

‘It’s a lot of boys in the house. There are just photographs and essays and letters all over the house, and they were very patient with the organized chaos that I had going on there.’

Andrews’s Net Worth

Andrew must have collected a huge sum of money. He has worked in his father’s company for more than a decade now. Moreover, his skills as an actor, creative analyst, and writer have accumulated a lot of money for him.

There’s no doubt the business tycoon is playing in millions. However, his exact wealth in figures is unknown. Meanwhile, his wife Bridget has an estimated net worth amounting to $80 million.

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