Who is Anna Strout: Breaking the Mystery Behind Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife

Anna Strout

Anna Strout is a social activist, writer, assistant, and a producer. However, most cinephile probably know her as the wife of award winning actor Jesse Eisenberg. Every love story is unique in its own way. But what Jesse’s relationship with Anna teaches us is about the destiny. When two people are ready to make a commitment, nothing can break the tuning between them.

The couple has went through major hiccups in their relationship but still found their way to togetherness. The couple welcomed a baby boy in 2017 that only solidified their bond. While everyone must be aware of actor, play writer and author Jesse Eisenberg, little may know about his girlfriend turned wife Anna Strout. She also has shut down from any social medias making it even harder for an average Joe to know about her. So here we try to dig deep into the mystery of Anna Strout.


Anna Strout’s has been Private her Whole Life

If anyone could play a role of ‘Ghost,’ it would probably be Anna Strout. She literally isn’t active in any social conventions and has kept her distance from social media. Even her husband doesn’t talk too much about her. Apart from few pictures here and there as well as red carpet walks, nothing relevant regarding her previous life is known. So to put it bluntly, anything related to her life before Jesse is under the shadows.

Anna strout mother Toby Susan strout social activist

However, it is known that she was the only child of her parents Toby Susan Strout and Bob Arnove. Anna’s father Bob was a writer who penned books like Talent Abounds and Education and Revolution in Nicaragua. Her mother Toby was a social worker who began working when she was 11 years old. She worked as the executive director of Bloomington’s Middle Way House before passing at the age of 71.

She stepped down as an executive director from the non-profit domestic violence shelter after 30 years of service. Her mother is still respected for her contribution to the field of women’s empowerment and for raising her voice against domestic violence. After her demise in 2017, a street in Washington was named after her name in her honour.

Strout has been an Active Partner of Middle Way House Since her Mom’s Demise

Anna has been vocal about domestic violence and sexual assault raising her concern by active participation. Although she isn’t a member of the foundation like her mom, but she does her contribution through volunteer works and financial help. In 2021-22, she donated a sum of over $2500 to the organization.

“I am honoured to carry on Toby’s vision of wrapping survivors in love, shining a light on how we can care for each other through an intentional weaving of art, activism, and community engagement,” she said.

Anna’s works aren’t just limited to Middle Way, she is quite active at different nonprofit organizations and and also teaches in New York City at a nonprofit according to Jesse. Also during the pandemic, Anna with her husband Jesse volunteered in domestic violence shelter.

Anna Strout has worked as a Crew Member in Numerous Movies and Documentaries

Unlike her counterpart Jesse, Anna has taken somewhat of a backseat regarding filmography.

Her IMDB profile suggests that she has got a pretty good resume in the entertainment business switching sides between assistant and producer. She started her career in the 2001 mystery thriller, ‘Don’t Say a Word’ where she worked as a production assistant. Similarly, she again worked as a production assistant in the 2002 drama “The Emperor’s Club”.

Her resume also includes the experience of working as an assistant business manager for the movie Digital_Man/ Digital_World in 2011. In addition, she has also worked as a talent coordinator for the documentary “Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia.”

In 2019, Anna helped produce a short film called ‘Light on a Path, Follow’ that follows an eight-month pregnant transgender person living in the rural 1990s New England who goes into labour after encountering a spirit in the forest.

Anna Strout has tried hard to make her name in the industry. But, her biggest hold to glory came when she met Jesse Eisenberg in her life.

Anna and Jesse Met on the Sets of a Drama

Anna Strout with husband Jesse and baby banner

Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg have come a long way in their relationship. Their courtship all started when they met on the sets of the drama The Emperor’s Club in 2002. Jesse was just 19 years old when he met Anna. They became friends and started liking each other. Anna Strout and Jesse felt a spark between them and they turned their relationship into a romantic relationship.

Eisenberg has always been outspoken about how he got attracted to Strout. The main reason he felt attracted to her was her nature of helping others. In an interview with Seventeen Magazine, he revealed he feels acting is a selfish job and he likes being surrounded by positive forces who inspire him to help others.

Jesse and Anna Split up for a while before rekindling their Relationship

The couple dated for ten years until 2012 when they briefly called off their relationship. However, after three years in December 2015, they again rekindled their romance. It was before Jesse travelled to London to perform in the West End show. After that incident, their relationship has become stronger and they are together forever. Within the period of their separation, Jesse dated Mia Wasikowska. Their fling remained from 2013 to 2015.

Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg captured watching a basketball game

After reuniting in 2015, they didn’t make any public appearances until 2016 when they were photographed together at a basketball match. The couple was captured enjoying the match holding hands together. Soon afterwards, the actor announced that they were expecting a child together.

Anna and Jesse are Parents to Baby Boy, Banner

In April 2017, the couple welcomed a baby boy. As expected Jesse kept the secret under the rocks till his sister broke through it. It was Hallie Eisenberg who posted on her Instagram letting everyone know about her nephew. The same year Anna and Jesse decided to take their relationship to another level and took the wedding vows.

As both Anna and her actor husband Jesse are among those who love being out of the paparazzi, their wedding details remain a mystery.

Her Husband Jesse Wants Their Son Banner to be Just Like Her

In a recent interview with Today, Jesse opened up about his fatherhood journey. He has recently directed a film named ‘When You Finish Saving the World’ which is a movie based on the relationship between a mom and his teenage son. When asked whether the movie made him think about his relationship with his 5-year-old son, he said that he is thankful that he doesn’t have the same personality traits and he doesn’t have things he hates about himself. He said:

I was just praying probably like a lot od parents, please don’t have all the things I have that I hate about myself. I married an amazing woman, I am praying just be like her, just be like her, please just be everything like her. And for the most part, he’s heading in that direction which is the superior choice.

Anna’s Husband Jesse Eisenberg Wears Multiple Hats

Jesse Adam Eisenberg was born in Queens, New York, USA on October 5, 1983. He was born to parents Amy Eisenberg and Barry Eisenberg. His father Barry was a sociology professor at a university. Besides, he also ran a taxicab. Likewise, his mother served as a teacher in a hospital teaching cross-cultural sensitivity.

Prior, she worked as a clown at children’s parties and choreographer. Jesse has two sisters named Hallie Kate and Kerri Eisenberg, who both are into acting. He spent his childhood in East Brunswick Township, New Jersey.

Anna's partner Jesse Eisenberg

While growing up, he suffered from an anxiety problem that made him run out of his school. He struggled a lot with the anxiety battle. Recently, in an interview, he revealed that fatherhood has helped him a lot to deal with an anxiety disorder by making him worry about the things that are real. He doesn’t like sharing his anxiety with his son and he knows it’s not good for his son. He said:

“To me, there’s nothing better for one’s mental health than to worry about things that are real, and when you have a child, you can only worry about something that’s real.”

Further, he added:

“I resist all of the temptations I have to make (my son) neurotic because I know it’s not helpful. I know that what might feel good in the moment of consoling a kid who appears nervous may be detrimental in the long term.”

Jesse began his acting career at an early age. At the age of 7, he played the role of Oliver Twist in a theatre production Oliver. Then after a leap of five years, he showed his acting skills in the play ‘Summer and Stroke’. It was a play by Tennessee Williams. He has also been part of theatre productions like A Christmas Carol and The Gathering. After acting, he tried his hands on writing screenplays and got dissatisfied.

His official career journey started with his debut performance in ‘Get Real.’ Today he has appeared in many TV shows, movies, and theatre productions. His notable work includes Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Social Network. In the movie ‘The Social Network’, he played the role of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The role owed him many accolades, including his nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actor, Golden Globe, and BAFTA awards.  

Besides acting, he is a businessman and an author too. Recently, he has launched a book titled ‘Breams Gives Me Hiccups’.

Anna is Indeed a Millionaire

Anna like many celebrities out there keeps a low profile. Because of this, her exact net worth is also not known. Depending on the sources, the numbers can vary a lot. However, it is speculated that from her career in the entertainment industry, her fortune is estimated to be somewhere around 500k to 1.5 million. Meanwhile, her husband Jesse has accumulated net earnings amounting to $10 million from his long career in the industry.

Anna’s Relationship with Jesse has Seen and Conquered Tough Times

It’s quite obvious that the relationship is meant to last when the two personalities complement each other as beautifully as Anna’s and Jesse’s. Both of them are actively involved in social work while keeping a low-profile life.

In an exclusive interview with ‘Seventeen,’ Eisenberg spilt a few beans on his relationship has been so strong with his then-girlfriend Anna Strout. When asked about relationship advice, he admitted that he lacked experience in the relationship advice department since he has only dated one girl in his life.

When asked about what he looks like in a girl, he revealed that kindness is what attracts him the most.

‘I find people who want to help other people to be the most interesting. I come from a family of teachers, and my friends are teachers, often times in very difficult school situations. My job is so selfish and focused on my own vanity that I like to surround myself with people who are actually helping people throughout their day.’

This is what probably made him fall head over heels for Anna. Their relationship seems to weather a few storms down the path. But they looked more secure and happier than ever.

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