The Untold Mystery of Boston Russell: Son of Kurt Russell and Season Hubley who Noone Talks About

boston russell son of kurt russell

Let’s clear the elephant in the room, Shall we? Kurt Russell is an absolute legend. From starting as a child artist to transforming to a veteran actor with more than 100 movies in his belt, the guy has done it all! Whether it’s knocking off the sheriff role in the movie ‘Bone Tomahawk’ or working as an enthusiastic mailroom clerk in ‘The Barefoot Executive,’ Kurt has conquered the unimaginable in the industry.

Although as staggering as his resume is, the most amazing part of Russell’s life is his relationship with “Goldie Hawn” that has lasted almost 4 decades now. And, although they have kept strangle to the idea of getting married, the duo seem stronger than ever!

But before he locked horns with Hawn, the versatile actor was married briefly to Season Hubley. And to reminisce the love they once shared for each other, they have a child together, “Boston Russell.” Boston unlike his siblings isn’t a household name in showbiz and keeps a relatively low profile. So, in this post, we will debunk everything there is to about the “Junior Russell” of this big Russell-Hawn clan.

How did Boston’s Parents Meet?

Season Hubley and Kurt Russell with their child Boston Russell

Kurt Russell and Season Hubley started dating from the sets of Elvis(1979) which is a biopic based on Elvis Presley. Kurt who played Elvis in the movie was instantly attracted to Hubley and tied knots just after few months of dating.

However, they parted away after just 4 years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 1983. Russell then got in a relationship with the 1980’s blockbuster Private Benjamin Star, Goldie Hawn in 1983.

Hubley too got married to David Hayball in 1992 which lasted for only 2 years.

Many speculations were made that Goldie and Kurt had a marital affair that led to both couples splitting with their respective partners.

However, Kurt denied the rumours and their 34 year long marriage is a living proof of their love.

Boston Russell is the only Child of Kurt Russell and Season Hubley

Boston Russell with parents kurt and goldie hawn

Kurt and Goldie have been giving us relationship goals for nearly four decades now. Although they haven’t committed to sharing vows, they have been going strong from 1983.

The couple even share a kid together, Wyatt Russell who is a former ice hockey player turned actor. Before Kurt, Goldie was married to “Bill Hudson” with whom she has two kids, Oliver and Kate Hudson. However, Kurt’s previous wife Season and Kurt share only one kid, Boston Russell.

And, although Season was married again to David Hayball, she doesn’t have any children with him.

Born as ‘Boston Oliver Grant Russell’ on February 16, 1980, he comes from the family legacy who have generations flooding to Hollywood.

His father Kurt Russell is a veteran actor who has worked in commercially hits like The Fate of Furious and Guardian of Galaxy Vol 2. The 66 year old Kurt praiseworthy performance in Silkwood (1983) even got him his first Golden Globe Nomination.

Boston’s mother and Kurt’s ex wife Season Hubley too is an actress and singer whose notable works are Escape from New York (1981) and Vice Squad (1982). She decided to quit acting and focus on family after her marriage. But later made comeback to the film industry.

Boston is the grandson of Bing Russell who has starred in 60’s sensational hit,”the magnificent seven.”

His family circle is surrounded by a group of hollywood stars, so it’s hard to see him cut-off ties with the industry.

Boston is Quite an Academician

boston russell son of kurt and season

Unlike his parents and siblings, Boston has distance himself from Hollywood. In fact, he found his mojo through his degrees. He got his B.A. from Georgetown University where he majored in theology and minored in cognitive science. He also got his M.A. and Ph.d in religious studies from University of California.

His research interests included traditions of India, Tibetan Buddhism, religions of the African diaspora, comparative theology, and ritual studies. 

Although Oliver Loved Boston Instantly, Kate had a Mix Feeling for him

Kate hudson with her siblings

Well, most of the time a new relationship has a rocky start. And this is exactly what happened with Kate and Boston. In a podcast of Sibling Revelery with Kate and Oliver, Kate revealed how confused she was about her mother’s relationship with Kurt and having Boston as her brother.

“I remember the first time I ever saw Boston. It was the first time I remember Kurt talking about his son and I remember it was almost like, for me, it felt like such a big moment. It was like ‘My mom is obviously madly in love with this guy,’ and for me at the time it’s like ‘Is this going to be my dad?’ and I was meeting his son which meant. Does this mean this is my brother?” she expressed.

She further went on to say how it was too much to take for her at such a tender age. Her brother Oliver had quite the opposite experience of the moment.

“I was like floating in space somewhere,” he joked. “I had none of these feelings,” he recalled.

However all those feeling are the things of past. Kate, Boston and all her other siblings have come up a long way and they seem to get along pretty well.

Goldie Hawn Absolutely Adores Boston

Although Boston may not be the first or last child of Hawn, she loves him equally like her other 3 kids. In a 2015 interview, she revealed how she and Kurt are committed to raising their kids.

“Being together, two pillars holding up the house and the roof, and being different, not having to agree on everything, learning how to deal with not agreeing. Everything’s a choice.”

Golide Hawn and boston russell strolling in LA

The 40 year old Boston is often seen tagging along with her now mother, Hawn in numerous Hollywood premieres and red carpet events. He was also there for her support when she was taking the walk on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Recently amid all the corona virus scare, the mother and son duo was also seen taking a stroll around L.A.

In August, 2021, Goldie Hawn was seen busting a move with her step-son, Boston in the streets. In the clip posted by Goldie on Instagram, it was seen the two giggling and twirling with the tune of music.

‘Nothing like spontaneously dancing with your children,’ she captioned in the video.

Boston has been a Shadow of his Dad when it comes to Hollywood

This may come as a surprise for many, but Boston isn’t a Hollywood geek as compared to his siblings. As per IMDB, he only has a handful of experiences.

He was the production assistant on the movie Executive Decision’ (1996) where his father Kurt Russell played in the lead role. Perhaps he took few lessons out of the books of his uncle Franco.

In 2005, he appeared in a special appearance as Goldie’s stepson in the tv program ’60 Minutes that telecasted on CBS TV network.

kurt russell and Goldie hawn with their four kids

At present, his work profile is unknown as Boston as well as his parents are numb about his career. He also doesn’t have any social profiles that could tell us about his present profession.

As far as net worth is concerned, the status of his caliber might have given him no less than $200000. He might be involved in real estate but no exact information is given.

Is Boston single or married?

The relationship status of 42 years old, Boston is a complete mystery. But in an interview with Time Magazine, Kurt Russell mentioned being a happy grandfather from Kate and Oliver. So, it’s obvious that Boston hasn’t been married now.

Even in the numerous Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson’s fan sites and forums, there is hardly anything about Boston’s love life.

As he isn’t involved in the entertainment industry, it’s hard to break the mystery.

Disability Rumors of Boston

Boston Russell disability rumours

As per some reports that surfaced in the media, Boston had some disability while he was a child and it took a long for him to recover. The same source claimed that his mother Season Hubley even took a break from her career to look after him. However, these rumors have never been accepted by neither Kurt nor Hubley.

Boston is quite a Traveller

I guess this is one of the perks of not being in the showbiz. Although Boston has a close relationship with his dad and mother, he keeps it really low-key. This has given him the opportunity to travel to various cities.

boston russell in tibet with his tibetian friends

According to his Facebook profile, he has been to places like Rio and Tibet. Boston who graduated from the University of California is quite a spiritual guy. In 2017, he took an Ancestor investigation trial with Tata and he said that he could feel the connection to his lineage and path to spirituality.

Boston has Dedicated his Life to Spirituality

Having done his M.A. in religious studies and exploring various parts of the world, Boston has chosen himself the path of spirituality. He produced and hosted a web series called ‘On Pilgrimage,’ which basically explored the diversity of spiritual and religious life in and around Los Angeles. He currently works at ‘Exodus Recovery’ that focuses health care through connecting client’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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