Brittanya Razavi: Know Everything About the Instagram Bombshell

Brittanya Razavi is the name that rings the bell for many. She is an actress, model, and businesswoman. Razavi started from the bottom and now she is more than just an average social media star. There’s a different side of her story that’s not known to all. Here’s debugging every fact about the model turned actress Brittanya Razavi. 


Life Before Fame

Brittanya Razavi was born as Brittanya O’Campo on July 7, 1985, in Oxford California. She was the youngest among her four siblings. She has spent her childhood playing snowball in her hometown along with her sister Tiffany O’cmapo. 

The internet sensation Brittanya has kept her personal life and details regarding her parents and family under the veil. However, multiple sources on the internet claim that her father went to jail when she was just 15 years old. From this point onwards, her life wasn’t as rosy as it used to be. She lacked the fatherly care in her life. She revealed that her father taught her to be strong. In an interview she commented:

‘He taught me to be strong, independent, positive, and never take shits from anyone.’

Then after, the responsibility of her family came in the shoulders of her mother whose identity is unknown. Even though she was the youngest in the family, she turned out to be the most matured one. She let go of all her desires and started working at an early age.

Career Breakthrough

In the age of digital technologies, one can easily rise into fame. And, Brittanya is one of the prime example of it. She broke into the headlines by uploading her modeling pictures in her social media accounts. The beautiful brunette was an instant hit among fans as she racked up thousands of followers overnight. O’Campo started as an Instagram model and hit the number pretty high. Till this date she has over 800k followers in Twitter and over 5 million in Facebook. However, for some discrete reasons she has stopped using her public Instagram id. But, she does have private Instagram account exclusive for her fans.  

Her popularity on social media garnered quite the attention which landed her gigs in the entertainment business. She has appeared in various magazine commercials like MMA Sports Magazine, Savage Tattoo, Rebel Ink, and many more. She loves ink and her body is covered with it. This is probably why she was cover page model for many tattoo focused magazines. Her popularity grew an enormous height which helped her land gigs in eight popular magazines in just eight straight months.

Apart from her stint career in modeling, she also has entered television with her brief role as Lexus in 2012 comedy drama “Dysfunctional Friends.” She was also casted as one of the contestants competing for the heart of Brett Michael in the third season of Charm School. With her grit and sheer will she was able to reach into the final six of the show. Later she was also the contestant of the show “I Love Money 4” where she again became sixth.

Brittanya has never been limited to show biz. She has co-authored a book called “Millionaire Self Talk” which got mixed responses from the audiences. She is also the owner of her clothing outlet 187 Avenue where she primarily sells clothing to kids, girls and men of different ages.

Personal Life: Marriage and Kids

Brittanya Razavi is an internet sensation and remains in the headlines for most of the time. But, when it comes to her personal life, she remains closed mouth. As for her dating history, she dated Nico Vasquez in the past. Unfortunately, the relationship went into vain. The reason behind there separation is said to be verbal abuse. 

Razavi then dated Lucky Moe Razavi and then borrowed his last name for forever. He is an entrepreneur and CEO of the Digital media and Entertainment group in Iran. The details regarding their wedding haven’t been flashed in the media.

Razavi and Lucky both have common interests that can be witnessed from their bodies covered in the tattoos. They have welcomed two sons together. The couple welcomed their first son Cash King on March 16, 2011. A year later, they again became parents and welcomed Legend King on October 24, 2012. 

Further, rumors about Brittanya being a mother at the age of 15 have surfaced the media. It was rumored that she gave birth to a child at a young age and she wasn’t capable of raising the child. So, her grandfather took the responsibility of the child. But, the reality will only be known when Brittanya Razavi herself will speak about the truth. 

Net Worth 

Brittanya Razavi is a popular model and actress. Also, she is a businesswoman who owns an online clothing line “ 187 Clothing Inc”. She has racked up a fair amount from her career. Besides, she also promotes various brands on her Instagram. 

Brittanya Razavi is a millionnaire whose net worth is summoned at $3 million as of 2019.

The trouble with the Law

There’s no doubt Brittanya Razavi comes under the list of the most popular models in the world. She is popular for her curvy figure and her tattoos. Likewise, Razavi is also popular for her bad temper. When she was a part of the reality show, she stabbed a woman with a sharp object in anger. The victim had to get stitches afterward.

For the crime she committed, Brittanya Razavi was sentenced to jail for six months. 

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  1. It appears she has dropped completely out of site. Nothing new in years. Plus all the businesses she was supposed to be in and or own are out of business.
    Everything about her on the internet is old and outdated. It keep being rehashed. But nothing new. Shd has literally disappeared from the public.

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