Bryan Randall: What You Never Knew about America’s Sweetheart Sandra Bullock’s Photographer Boyfriend

Bryan Randall

Life is all about second chances. But for someone who has been wronged by the issues of a bad relationship, opening your heart for the second time is always a tough decision. In March 2010, when news broke out about American actress Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James infidelity with multiple women, her dreams of having a loving homelife came to an end.

After such scandal, Sandra cut off romance from her life until she met Bryan Randall in 2015. With him, Sandra Bullock finally started to believe that she could still have another chance for happiness. So, who is Bryan Randall Sandra Bullock believes to be the one?


Early Background

Bryan Randall was born on April 10, 1966, in Portland, Oregon, USA. Not much is known about his parents and how his early childhood really was. He does have a brother Kevin Randall. For his high school education, he is said to have attended a school in Pennsylvania. Bryan Randall also attended Anthony Meindl Actor Workshop in Los Angeles to study acting. 

Career Highlights

Although Bryan Randall took acting classes in order to pursue a career in acting, he could not commit to that career path. He did stay in front of the camera though and started working as a fashion model. His profile as a model is pretty impressive.

Known for his striking facial and body features, Bryan Randall has worked for several big names fashion houses like Hugo Boss and Saint Laurent. He has also appeared in different issues of Vogue Paris and Harper’s Bazaar. In 2011, Bryan was photographed alongside supermodel Cindy Crawford for an issue of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. He was also featured alongside another supermodel Lily Aldridge. 

Bryan Randall modeling career

After working as a model for a long time, Bryan Randall took the spot of being the man behind the camera taking the photographs rather than being the one who is photographed. We do not exactly know what inspired him to be a photographer but perhaps working in a somewhat similar environment helped him acknowledge his talent for photography.

He started his photography company ‘Bryan Randall Photography’ which as of 2019 has been running for about 9 years. His company is an LA-based. His photography portfolio mainly consists of children photos, outdoor, and lifestyle photography. 

Personal Life before meeting Sandra Bullock

Bryan Randall prior to meeting Sandra had his fair share of baggage. He is known to be a former druggie who got arrested for DUI in 1988. Bryan pleaded guilty and in 1990, he went on a four-day bender which caused him to suffer from dehydration. He was hospitalized following that event. Around that time, he was engaged to Janine Staten with whom he also had a daughter Skyler who was born in 1994. Janine Staten herself was a Heroin addict who died of a drug overdose in 2007.

Due to his addiction, he was not able to completely be there for his daughter even though he loved her dearly. After the death of Janine, Skyler was raised by her grandmother Perri for 2 years until her death. After that, Bryan was the only family Skyler had left and so, he moved her to Los Angeles with him in order to support her as a father should. Skyler finished her high school in Los Angeles and went to Arizona for college. After graduation from college, she moved back to Los Angeles.   

Bryan Randall with daughter Skyler
Bryan Randall with his daughter Skyler

There is no doubt that he loves his daughter a lot. He even has a tattoo of his daughter and mother’s name on his finger. During the process of recollecting himself for the sake of his and his daughter’s future, Bryan Randall started to stay sober. His friends and family claim that now he has been sober for more than a decade. 

With his life back in track, he started dating Paris St. John who was 25 years younger than him. Paris is the daughter of soap actor Kristoff St. John and ex-wife Mia St. John. Mia St. John always had good words about him labeling him as funny, goofy and very young at heart who is free-spirited and does not care about money and status.

She said that even the conversation of marriage was being tossed over between her daughter and Randall, but since, Paris was too young, their relationship had come to an end. Mia also revealed that Bryan was a comforting presence in their lives following the suicide of her son.

Meeting Sandra and having a stable relationship

In Hollywood, a former model turned photographer and an A-list star meeting with each other could happen through a series of events. But Bryan and Sandra were not matched up by some of their mutual friends. Rather they met under very normal circumstances. When they first met with each other, Sandra Bullock had been holding her heart tightly following her tumultuous divorce with ex-husband Jessi James in 2010.

She had lost all hopes of finding love again and had fully dedicated herself to raising her adopted son Louis. Sandra was in the process of adoption when the rumors regarding her husband’s infidelity circulated. She then went on to adopt another baby girl Laila in 2015. The first time Sandra met Bryan was because of one of her kids. She hired Bryan to photograph her son Louis’s birthday party. 

After meeting for the party, the couple gradually started talking to each other more. Sandra too started to open her heart more and finally, they became a couple in 2015. Even though Bryan himself had a rough past, he was able to get himself back up on his feet. He was very present for his own daughter and overall loved being a family-oriented person. Because of his nature of work involved being around kids a lot, he is known to be very kind and great with kids. 

Bryan Randall with Sandra Bullock

The couple was first rumored to be dating after photos of their dinner date at West Hollywood hot spot Craigs on August 27, 2015. Bryan then went as a plus one with Sandra to Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux star-studded wedding. Some of the guests at the wedding said that Bryan and Sandra looked very much infatuated with each other.

When talking about her boyfriend, Sandra always praised how good he was with her kids and was thankful for him for being there as a father figure in their kids’ lives. She also mentioned how much the kids adore him and that he might be no.1 for them. Even though they try to remain as private as possible, the couple has been often photographed going outside or taking their dog out for a walk.

Marriage Rumors

Bryan And Sandra Bullock's marriage rumors

With Sandra and Bryan being fully committed to each other, there was no doubt that rumors regarding their nuptials would circulate. When asked what she thought about being married to her boyfriend, Sandra responded by saying that he is the one for her but they are not hard-pressed with the idea of marriage right at this moment.

Since Sandra Bullock’s last marriage ended with a tragic failure, for her to take that step is still a huge deal. That is why it was reported that Sandra is only willing to marry Bryan if he will sign a prenup which would state that he would walk out with nothing if their marriage would fall apart.

Amidst all of this, Bryan is being very patient and supportive of Sandra and hoping for a day when she would let him all the way in. 

Trouble in Paradise?

Just because a couple looks adorable in all photos does not mean their life is all sunshine and rainbows. Every couple has their fair share of problems to deal with in order to stay stable. When rumors circulated in July 2019 that Bryan Randall has been contacting his ex-girlfriend, many of Sandra’s friends and family were worried about their relationship. The rumors, in fact, have not been proved true and the couple still is going strong.

Their relationship is not the only thing that was rumored to be in trouble. According to Radaronline, the relationship between Bryan’s daughter Skyler and Sandra is not very good too. Not to misunderstand, their relationship is not rocky but just that Skyler prefers to stay away from their celebrity status. Since Skyler has led a very difficult life growing up, she wishes to live a very quiet and normal life away from the glamourous lifestyle of her father’s girlfriend. She resides just 5 miles away from the house her father and his girlfriend are living with the kids. Even though Sandra Bullock is known for her kind, affectionate and caring nature, she has yet to win over Skyler completely.  

Bryan’s Net Worth

With his impressive career in photography, his net worth can be estimated to be around 500K US dollars. His girlfriend Sandra Bullock on the other hand with both critical and commercial success in movies has let her have an immense net worth of 200 million dollars. Whilst Bryan’s net worth is very much less than his girlfriend, he is very much happy and content with his work and personal life.

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