Know The Story of Jessica Alba’s Husband Cash Warren & Secrets to Their Long-Lasting Marriage

Cash Warren husband of Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is one of the few actresses in Hollywood who have raised the bars of perfection. Alba is creating waves at the big screens along with making a buzz in the business world. This lady is the ultimate definition of perfection. But, still, she feels her life is incomplete without her man Cash Warren.

Cash Warren is a producer and a businessman who met Jessica in the initial days of his career. His charm was enough to attract Jessica when he had nothing. Today, Cash Warren stands at the height of success, and still, Jessica is holding his hands tightly. So, how did Cash and Jessica start dating? Let’s solve all the mysteries and know more about Cash Warren.


Cash Warren’s Early Life & Background

Cash Garner Warren aka Cash Warren was born on January 10, 1979, in Los Angeles, USA. He was born to parents Michael Warren and Sue Narramore. Cash grew up with his elder sister Kekoa Brianna Warren in Los Angeles. Multiple sources claim that he also has a half-brother Grayson Andres and a half-sister, Makayla who are not so famous.

Cash Warren's dad Michael Warren with wife Sue Narramore
Michael Warren with wife Sue Narramore

His father Michael is an actor known for his role in popular series like Hill Street Blues. Besides, he is also a former basketball player who played for UCLA. Apart from acting and playing basketball, his father has recently ventured into the world of art photography. Warren took the help of his Instagram to share about his dad’s new achievement. Meanwhile, he has been numb about his mother most of the time. So, nothing much is known about her.

Cash Warren congratulating his dad Michael Warren for art exhibition

Cash Warren Shared His Thoughts on Being Bi-Racial

Cash Warren with father Michael Warren

Warren is bi-racial as his father is African-American and his mother is a white American. In an interview with Huffington Post, when he was asked whether he used to be teased for being bi-racial, he said:

Growing up in Los Angeles and France, it wasn’t much of an issue. I’ve always felt very comfortable in who I am Being part black and part white.

In the same interview, he also told that he never chose his friends based on race or looks instead he made friends on the basis of interest during his childhood.

He Was Bullied While in School

Cash Warren has attended Crossroads High School in Santa Monica, California from 1993 to 1997. While his stay at the school, he used to be bullied by friends for his acute acne condition. In an interview, he shared his story on how he used to be bullied and he realized looks don’t matter what matters is the grades as a student. He shared:

I got teased quite a bit from age 12 to 16 because I had really bad acne. But fortunately it helped me realize at a young age that the cool kids were the ones getting good grades and excelling in class.

He then never cared about his looks and studied really hard. Apart from studying, he also garnered interest in basketball. He used to share the court with his friend Baron Davis who is now a known basketball player. Baron and Cash became close friends as they both loved playing basketball.

As per his Linkedin profile, he attended Yale University from 1997 to 2001. He graduated with a degree in Political Science in 2001 from the University. However, he was never interested in making his career in politics.

What Does Cash Warren Do?

Though he completed his degree in political science, he never attempted to debut in politics. Born to an actor father, he always wanted to be in Hollywood. Following his interest, he kicked off his career as a producer. He made his debut in Hollywood in 2004 with the project the Fantastic Four franchise.

Since then he is known for his works including Crips and Blood: Made in America (2008), Taxi, In the Blood, Being Terry Kennedy, and so on. Warren was nominated for the News and Documentary Emmy Awards for the documentary ‘Crips, and Blood: Made in America’.

Besides working as a producer, he has also tried his hands in the business. He is the co-owner and President of an entertainment company called “Verso Entertainment”. He is also a co-founder of Apoko. The company assists celebrities to understand their fans, interact actively with them, and explore new opportunities with the use of social media.

Apart from these, Warren is also the founder of “Pair of Thieves” which he co-founded with Alan Stuart and David Ehrenberg. The retail online site sells socks and underwear for both men and females. In an interview with Footwear News, Cash revealed that his wife Jessica has been a helping hand. He said:

“She was a big help with the cashmere collection. I have her test out our products early on, and she’ll help with fit, feel stretch and durability- the more technical things. When it comes to design, she’s got great instincts.”

How Did Cash Warren and Jessica Alba Meet?

Cash Warren with wife Jessica Alba

When two individuals work in the same industry, you ought to cross each other’s paths willingly or unwillingly. And the story of Warren and Jessica Alba is no different. The duo first met each other at the sets of Fantastic Four. At the time, Warren was working as an assistant to director Tim Story while Alba was portraying the role of Sue Storm in the movie.

As per Alba, it was love at first sight for her. However, things weren’t easy as both of them were already in a relationship. So, the duo began their relationship as friends. Talking to Cosmopolitan in 2005, the actress said:

It was a kind of love-at-first-sight thing, but I met him when I was dating someone else, so it started off as a friendship. I was actually attracted to his spirit and mind before it went to a physical place.

Jessica and Cash started spending more time together. She started loving the little gestures Cash did for her in the initial days. She recalled the memories and said: 

The first week that we kind of got together, he gave me a  note and signed it with a dollar sign because his name is Cash. It just said, “I really really like you.

She added:

And that was exactly how I felt at the time. I really, really like him too much. I was already in love with him. And I hated it because it was terrifying that I cared about him so much right away and I already wanted him to be around forever. 

Alba couldn’t hold her feelings any longer and eventually, she called off her engagement with Michael Weatherly. Meanwhile, Cash who was waiting for the right moment, proposed to her and the rest is all history.

Cash and Jessica Never Planned Their Wedding: A One Day Decision

Most couples dream of having a storybook wedding, but at the end of the day, it’s the marriage that counts. You don’t need a lavishing wedding to prove your love to your better half and Cash Warren has proved it. The actress and the producer hadn’t a most magical ceremony, but still, their relationship is getting stronger day by day even after 13 years of togetherness.

The two got engaged in December 2007 after dating for a while. One year later, the couple got married in a Beverly Hills courthouse on May 19, 2008. Surprisingly, they decided to get married on the day of their wedding. They neither had a long list of shopping nor had any wedding plans for their big day. They decided on a whim when they both had a day off. Jessica shared her moment as:

“I remember I looked over at him and we were in bed, and I was like, Do you have any meeting this morning? And he was like ‘I don’t think so.’ And I was like, ‘Should we get married?’ And he was like, Ok.”

In their recent wedding anniversary, Cash Warren shared a memory of his priceless moment on Instagram and wrote:

We hopped up, got dressed, and drove straight to the courthouse. It wasn’t the dream wedding you deserved, in fact, it was laughably awkward. Standing under an arch of dusty plastic flowers in the courthouse chapel, we held hands and said, “I DO”.

Warren’s Wife Jessica Alba is an Actress

Cash Warren Wife Jessica Alba

Jessica Marie Alba is one of Hollywood’s best-known actress and a businesswoman. She was born on April 28, 1971, in Pomona, California. She started her career at a young age and took Hollywood by storm by appearing in projects like Fantastic Four and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. At the age of 12, she was signed by a talent agent. Then in 1994, she grabbed her first movie Camp Nowhere.

Along with the movie, she has also begun doing modeling for some commercials. She has acted in movies and television series like Flipper, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Dark Angel, Good Luck Chuck, Dear Eleanor, and so on. Besides acting career, Alba has launched herself into the business. In 2012, Jessica established ‘The Honest Company’ with partner Christopher Gavigan. The company sells household goods, body care products, and diapers.

Likewise in 2015, Alba launched skincare and beauty products named ‘Honest Beauty’. Furthermore, the actress penned a book called “The Honest Life” which became a New York Times Best Seller in 2013.

He is a Doting Father To Three Children: Honor, Haven & Hayes

Cash Warren with family

Warren is a perfect family man who keeps his priorities clear. Family over everything is the basic formula of his life. The man portrays a cool and humble character to the public and there’s no doubt he maintains the same at home. Warren is a father to three kids Honor, Haven, and Hayes.

Cash and Alba welcomed their first baby in 2008 just a couple of months after their wedding. They enjoyed the joy of becoming parents to a daughter Honor Marrie Warren. While their fans waited for along to have one glimpse of Honor, the OK Magazine bought the pictures of the newly-born for a whopping $1.5 million. Then, they again welcomed a baby girl Haven Garner in 2011. Likewise, they gave birth to their youngest son Hayes Alba in 2017.

The family of five lives a cozy life in Los Angeles. Alba and Warren try to maintain all the family values their parents taught them to their kiddos. Warren often shares the family moments in his Instagram account where they all look happy.

Recently, Cash and Jessica opened up about their awkward moments in their parenting career in Alba’s YouTube show Getting Honest. During the conversation with Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman on the show, they revealed how their daughter Haven walked in while they were having a private moment in the bedroom. While Warren was laughing hard, Alba started crying out of embarrassment.

After they were caught red-handed by their little one, Warren went on to talk to his daughter Haven. He shared his story and commented:

I went downstairs and said, Haven, I bet that’s the last time you walk into our room without knocking. And now she knocks, it was like she learned her lesson.

Warren and Alba are Keeping the Spark Alive

Warren and his wife Jessica Alba are into the thirteen years of their marriage. The couple has never been into any arguments since the day they eloped.

Ok!! So how are they managing to keep the romance fresh even after 13 years???

We have got you an answer for this!!! In an interview with Refinery29 in 2019, Jessica revealed they still plan date nights and have cozy nights together. She further elaborated how an individual should treat a relationship as a sacred thing and should never stop caring. She Said:

We have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night blocked out where we don’t do any kind of work. We might go to the movies one night, we have one family dinner where everyone helps us, and usually one of those nights is just me and Cash.

How much is Cash Warren’s Net Worth?

Cash Warren is a business tycoon and a producer. He has long been in showbiz and in the movie line. He has certainly accumulated a massive amount of his wealth. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be $23 million.

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