Everything We Know About Christina Evangeline: The Wife of Veteran SNL Performer Kenan Thompson

Christina Evengeline

Best described by Ellen Degeneres as the guy who can make you laugh once he steps out, Kenan Thompson is the man of many impressions. The SNL veteran has been in the show for 17 season. And, according to him, he is just getting started. We really hope he is right about that!

The sketch comedy genius is arguably “GOT” of SNL. While Kenan has been making us laughing out of our chairs, little we know about the woman behind his colorful smile. Thompson is married to Christina Evangeline who is also the mother of his two kids, Georgia and Gianna. But who exactly is Christina? In this post, we take you to the past and present road that connects with Kenan Thompson’s wife.

  1. How old is Christina?

    31. (born: March 24,1989)

  2. How did Kenan and Christina meet?

    According to reports, they were first introduced by talent manager and founder of “Estrada Entertainment Group,” Danny Estrada.

  3. How many kids does Christina Evangeline Thompson have?

    Two daughters. Georgia Marie Thompson (June 20, 2014), Gianna Michelle (July 31, 2018).

  4. What does Christina do for a living?

    During a 2018 Wendy Williams show, Kenan revealed that Christina is an interior designer. Prior to this, she has worked for many fashion magazines as a model. And, she has also acted on a short comedy movie “Mini Supreme.”

  5. Where is Christina Evangeline from?

    According to her website, her family is from Halifax, Nova Scotia so presumably she is too from Nova Scotia which is a province of Canada.

Christina’s Early Background

Christina Evangeline was born on 24th March 1989 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Also through her occasional posts about her dad with caption like “You are voice I always hear in my head” suggest that her father is no more. The comments from her near ones on the post also validates the point.

Her grandfather Joe on the other hand ran a construction company that built a number of buildings in New York City. According to Evangeline, her grandfather’s company was one of the five company to raise the twin towers into sky.

Christina father ran a construction company so we can only assume that her dad had ties with the American crime syndicate. But we’re just shooting in the dark as it’s mere speculation.

In one Instagram post, she shared a story about her childhood.

“My mom was at the reception for my Christening when two men walked up to her, handed her a envelope full of cash and gave their blessings. 
Mom asks my dad who they were. 

Dad says “Oh, John Gotti and Sammy Gravano. 
Also, we were just informed that the valet and caterers been replaced with federal agents.”

This probably suggests he had some affiliation with the group!

Christina Evangeline might be an unknown figure to many and maybe she prefers living that way. The wife of the famous comedian has managed to keep many pieces of information about her life away from the media including details regarding her family, educational history, childhood, and siblings. 

Christina and Kenan’s Relationship that Surpasses Interracial Boundaries

Christina Evangeline with husband Kenan Thompson

Although there aren’t any footprints of the couple’s dating history we know that they first met through a mutual friend that happened to be “Danny Estrada.”

The SNL star Kenan Thompson and former model Christina have been married since 2011. The couple dated for two years before getting engaged in September 2010. A year later, the engaged couple walked down the aisle in November 2011 in the presence of close friends and family. The wedding was held at the Georgia aquarium in the Arctic room and was hosted by hip-hop artist and actor Nick Cannon. 

A close source said, “[They’re] very happy. They’ve lived together as a couple and were excited to share the moments with close friends.”

For her big day, Christina wore a silky white gown and later on wore a white strapless dress for her reception. Their wedding was a low key affair as both of them loves living their life away from the media. 

Christina Evangeline’s Children: Georgia Marie and Gianna Michelle

From their blissful marriage, Christina and Kenan have been blessed with two children. Three years after their marriage, the couple welcomed their first child on June 20, 2014. They named the little angel as Georgia Marie Thompson.

Christina Evangeline eldest daughter
Christina’s Eldest daughter Georgia Marie Thompson.

The couple again welcomed their second child Gianna Michelle on July 31, 2018, in Florida. Although Christina keeps it low-key when it comes to her personal life, she couldn’t stop herself from sharing her excitement about Gianna’s arrival.

Christina youngest daughter Gianna Mitchelle

The excited mother posted a picture of baby bump in the Instagram account just five days before she was due. She posted the picture with the caption:

‘I’m usually private when it comes to these personal things, but we have less than 5 days until this little girl is due and I am just TEW excited.’

There’s no doubt Thompson is the king of comedy but at home, his role is replaced by her daughters. Her daughters are the one who makes him giggle. In an interview with People Magazine, he revealed:

‘She makes us laugh, really. She’s a funny one. I try to make them laugh but I think they have heard enough from me, just from watching the show.”

Further, he added:

‘Kids are hilarious. They say the darnedest things, but that’s just because they don’t really know what they’re saying, and that just makes much more funniness happen.’

Talking about his parenthood life, Kenan told that’s it’s like witness a miracle. They are just the representation of joy, happiness, and innocence said the Emmy winner. 

Christina is living happily with her husband and two kids at her residence in New York. The comedian and the former actress cum model seems to be reaching new heights with each passing year. Though they are a notoriously private person, the couple shares their moments on social media. The couple never hesitates to gush over each other even after almost a decade long marriage.

Career: Changing Path from Model to Interior Designer

Evangeline started her career as a model before making her way into the screen. During her tenure in the modeling world, she walked runways for different fashion shows and was even featured in some magazines. The extent of her modeling career is unknown as she hasn’t revealed anything about it. Likewise, several reports on the internet suggest that she was once a professional escort. 

Christina tagging along with husband Kenan

As an actress, Christina has only been credited for a short movie ‘Mini Supreme’ released in 2015. The movie revolves around a guy named ‘Jeremie’ who has been sacked from his job. Ane for raising money for the rent, he competes in a children’s beauty pageant, disguised as a seven-year-old girl with a growth disorder. Christian portrayed the parent of one of the children in the beauty pageant. Apart from this, there are no details about her career in the entertainment industry.  

Even though Christina has worked in the industry for a while, she can’t meet the level of stardom Kenan has. Her greatest claim to fame came when she hooked up with comedian Kenan Thompson.

Today, she is working as an interior designer in NYC. This was revealed by her husband in the Wendy Williams show.

“She is an interior designer. My house looks dope. She does that thing KnickKnacks that go a long way,” said Kenan when asked about what his wife does.

Christina’s Involvement in Philanthropy and Charity Works

Christina has tried making her career in the entertainment industry. But, unfortunately, she failed at it. Then after Christina got a new agenda in life and started working as a philanthropist. She is an active member of the community who believes in helping the needy ones. She has contributed to numerous charities and non-profit organizations. 

Christina is the owner of the non-profit foundation “Evermore’. She founded the organization with the help of her therapist friends Michele and Jack. The organization helps those people who are trying to move and cope with the loss of someone they loved.

Besides, Evangeline is also been associated with ‘The Christian River Foundation’ named after a 6-year old boy, who died from Pontine Glioma, a brain tumor. Christina along with the members of the organization works effortlessly for finding the cure for this hard-to-treat brain tumor. Further, she also works alongside ‘Save The Children Federation”. The organization is known for working for the benefit of children’s health and happiness.  

Likewise, the wife of comedian-actor has also worked with the ‘My Stuff Bags Foundation’ and ‘American Refugee foundation’.  

She loves Travel and Photography

Kenan and wife christina on vacation

According to Christina Evangeline website, apart from her work life and charities she is passionate about traveling especially with her family. Like many other travelers she is likes to take pictures which we can also see on her Instagram.

Among many destinations, few remain closer to her heart. She loves to travel to Nova Scotia as this is the place her family comes from. She also enjoys the thrill and excitement of Disney World where she spends time with her two kids. Apart from these two places, she’s overwhelmed with Italy’s scenic beauty and diverse culture.

Christina’s Net Worth

Christina Evangeline has worked in the entertainment industry in a few projects. She is an interior designer and also runs her own foundation ‘Evermore.’ Further more she is associated with various charitable foundations. Although we couldn’t find her actual income, she probably makes a good amount from her designs. Meanwhile, her star husband has net worth $11 million as per Celebrity Net Worth

Kenan Thompson’s Short Bio 

Kenan Stacy Thompson is an American actor and comedian born in May 1978 in Atlanta, the USA. He made his acting debut in the early 1990s. He garnered fame as an original cast member of  Nick’s sketch comedy series ‘All That’. Following this, he starred alongside Ken Mitchel in his own sitcom “Kenan and Kel.’ Thompson is also known for his roles in Good Burger, Fat Albert, and The Mighty Ducks franchise.

Kenan Thompson

His biggest hold to glory came when he was cast at NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live in 2003. He is the longest-tenured cast member in SNL who has been a star for record-breaking 17 seasons. Kenan bagged Primetime Emmy Awards for his work in SNL. 

His noteworthy works include movies and Tv shows like The Steve Harvey Show, The Amanda Show, Sister Sister, The Parkers,  Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Barbershop 2, Snakes on a Plane, Going in Style, and many others. 

Here is a Kenan Thompson with his gorgeous award.

He absolutely deserved it. What a legend!

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