Christina Arquette: What We Know About Wife of the Scream Star David Arquette

Christina McLarty

As her Instagram handle rightly suggests, Christina McLarty, or as of now, Christina Arquette is an Emmy Award-winning news reporter turned producer. As a correspondent, she has worked with many A-listed celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Hilary Clinton, Robin Williams, Will Arnett, Oprah, and many more on the list.

However, her success has been overshadowed by her multi-talented husband David Arquette. The duo has two kids together Charlie and Augustus along with Coco; David’s daughter with Courteney Cox.

While David Arquette is a household name in Hollywood, Christine McLarty Arquette has also enjoyed her share of the media limelight through her celeb interviews as well as production. Nevertheless, there’s still much to dig into her life.



  1. How old is Christina McLarty Arquette?

    41 years old

  2. Is David Arquette Married?

    Yes, he is married to Christina McLarty since 2014.

  3. What is McLarty’s Net Worth?

    Her net worth is under review. Meanwhile, her husband David has an estimated net worth of $30 million according to

  4. What is Christina McLarty known for?

    She is an award-winning reporter turned producer. Apart from that, she is mostly known as the wife of David Arquette.

Christina Is the First Girl Child in Five Generations in her Family

Actress and Journalist McLarty was born Christina West McLarty in the city of Hope in Arkansas, USA. Born on 25th April 1981, McLarty was the first girl child in five generations in her family. She must have been everyone’s favorite in her family. At the time of pregnancy, her mother presumed the baby would be a boy and thought the name, Christopher. However, Christina was born out of the blue making everyone overjoyed.

Christina is an Ardent Dog Lover and Figure Skater

Christina with her pet dog

Christina has always been a big dog lover from her childhood. She constantly shares pictures of her dog on Twitter and Instagram. She also talks about how it feels to have a dog as a pet in many interviews.

As for education, it is said that she attended New York University. She graduated with a degree in Journalism from the University. During her tenure at the college, McLarty participated in many ice skating programs as she was a figure skater while in college.

Christina is a Journalist, Actress and a Producer

Before landing into the mainstream media, Christina Arquette had already been working at smaller companies. She started her career as a journalist in 2004. Earlier, she worked as an intern for Hilary Clinton in the press department. She ended up learning a lot from the internship program. Her major breakthrough came when she interviewed Hilary Clinton while working as a news reporter in Little Rock Arkansas. Later, she worked as a general reporter for the ACB affiliate.

In a pang of hunger to step ahead in her career journey, she started looking for various jobs. Her search ended when she landed a job as a host at the KTVT/Channel 11. Subsequently, she became the executive producer and host of the show ‘Buzzed Into DFW”. The show aired on KTXA/Channel 22, a sister station to KTVT. Christina was associated with the channel from 2004 to 2006.

christina mclarty

After this, she moved to Los Angeles and started working for KCBS and KCAL. In recent days, she has been working for Entertainment Tonight, and OMG! Insider. She had the opportunity to take an interview with many A-listed celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Will Arnett, Arsenio Halls, Oprah, Robin Williams, Chrissy Teigen, Robert De Niro, and Tyra Banks. She often shares the pictures she has taken while interviewing in her social media pages for her fans.

Apart from her stint in reporting, she has also tried her hands on acting and production. She has been featured as herself in various TV series including some blockbuster ones like “Two Broke Girls.” In 2005, she appeared in the TV series ‘Gimme the Mike’. Later, in 2011, she starred in the series “The Young and the Restless.” Her resume also includes series like Home & Family and My Kitchen Rules. However, she is less likely to be remembered for her acting skills.

Currently, Christina McLarty is enjoying working as a producer. Her bio section of Instagram describes her as “News Reporter turned Producer.” She is keen on developing documentaries related to puppets, robots, and wrestling. She has produced documentaries like Survivor’s Guide to Prison released in 2018 and Valerie launched in 2019. Most of her production works are in partnership with her husband, David Arquette. For her work with ‘Survivor’s Guide to Prison’, Christina was honored with a Social Justice Award at a gala celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday.

Her next project was the movie ’12 Hour Shift’ which was released in 2020. The story of the dark horror comedy outlines a group of nurses stealing organs and selling them illegally. This was her first movie working with her husband David Arquette. The same year, Christina produced and starred in the documentary movie ‘You cannot kill David Arquette’ which focused on her husband attempting to return to the sport that held back his promising Hollywood career.

In 2021, Christina was involved in three projects as a producer; ‘The First Step’, ‘Ghost of the Ozarks’ and ‘High Heel’. In 2022, She was the executive producer for four episodes of the TV series ‘They Call Me Magic’ that focused on the life of former professional basketball player Earvin Johnson better known as Magic Johnson. The same year she also produced the documentary ‘God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines’ and short film ‘Sea Gypsies: The Plutonium Dome’. 

Her Relationship Revelation with David on Howard Stern’s Show

Howard Stern’s show looks like a perfect show for David’s announcements. In 2011, David confirmed that he was dating McLarty when he appeared on Howard Stern’s show. After being thrown a barrage of questions by the stern about relationship status, David finally gave in.

Christina McLarty and David Arquette

Before revealing Christina’s name, he outsmarted Stern through his quick-witted reply saying Barbara Walters was his girlfriend. However, later he caved and told them that the woman she was dating was non-other than Christina McLarty. Christina at that time was working as a reporter and was primarily known for her relationship with Joe Francis.

Christina McLarty and David Arquette’s courtship first started in the year 2011. At that time, David had just parted his way from his ex-wife Courteney Cox. The duo met for the first time at a boat party. Rumors sparkled when the couple was photographed together in July 2011 at the Camp Play event.

Christina McLarty and David Arquette Exchanged the Vows in 2015

The romance between the couple was growing deeper day by day. They were head over heels in each other’s love. But, their relationship went through a rough time suddenly and they broke up in 2012. Fortunately, they again rekindled their love. After getting back together, the entertainment host became pregnant with their first child Charlie West Arquette. They welcomed their son on 28th April 2014.

Christina Mclarty and David's wedding

Soon after his birth, David proposed to Christina at a hotel in Malibu with a black diamond ring. To no surprise, she said yes and the couple got engaged.

The following year Christina and David got hitched on April 12 in an intimate wedding ceremony. The ceremony was held in Los Angeles. The duo got married in front of a few close family members and friends including their first child Charlie and Coco, David’s daughter from his previous relationship.

christina mclarty Arquette with her kids and husband

Christina is a Mother of Two: Charlie and Augustus

After a couple of years of tying the knot, they extended their family of four to five. They welcomed their second child Augustus Alexis ‘Gus’ Arquette on March 8, 2017. They named their second son after David’s sister Alexis who passed away six months before Augustus’s birth. As per David, he is keeping her spirit alive through this step. He told Page Six:

“My family is happy to have Alexis’s legacy live on. We are keeping her spirit alive. It hurts to talk about her sometimes because I miss her. But this is bigger than both of us, and I still think she is around- I sense her sometimes.”

Christina is often spotted spending time with her family on a night out and red carpet. David is a great husband and a doting father. As per McLarty:

‘The great thing about David is that he was a dad before I was ever a mom, so he really gave me a lot of good advice along the way. “

Previously, Christina was in a civil domestic partnership with Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis in Punta Mita, Mexico in 2010. However, their union didn’t last long and they parted their ways.

Her Husband David Arquette Works in Multiple Field

David Arquette is an American writer, producer, director, actor, fashion designer, and screenwriter. The versatile personality David was born in a well-known Arquette family on September 8, 1971.  He started his acting career in the mid-1990s and appeared in TV shows like ‘The Outsiders and ‘Parenthood’.  

He then made his big-screen debut in the 1992 movie ‘Where the Day Takes You”. David portrayed the role of a gay prostitute, Rob, in the movie. Though the movie received positive reviews, the movie failed to create waves at the box office. Before giving his big hit, he starred in movies and series like Halfway House, Cruel Doubt, Airheads, Johns, Beverly Hills, and Blossom.

christina McLarty's husbanddavid arquette

The movie that dragged him into the international limelight collecting fame and popularity was the American horror movie ‘Scream’ released in 1996. His incredible performance in the movie hogged him glory and reprised him a role in the Scream franchise- Scream 2, Scream 3, and Scream 4. All of the series grossed more than $604 million at the box office worldwide. Arquette won many awards for the same movie including ‘Favorite Actor-Horror’ and ‘Film-Choice Chemistry’.

Following his success, he starred in many movies like Ready to Rumble, See Spot Run, Happy Face Killer, Saving Flora, Amanda, and Jack Go, etc. Besides being an actor, David is also noted as a wrestler who had participated in the World Championship Wrestling.

David Arquette with ex courtney cox
David Arquette and Courtney Cox

Previously, David was married to actress Courtney Cox. The duo married on June 12, 1999. However, their union couldn’t last forever and they ended their decade-long relationship on May 28, 2013. They share a daughter Coco Riley Arquette from their doomed marriage. Arquette also co-owned a production company ‘Coquette Productions’. The company has produced TV series and movies like Mix it Up, Talk Show Diaries, Daisy Does America, Dirt, Celebrity Name Game, Tripper, Just before I Go, and Bigger than the Sky.

Christina believes in giving back to the community

Both Christina and her husband David are big believers of giving back to their community as much as possible. For years they have been involved in different charities and non-profit organizations. Christina has worked with organizations like ‘On Our Sleeves’ that caters around children’s mental health, also encouraging people to help with children battling cancer in association with St. Jude hospital and many more. Alongside her husband David, Christina hosted a charity event for an organization centered around bringing joy using clowns. David even appeared wearing a clown outfit and immersed himself completely on the act for the benefit of the organization.

Christina McLarty’s Net Worth

Christina McLarty has worked as a TV correspondent for many years in the industry. She must have been paid a decent amount for her contribution. As of now, she has moved into producing documentaries and movies with her husband David Arquette. Her profession must have earned her a fair amount to live a lavishing lifestyle.

However, the exact net worth in figures is not known. There’s no doubt she must be playing in millions. On the other hand, her husband David has an estimated net earning worth $25 million as of 2020.

McLarty Shares About her Whereabouts on her Social Media

Being a media person, Christina McLarty loves being on social media platforms. She is available on social media like Twitter and Instagram. She is available on Instagram with the handle at @christinaarquette. McLarty has 42.7k followers on her official Instagram account.

Arquette continuously shares photos of her day-to-day life in her feed. Moreover, she constantly updates her husband on David’s journey back to the world of wrestling.

We wish him all the best for his fight to the top!

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