Christopher Cody Cyrus: Wiki & Biography of the Unknown Brother of Miley Cyrus


While one lives in $5.8 million Mansion in Franklin Tennessee, the other half resides in a rented apartment.

Christopher Cody Cyrus also was known as Cody Cyrus is the brother of the popular pop star herself, Miley Cyrus.

Although he belongs to the Cyrus family tree, he doesn’t share the same limelight as the other Cyrus members like Billy Ray Cyrus, Tish Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, and Hannah Montana herself. It would be harsh to say but he is mostly known for his ties with Miley and The Cyrus family.

While Miley made $200 million in 2017, Cody struggles to put food on the table with his $7.5 per hour work in an electronic shop.

Early Life and Education

Christopher Cyrus originally Christopher Cody Cyrus was born on April 8, 1992, to Billy Ray Cyrus and Kristin Luckey.

After Billy’s divorce with Cindy Smith, he dated Kristin Luckey for few months. She was a waitress at South Carolina at that time and got pregnant with Billy’s child whom we now know as Christopher Cyrus.


Christopher’s father Billy is a famous musician turned actor most commonly known for his role on Hannah Montana alongside his daughter Miley Cyrus.

Billy and Kristin only dated for a brief period. So during the time of birth, Billy wasn’t there as a physical support. Although Billy gave monetary support, he was never there for his child. He was grown by a single mother. You can expect the hardship he had to face during his childhood.

Growing up in South Carolina, Christopher attended ‘Myrtle Beach Intermediate School’ and ‘Forestbrook Middle High School for his early education. He then went to pursue Law at the University of Texas.

Career and Personal Life of Christopher Cody Cyrus

Details of Christopher’s graduation hasn’t been revealed. So we don’t know if he is the Alumni of the University of Texas or a dropout.

So he has to do works beyond his profession to put food on the table. It was published in a column that he used to work at an electronic store earning a $7.5 per hour paycheck.


While Miley has access to the latest automobiles, her other half had to use his mother’s car as the mode of transportation to work.

He also revealed that he had to work extra hours to earn more.

It’s astonishing to see how there are vast differences in the success category among the same bloodline.

Christopher Cody’s Relationship With Miley Cyrus

Although Chris is often left out and regarded as an outcast in the Cyrus Family, he doesn’t hold any grudge against Miley or the family. In few statements, he did mention the disappointment of being left out from the family in the Miley Cyrus reality show.

Nevertheless, he is happy to be linked with the Cyrus family.


In an Interview, Cody told how he was able to meet his sister in November 2007 during Miley’s concert in Fort Worth, Texas.

“I met her in a private bus. She doesn’t play the superstar in private. She’s a normal teenager having fun and she can laugh at herself. She’s the same now as she was before all this fame. She’s still my goofy sister”, told Cody recalling his visit with his sister.

Although he has met Miley for just five months, he is a great admirer of Miley’s work. And considers himself as one of her’s big fan.

Christopher Cyrus Family Life & Siblings

Okay, so the family line of Christopher is a kind of sinuous. Altogether he has two brothers and three sisters all related to his father and ex-wife Leticia Tish Jean Cyrus. However, since Billy and Tish are no longer together, we can say that Cody only has three siblings.  


William Ray Cyrus aka Billy Ray Cyrus is an American songwriter turned actor notably known for his number one single of 1992 “Achy Breaky Heart.” He also played the role of Hannah Montana’s father in the commercially successful Disney Entertainment TV show, Hannah Montana. Miley herself played for the role of Montana.

Billy was married to Cindy Smith from 1986 to 1991. The couple doesn’t have any children between them. He then had a brief relationship with Kristin Luckey in 1991 who we know as the mother of Cody Cyrus. Later he started dating Tish and married her in 1993. In 2013, the duo filed for divorce stating the reason as in irreconcilable differences.


Miley is the first child of Tish and Billy. She was born just after the 8 months of Christopher Cody Cyrus birth. So Cody Cyrus is the big brother of Miley. Miley also has a little sister Noah Cyrus (born in 2000) who similar to her big sister pursued a career in acting and singing. In 2016, she released her first album Make Me Cry.

Tish and Billy together have a son named as Braison Cyrus. Born just a year later from Miley Cyrus, Braison doesn’t share the same fame as his two sisters. Although he was said to be featured in 2015 project heels, the validation of the information is still in doubt.

Although he comes from the same bloodline of artists, Billy keeps himself distant from his first son. Once Chris texted his father,”Merry Christmas.” And only after few months, he received the text saying, where he disappeared? To which he replied, I’m not the one who disappeared, it’s you. This certainly tells the cold relationCody shares with his father. Perhaps, this is why he isn’t sharing the screens like his siblings.

So, there is it. Everything we possibly know about the mysterious brother of Miley Cyrus. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.


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