Where is Christopher Cody Today: Everything About Billy Ray Cyrus’ Lost Son

Christopher cody cyrus son of billy ray and brother of miley cyrus

“Billy Ray Cyrus” got quite a stick from the OG’s for his take on the song, ‘Old Town Road,’ but there is no denying that he is one of the groundbreaking artists of his generation. And, the blood of talent seems to run inside the veins of every member of the Cyrus clan.

Billy’s youngest daughter, Noah Cyrus is making inroads in the music industry whereas his other daughter Miley has been smashing hits after hits for years. And, the other kids of Cyrus are no slouch either. Trace and Brandi both are accomplished artists in their fields. However, there is one kid that slips out of the public radar, and that’s Christopher Cody aka Christopher Cody Cyrus.

The University of Texas alumni keep their distance from the Cyrus family. In 2009, he recalled not having bad terms with his father or his other family members but didn’t have any exciting moments to talk about either.

While Miley lives in a $5.8 million Mansion in Franklin Tennessee, Christopher lives quietly in a rented apartment in Austin, Texas. So what is the lost child of Billy Ray Cyrus up to these days? Let’s find out.


Christopher Cody was Probably a Result of a Fling

Christopher Cody Cyrus with his wife and mother

While we have nothing but utter respect for Christopher and his mom, Kristin Luckey, we can’t shy away from the fact that Chris was probably never meant to happen for Billy. In 1991, the country singer was just moving on from his divorce with “Cindy Cyrus.” And he needed a shoulder to lean on. Luckey who worked as a waitress in South Carolina at that time was there for him at his vulnerable times. They dated for a few months before splitting away.

In 1992, when Billy’s new track “Achy Breaky Heart” was flying off the charts, Luckey dropped a bomb about her pregnancy. What makes things more complicated was the pregnancy news of Billy’s then-girlfriend at the time, Trish Finley.

Christopher Cody Cyrus was born on April 8, 1992. And, eight months later on November 23, Miley stepped into the world.

Christopher Cody is a Litigation Associate

Christopher Cody son of Billy ray Cyrus

Almost everyone in the Cyrus family is at the pinnacle of their career achieving success like their father. Chris on the other hand is garnering success in the field of academia.

He is the 2017 Alumni of the University of Texas School of Law. According to his LinkedIn profile, he recently started working as a Litigation Associate at Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell LLP. Before moving to Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell LLP, he worked at Baker Botts L.L.P from Sept 2019 to April 2021. Starting in August 2021, he joined Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody as a Litigation Associate. Prior to that, he was working as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable Marina Garcia Marmolejo of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas.

Growing up in South Carolina, Christopher attended ‘Myrtle Beach Intermediate School,’ ‘Forest Brook Middle High School,’ and Keller High School.’ He then went to the University of Texas to pursue a Bachelor of Arts. In 2017, he completed his Juris Doctor (J.D) from the University of Texas Law School.

Chris is also all about giving to the community. In 2018-19, a campaign was launched by the University of Texas to help top-tier students with funds so that they don’t sink into debt. Christopher Cody was one of the Alumni of the 2017 grads to offer his assistance. The guy is pretty decent for a Cyrus!

Also, IMDB claims that a guy named Christopher Cody had worked as a composer for a Spanish drama ‘Emociones.’ But we can’t tell if he is the same Christopher or a different person with the same name.

Christopher Cody’s Relationship with Miley Cyrus

Although Chris is often left out and regarded as an outcast in the Cyrus Family, he doesn’t hold any grudge against Miley or the family. In a few statements, he did mention the disappointment of being left out of the family in the Miley Cyrus reality show.

“That kind of sucked,” he recalled.

Christopher Cody attending Miley's Concert

In an Interview with Mirror, Cody told how he was able to meet his sister in November 2007 during Miley’s concert in Fort Worth, Texas.

“I met her in a private bus. She doesn’t play the superstar in private. She’s a normal teenager having fun and she can laugh at herself. She’s the same now as she was before all this fame.

She’s still my goofy sister”, Cody noted recalling his visit with his sister.

Although he has met Miley for just five months, he is a great admirer of Miley’s work. And considers himself one of her big fans.

He is Married to His College Sweetheart

Billy ray cyrus son christopher cyrus with her high school sweetheart

Although Billy has estranged him from the happiness he deserves, that hasn’t stopped Chris from finding the love of his life. He is married to his high school sweetheart.

Christopher Cody roaming with wife and daughters

In his Facebook profile, he consistently shares pictures of his wife. He even has his wife’s picture on his Facebook cover. Isn’t it just sweet?

Christopher Once Worked in an Electronic Store

Let’s be honest. Billy Ray Cyrus’ contribution to Christopher’s life has only been his last name. While Billy was nurturing his daughter Miley’s career, he completely overlooked Cody.

In the interview with Mirror, he recalled how he had to do work beyond his profession to put food on the table.

“I work at a store for $7.50 (£5.50) an hour. Sometimes I’ll get five hours a week, other weeks I’ll do 20. I take what I can get,” said Christopher recalling the moment.

While Miley had access to the latest automobiles, her brother had to use his mother’s car as the mode of transportation to school and work. It’s astonishing to see how there are vast differences in the success category among the same bloodline.

Christopher is a Mere Ghost to the Big Cyrus family

Most of Billy’s kids are in the music industry. And, Billy has a major role in developing their career. However, when it comes to Christopher, Billy has completely shut himself down.

While reading the series of conversations he had with his father in 2008’s Christmas which had Chris texting, “Merry Christmas.” He then got the reply a few weeks later which was “Hey bud, where have you been? You disappeared on us.”

To which Christopher replied, ‘I disappeared? You disappeared. I tried to get a hold of you.’

In 2017s Miley Cyrus Carpool Karaoke, the entire Cyrus Army joined the pool starting from Billy Ray and Miley chatting and driving around. Soon the car was filled with Cyrus’ family members as the two brothers Trace and Braison finally entered the frame.

In the Carpool, they said, our entire family is here. But Christopher Cody was nowhere to be found. It’s hard to be in Christopher’s shoes being mistreated by his own deadbeat father. Likewise, in an exclusive interview, Cyrus revealed that he is on good terms with Miley and Billey but doesn’t have a relationship with them.

Christopher Cyrus Estranged Family & Siblings

Okay, so the family line of Christopher is a kind of sinuous. He has two brothers and three sisters all related to his father and ex-wife Leticia Tish Jean Cyrus.


William Ray Cyrus aka Billy Ray Cyrus is an American songwriter turned actor notably known for his number one single of 1992 “Achy Breaky Heart.” He also played the role of Hannah Montana’s father in the commercially successful Disney Entertainment TV show, Hannah Montana. Miley herself played the role of Montana.

Billy was married to Cindy Smith from 1986 to 1991. The couple don’t have any children between them. He then had a brief relationship with Kristin Luckey in 1991 who we know as the mother of Cody Cyrus. Later he started dating Trish and married her in 1993.


Miley is the first child of Tish and Billy. She was born just after the 8 months of Christopher Cody Cyrus’ birth. So Cody Cyrus is the big brother of Miley. Miley also has a little sister Noah Cyrus (born in 2000) who similar to her big sister pursued a career in acting and singing. In 2016, she released her first album Make Me Cry.

Tish and Billy together have a son named Braison Cyrus. Born just a year later from Miley Cyrus, Braison doesn’t share the same fame as his two sisters. Although he was said to be featured in the 2015 project Heels, the validation of the information is still in doubt.

Why Billy Ray Cyrus Never Acknowledged Cody as His Child?

We as fans try to portray our idol as someone ‘Holier than thou.’ But in reality, their feet are sunk deep inside mud filled with scandals. And Billy Cyrus was no different!

After his divorce from Cindy Smith in 1991, he went for a streak of flings. That’s when he met Chris’s mother Kristin Luckey who was working as a waitress at a local pub in South Carolina. They went out for a while but in the most bizarre “Billy Ray Cyrus” fashion dumped her since he was still dating Tish Cyrus. And eight months before Miley was born, Chris was already there! But Billy on the other hand couldn’t give a toss about his firstborn.

Talking to Mirror Lucky revealed how Billy had always kept his distance from Christopher.

“Chris reached out to have a relationship but it’s been months since they engaged,” Kristin recalled about Chris interaction with his father. ‘Chris is a great kid and he handles it very, very well. He tried to keep a lot inside but I know when he’s hurting and really getting to him.” She added, “No one acknowledges his birthday or even Christmas for him.

Maybe Billy didn’t care about him because he was born out of wedlock and he never wanted him in the first place. The other theory is he simply isn’t a good father. When Miley was making her transition from the sweet ‘Disney Kid’ to a flamboyant teenager, numerous scandals circulated. There was a time when she gave a lap dance to a 44-year-old man. She was just 16 at the time. Then there was the infamous pole dance performed for the song ‘Party in the USA.’ Many argued that Billy and Tish were letting Miley go out of hand and should know better!

Billy usually dismissed the talks by saying he was being the cool dad. But he did confess in Good Morning America that he could have been a better dad. Cyrus also told Robert that he could have done things differently.

In 2013, when the divorce rumour was at its peak, Miley sent a cryptic tweet to his father asking him to respond to her messages.

‘Since your texts and email obviously aren’t working would you like to talk like this?’ she tweeted.

She further went on to say “Since you won’t reply to my texts I’m giving you an hour to tell the truth or I’ll tell it for you.” This time the ultimatum was given by adding her photo along with Dylis Croman. The tweet was later deleted for obvious reasons.

Tweet from miley giving ultimatum to billy ray cyrus

She later tweeted by saying “Wtf? My Twitter was just actin’ all types of cray!” 

Yeah, right Miley, we know it was all Twitter’s fault. And you had nothing to do with it.

Billy seems to master the art of ghosting his own kids let alone someone whom he doesn’t care about. So, it’s no surprise that he forgot he even had a child in Christopher Cody. Well, at least he gave him his last name. So kudos for that BIlly!

Chris is doing very well for someone without a father. He seems happy with his family and kids living in Denver, Colorado. We just hoped Christopher had got the attention he deserved. Although he probably was backed by his father financially, Billy was never there when he needed him. We wish Chris gets the best out of his career and stay the kind guy he already is.

26 thoughts on “Where is Christopher Cody Today: Everything About Billy Ray Cyrus’ Lost Son

    1. No there is none, Billy Ray left Kristin luckey before she even realized she was pregnant (they were literally just a fling for the summer ‘91), The only reason she knew was the timing of who she was with and when.

      1. Did you know most children are born from Flings which means is not intentional but once it happens you’re supposed to accept your responsibilities so it doesn’t matter if it was one night or two weekends it’s his child and he should have done more for his son. This type of behavior is disgusting no matter who the man is no matter what his color is no matter how much money he has

        1. I agree with you totally. But in hindsight, Chris seems to have grown into a fine, responsible young man. Had he been brought into the Cyrus Circus, he’d be swinging from the rafters, entrenched in scandal and stoned out of his mind by now. I think, sadly but fortunately, he dodged a bullet; his mother raised him very well, it seems.

  1. How’s it going Chris? I hope you achieve everything you were going for. I no longer live in Texas but am happy. From the person who sat across from you in college TWU * Lucky. * I remember you telling me that my first name was your mom’s last name. Shoot for the stars and you will find your rainbow. Good luck buddy. Lucky

      1. The prior comment included TWO wishes, dummie. Shoot for the stars and get the moon is about settling for less. Shoot for the stars = go for your greatest dream. Find your rainbow = hoping you find happiness at the end. I hope Cody does both. He’s certainly a hard working, good looking and down-to-Earth family man and well-raised by his mom. And it is clear to me from other info I’ve read that his mother wasn’t just a fling. Like a lot of men, when his GF got too pregnant, Billy Ray looked for another vagina to crawl into. Tish, a flashy go-getter, got pregnant asap and trapped him into marriage. Not that he was much of a catch as he probably cheated on her throughout the marriage.

  2. wow i never would have new shame on billy rae for not being there for 1 two keeping him out of the group an making him feel less what he should feel i give credit to destiny hope aka miley she deserves much more than fans she deserves love care and support she has been through a lot

  3. This is absolutely heartbreaking to read!

    Billy if you read this, it’s never too late to establish a relationship with your first born. You are blessed to have such a son as Christopher, he is deserving and you are too, to be in each others lives.

    Christopher you have a beautiful spirit, you are deserving of many good things in this life! Have courage and know your story isn’t done; that you have great purpose!
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. No respect for Billy Ray Cyrus for leaving his son out of his family. It was his responsibility to make sure his son Chris felt loved and wanted as much as his other kids. Instead his adopted kids get more live then he did. Shame on him for hurting his son. You go the extra million miles if you have to for your child.

  5. Billy Ray I can’t believe you did this to your son I’m quite sure your wife was very happy that you did not have anything to do with him Molly needs a good spanking and brought down from where she bouncing off the walls

  6. Cyrus, you are a disgrace! How could you ignore that precious boy? He’s the only child you have that has any decency. Your other s are pure trash! Cody is educated and a credit to your kids. He is smart, handsome, and appears to be a good man. He does look like you, before you became so trashy looking and dirty!

  7. Billy Ray had room in his heart to make both Brandi and Trace his children in every sense of the word, even though neither is biologically related to him. So, he SHOULD have room in his heart for undeniably HIS first born child Christopher Cody!
    He should be mighty ashamed of himself for not maintaining a healthy relationship with this young man.

  8. Yes it’s a shame that Billy Ray and Christopher have an estranged relationship, and I am glad that Christopher as done so well for himself, indeed he is a remarkable young man, and I wish him the best of luck. On the flip side I think Billy Ray is also a remarkable man, he is a man that made his music and took it to the top with most of the music industry and world hating him and trying to pull him down, trying to keep him from reaching success.
    Yes he probably could have been a better father to Christopher, but I think all of us could be better parents.
    A lot of the remarks about Bill Ray are a way to harsh, I think probably Christopher would even agree.
    Best of luck to Christopher and praying they will reconnect.

    1. how tf is billy ray a remarkable man?? having one song 30 years ago doesn’t make him remarkable. he ABANDONED his child.

  9. Miley seems to be the only one that reached out to Chris. I heard she paid for some of his law school tuition. Chris tried to reach out to Billy Ray to no avail. Not surprising. It’s rather pathetic. He should be ashamed of himself. I have 0 respect for him. He needs to get off the marajuana pipe and start facing his responsibility as a parent.

  10. Billy Ray Cyrus seems a mess. He had no room for his son, yet adopted the groupie, aka, Tish the Dish’s 2 children aka baggage. Miley literally shows her girl bits all the time & is a mess. Noah is a racist. Their one son Braisin is a nothing. The only good child is Chris, who thankfully wasn’t raised by BRC.

  11. It is very upsetting that Billy refuses to acknowledge his 1st born Christopher and I think less of him for it.

  12. You know I used to like Billy Ray I used to think he was cool for a white boy. And I’ve seen men like him who marries a woman that have so much control over them that they neglect their own biological children and choose her children over his very own blood. I never understood how a man could have so much love for a woman that they simply refuse to have any connection with the outside biological kids I don’t understand how a man can normalize having a child that looks just like him (Son) and neglect him as if he did not exist when they have means $$$$ to support them it is absolutely horrible that you have dead beat celebrity who run all over the country impregnating women when they need a shoulder to cry on. I used to thank Billy Ray Cyrus was a success in his life but he is definitely a failure.. just a thought of him knowing he had a son and didn’t even think enough to buy the boy a car. Poor son he had to use his mother’s car how sorry can you get Billy Ray. I mean he’s not alone Dr Dre has a son that looks identical to him I can’t understand how these men neglect there male children like this when they have the means to make their lives so much better.

  13. Oh I left Bill Clinton out he has a son also by his black sugar mama that looks identical to him that he has neglected.

  14. Christopher Cody seems like an incredibly kind and well-adjusted young man. I wish him nothing but happiness, love, and peace. Hope you are well! Keep your head up king xx.

  15. Billy rae Cyrus
    I used to like you but after knowing you ditch your own bio son your a pos & your family is a mess
    you owe your son & you should give him alot of money ? since you cld not be a good Dad only a donor
    Chris has turned out great
    how you cld turn your back on your 1st born yet adopt your ex wife’s 2 kids ill never know & your divorced now & & you have grandchildren by chris & have you ever reached out or seen them or given him money ???

    no one is perfect including parents but I’ve never turned my back on kids or grandchild
    as for Miley what kind a father were you she has ran wild is Hannah Montana
    16 & giving a lap Dance
    fame & money are Not Everything
    being a good parent & schooling & morals & respect mean much more than fame & money

    but your the one that has to live with all the mess you created
    however you also are the one that can ask for forgiveness & make things right with family including chris & his children & with Fans & with God if your a believer

    shame on you

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