Untold Truth of Damian Gabrielle: Story Behind Olga Kurylenko’s Former Husband

Damian Gabrielle Husband of Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko has created waves at the Hollywood silver screens. She has won the hearts of millions of fans through her acting and her look. Her male fans are crazy about her and dream of winning her heart every second. But, their dream was all shattered when a guy finally put a stamp at Olga’s heart. The lucky guy who won her heart was Damian Gabrielle. Damian is not a celebrity who gets to walk in Hollywood Walk of Fame. Wondering who’s this guy?


Damian’s Early Life Before Meeting Olga

Damian  is a name that can’t be ignored when talking about Olga Kurylenko. Damian’s real identity has been lost in the shadows of Olga’s fame. He is profoundly known as the former husband of the French model and actress. Nevertheless, he has made a separate identity as a mobile phone accessory entrepreneur in America. Talking about his roots, he originally belongs to the United States of America. Gabrielle was raised by his parents in the USA. Olga’s ex must have owned a good educational background that helped him grow as an entrepreneur. As he has kept his personal life away from the media radar, most of the chapters of his life are hidden. So, nothing exact about his prior life is known. In fact, he has bid farewell to the spotlight following his separation with Olga Gabrielle. The mystery guy is still a mystery.

Damian Married Olga Kurylenko After Dating for Few Months

Damian Gabrielle was once married to the Quantum of Solace star Olga Kurylenko. It’s strange how two personalities from different sector met each other and exchanged their hearts. The beginning of their love story isn’t known. They shortly began dating each other within a few periods after knowing each other. After dating for a while, Damian and Olga took the wedding vows in 2006 in a private ceremony. The world was eager to see their favorite actress’s beau but unfortunately, they only got disappointments. The secret couple didn’t share their wedding photos nor any details related to the wedding. They neither attended Red carpets nor any award ceremonies together as a couple. Damian must be very dashing to win the heart of the beautiful actress. His real image hasn’t been leaked yet.

Damian’s marital relationship with Olga didn’t last long. They separated just one year after their secret wedding in 2007.

A Doomed Marriage that didn’t Last Long

It wasn’t a happy ride for Damian and Olga on their courtship journey. Their relationship passed through thunder and storms and ultimately ended with divorce. The couple broke down their marriage in 2007 leaving everyone surprised. After split up, Olga told:

“I don’t like relationships where people are jealous and want to possess you.”

As per Olga, Damian’s insecurity and jealousy for her booming career played the main role behind their separation. The former couple isn’t in talking terms now. There’s no comment from Damian’s side about their failed marriage. But, Olga hasn’t hesitated to comment about her doomed marriage with the entrepreneur. She reveals she has been attracted by Damian’s looks. But later regretted on her decision. She told:

“You can’t judge someone by the way they look because it’s actually totally different. I’m not what you think I am. I am not a person who has a lot of romance in my life. Maybe I look like that, but I’m not a romantic person. Sorry to disappoint you.”

After separation from Olga, some sources claim that Damian has remained single. Nevertheless, you never know what’s happening in his life as he is far from the media radar.

His Ex-Wife Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko is a renowned French model and actress who started her professional life at the age of 13. She started her modeling career from Moscow when she was caught by a model scout. Later on, she was signed by Madison Modeling agency. She has appeared in covers of magazines like Vogue and Elle.  Then, in 2007 she hit the fame as an actress with the movie ‘Hitman’. Afterward, her career took a peak when she portrayed the role of “Camille Montes” in the James Bond movie “Quantum of Solace” in 2008. At present, she has appeared in more than 30 movies and has worked with A-listed actors like Tom Cruise. She has starred in films and television series like The Death of Stalin, Correspondence, Gun Shy, Momentum, Oblivion, The Water Diviner, Just a Breathe Away, 15 minutes of War and many more on the count.

Her acting skills have won her the Saturn Awards in 2009. Likewise, she has also won the BSFC Award in 2012 for the movie “Seven Psychopaths”.

Olga Kurylenko’s Past Affairs

Prior meeting Damian Gabrielle, Olga was in a relationship with a French photographer Cedric Van Mol. The duo said ‘I do’ in 2000 after dating for some time. But, her marriage couldn’t last long and they decided to part away from their ways in 2004. Soon after her divorce, she met Damian Gabriella and fell in love with him. They remained as husband and wife for one year. Unfortunately, her second marriage also ended like her first one. The actress has no regrets about her failed marriages and considers them the end to a story for a happy beginning. In an interview, she shares her thought as:

“I don’t see divorce as a failure. I see it as the end of a story. In a story, everything has an end and a beginning. We were born and we die. In between, I think we try to live as best we can.”

She further added:

“It’s the same with a marriage. Maybe when the story starts, we know it is going to end. Those people who are together when they are 100 years old, even they know it will end.”

Damian Gabrielle ex Olga Kurylenko with Max Benitz
Olga Kurylenko with Max Benitz

Olga involved in a short romantic relationship with her co-actor Danny Huston after Damian. Then after, Olga was in relationship with Max Benitz with whom she had welcomed a son named Alexander-Max Horatio. He was born on October 3, 2015. Currently, she is in romantic relationship with actor Ben Cura.

Damian’s Net Worth: Does his Luxury Make Hole in Our Pockets?

Damian is a mobile phone entrepreneur by profession. From his career, he must have earned sufficient amount to support his living. However, it’s unknown how much he earns from his business deals. His net fortune and annual salary are not known. Meanwhile, his former wife Olga has an inclining career and there’s no doubt she is a millionaire. Currently, Kurylenko’s net worth is $18 million. This amount will definitely double in the future if Olga continues giving hits at the box office.

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