Elaine Mason: Ex-wife and Nurse of Stephen Hawking

Elaine Mason

Who does not know about Stephen Hawking? Probably, everyone knows about this great scientist! Stephen Hawking’s marvelous intelligence has left a mark in the world. One name related to the life of Stephen Hawking is Elaine Mason. Elaine Mason is a nurse who is better recognized as the ex-wife of Stephen Hawking.

But is being the wife of Stephen the only identity that describes Elaine Mason? Here we have tried to uncover every fact related to Elaine. Keep on scrolling to know more about Elaine Mason.

Elaine Mason Early Bio and Career

Elaine maon

Elaine Mason was born on 20th August 1951 in England. She has British nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Mason follows Christianity. Mason is universally recognized as the second wife of the great scientist of the era Stephen Hawking. Elaine is a nurse by profession. She used to serve at local hospitals in England. The information about her parents, family background and education isn’t revealed by her yet.

Elaine Mason started her nursing career at an orphanage in Bangladesh. In  that orphanage, her job was to provide health care services to the children. Furthermore, she has worked for four years in that orphanage.

Elaine is also a Managing Director at Belvedere Mead Limited. She has handled a scale of claims portfolios with values in excess of $500 million. Mason has experience in handling a diverse range of insurance and reinsurance business classes.

Personal Life: Marriage, Divorce, Children

Turning some pages of her personal life, Elaine Mason was married to David Mason and Stephen Hawking. Elaine Mason was married to David Mason, an engineer before she got married to Stephen Hawking. David Mason was the super fan of Stephen Hawking who helped to develop Hawking’s speech synthesizer.

As some sources reveal David Mason has introduced Elaine to Stephen. Furthermore, he also endorsed Elaine for health caretaker of Stephen.

Elaine was one of the nurses of Stephen Hawking who was suffering from motor neuron disease. As Elaine was taking care of Stephen, they fell in love with each other. At that time Hawking was married to his first wife Jane. Their relationship was getting deteriorated and got divorced in 1995. Elaine also left David and her two sons to start a new life with a physicist.

Elaine Mason wedding

The couple’s romance glimmered and the pair got married in 15th September 1995 at the Cambridge Register Office. Soon after getting married to Elaine, Stephen said:

It’s wonderful – I have married the woman I love.

Everything was going well between them and were living happily. However, things didn’t work well and they ended their 11 years of relationship. They got divorced in 2006.

Elaine Mason and Stephen Hawking: Divorce

Elaine Mason divorce

Elaine and Hawking got divorced in 2006 after living together for 11 years. The reasons for their split still remains a secret. It is said that Elaine got a huge amount of money for the settlement of the divorce.

There are allegations made by Lucy, Stephen’s daughter from his first wife that Elaine tortured her dad mentally and physically.However, Elaine denied all the allegations. She was never found guilty by the investigation.

Death of Stephen Hawking: Husband of Elaine Mason

Stephen hawking

Stephen Hawking came to this earth on January 8, 1942, in England. He was differently able and have left a remarkable mark in the world with his findings. Stephen and Elaine Mason  married in 1995 and separated in 2006. Stephen died on 14 March 2018 in Cambridge England. The actual cause of his death is unknown yet. The family made a statement that he died peacefully in his house.

Elaine Mason’s Net Worth

Being a nurse and a managing director, Mason earns huge amount of money from her professional career. However, her salary and net worth haven’t been revealed yet. Her ex-husband has a net worth of $20 million before his death.


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