Meet Gael Anderson: The Wife of Walking Dead Actor Andrew Lincoln

Gael Anderson Wife of Andrew Lincoln

We as fans were absolutely hooked with “Rick Grimes” character as he led a clan and fought the zombies in Walking Dead. From a relatively unknown figure to a living legend of pop culture, the series put Andrew Lincoln at the top of the mountain he could have never imagined. But in 2018, he decided to quit the show that gave him the stardom an actor could only dream of. 

So what compelled him to quit the pop culture sensation that was Walking Dead? Apparently, it was for his family. In an interview with EW, he revealed that he wanted to spend his time with his two kids. As the show took a toll on his personal life, he probably thought that was the right thing to do. Although many fans were enraged to see their hero leave, there was another side of us that wanted him to be the “hero” for his kids as well. 

This also made us wonder about his family life and his wife in particular. Andrew is married to Gael Anderson, daughter of Jethro Tull’s vocalist, Ian Anderson. But how did these two form a relationship that has lasted almost two decades? We will find out everything there is to know in this post. 


Gael was born with a Silver Spoon

Gael Anderson in her childhood with her family

Gael Anderson isn’t your average nobody. Her father, Ian Anderson is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the 60s Rock Band, Jethro Tull. Her father is famously known as ‘The Madman Flautist’ for being one of the best flutists in the world. Her over-the-top spiky hairstyle would tell you more about her father than herself. 

Although her father was the clear bread earner in the house, her mother was no mug as well. Ian married Gael’s mother Shona Learoyd who was once described by Rolling Stones magazine as a ‘beautiful convent-educated daughter of a wealthy wool manufacturer.’ 

Her brother James Duncan mainly works as his father’s agent and co-manager. He has been playing drums since 13 and also worked with Ian in his 2002, “running elbows” US tour. 

It was love at first sight for Andrew

Andrew Lincoln with wife Gael Anderson

When talking to Scotsman, Lincoln revealed how he went head over heels for her wife in just one look. According to Daily Entertainment News, they first met on the set of British Tv series, ‘Teachers.’ He was the lead actor and Gale worked as the director’s PA. Andrew was instantly attracted by Gael’s pretty silhouette and her big beautiful green eyes.

I just saw her silhouette – she had this crazy mullet with spiky hair – she looked like Sonic the Hedgehog. I saw this crazy looking girl with these beautiful green eyes and I just went, “Who the **** is that?” I was spellbound.”

Gael Married the Walking Dead Star in 2006

Gael Anderson Wedding with Andrew

After dating for a while, the couple decided to get married on the 10th of June, 2006. Their marriage was a star-flooded marriage hosting the likes of singer Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow. And the bridesmaid was none other than their daughter Apple Martin. 

Looks like little Martin did spell magic beans as the couple has been married for 14 years. 

When asked about how Andrew decided to settle down, he had something wonderful to say about his wife. 

“I saw someone that I just fell for, it was amazing. You can’t really quantify or explain emotions, the actor said. Ours is a very ordinary love story, I suppose. We met, we spent time together, and then I proposed and we got married and had children. 

Well, there is nothing ordinary about a relationship when you have been happily married for 14 years.

He also credits the success of his relationship to their parents. He believes they are this rare breed as both of their parents are still together. 

She is a Mother of two; Matilda and Arthur 

Gael Anderson with daughter Matilda

Within a year of getting married Gael was already expecting. In 2007 she gave birth to her daughter Matilda. And three years later, Matilda got his small brother in Arthur. 

Andrew adores his two kids. You can see why he gave up on a lifetime project to be with his family.

“I have two young children, and I live in a different country, and they become less portable as they get older. It was that simple. It was time for me to come home,” Lincoln told EW

The family of four is often seen on holidays or in beach surfing. Andrew is a family guy for sure!

Family Comes First For the Couple

Gael Anderson and her husband are devoted family men. Both of them regard their family as their utmost treasure. Even though Lincoln has been in the limelight, he has successfully kept his personal life private. Gael and Andrew have raised their kids out of the limelight so that their childhood can be normalized.

Also, Andrew often avoids questions related to his wife and children in interviews to save the privacy of their life. Well, we must appreciate his effort !!

But, he has always been vocal about how he prioritizes family over everything. In an interview he said:

It’s family first. It makes me more efficient. Work is work time, then I come home- and there is nothing more grounding. you are fawned over and wined and dined in LA, and you come home and have to change the nappy.

Andrew Absolutely Adores his wife, Gael

Well, if we could write a book on how Lincoln feels about his wife, we would hardly run out of words.

Andrew’s heart always skips a beat when he’s talking about his wife. Talking to the Guardian, he credited all his success to his wife, Gael. 

“She’s the reason I’m able to do this mad job. She has built a life in Atlanta while I’m away filming.”

He even went on to say that he doesn’t own any smartphones or apps. And, his source of information is his wife.

‘My wife is my app. She’s magnificent. She’s in the most honourable profession in the world – she’s a full-time mum,’ said Lincoln, talking to the guardian.

Talk about a keeper. Well, Gael sure is one.

Gael had a rather Timid Career in the Entertainment Industry

It will come as a surprise to know that Andrew isn’t the only one involved in the entertainment industry. Having come from a lucrative background, it did make sense that Gael would pursue her career in showbiz. However, unlike her husband, she had a rather disappointing career in the industry. 

A large part of her acting career was in backup roles or cameos. In 1972, she had a rather small role in the TV movie “Gone up North for a While.”She then appeared in the 1975 movie “Landfall” where she played the role of Elizabeth. Although she wasn’t the protagonist, she did better screen time than her previous movie. Subsequently, she made another cameo appearance as a police officer in the 1976 movie, Good Boy. 

She was passively working here and there on a few other projects like on the TV series “Teacher.” Besides acting, she also tried her luck in other departments of showbiz but to no avail. Finally, she has settled down with Andrew and is enjoying her time as a perfect wife and a mother.

Her Husband Andrew is coming back to The Walking Dead Franchise

After leaving the fans devastated following his sudden exit from the show, the fan favorite Rick Grimes is coming back with his own spinoff show. Andrew, who wanted to be an active part of his family and children’s lives, left the show to spend more time with them. However, he later revealed that he has regretted his decision since his kids got sick of him staying home with them all the time. Also, his son had wishfully asked him to not take any projects that were not happening in Georgia, US because he missed the place. 

With all of this, it is quite good news that Andrew will be coming back to the franchise with the spinoff ‘Summit’ that will primarily focus on the characters of Rick Grimes and Michonne. The show is being filmed in New Jersey and is scheduled to be released in 2024.  

The fearless Rick is quite the guy replicating his character in real life as well. We all saw him fight through the army of zombies to keep his wife and son safe. In real life too he is all about his wife and family. And we as fans couldn’t be happier to see our hero with the love of his life in Gael Anderson. Hopefully, the couple could go all the way!

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