Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo: Things To Know About Jessica Chastain’s Husband

Gian Luca Passi De Preposulo bio

For as long as one can remember, publicity is a major part of Hollywood. And what better publicity can be for the film or TV than showcasing the acting leads as a real life flirtatious couple in front of the media. It has been tried and known to garner positive reactions from the public. 

When actress Jessica Chastain and fellow co-star Oscar Isaac stepped on the red carpet of 2021 Venice Film Festival acted as a couple gazing at each other with Isaac even planting a kiss on her inner arm, everyone lost their minds. They created such a buzz that everyone wanted to know if they were the new Hollywood couple; only to find out that both of them are happily married with other people.

While the whole stunt made people curious about the work they were promoting, many were also curious about who Jessica Chastain’s real husband is. You might be surprised to hear this but Chastain is actually married to an Italian nobility, Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo. Let us read more about who he really is.


Gian Luca’s Life Before Jessica Chastain

Gian Luca Passi de preposulo in early days

Gian Luca was born on November 10, 1982, in the noble count family of the Italian city Bergamo. His dad Count Alberto Passi de Preposulo is the owner of the 17th-century family estate, Villa Tiepolo Passi in the northern Italian city of Treviso. Being born in a noble family, Passi’s childhood must have been a dreamy affair every child dreams of. He has a little sister named Gaia Passi who is a lifestyle journalist and a traveler. Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo has attended IULM University of Milan.

Gian is a ‘De Preposulo,’ an Italian Noble Family whose History Dates Back to 973

The Italian born Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo’s family roots came from Bergamo Lombardy in northern Italy. Their history dates back to the year 973. The family settled in Bergamo where they owned Villa Tiepolo Steps. His family inherited the villa in the mid-1800s from nobler Valier family.

Though the Italian government no longer recognizes the Italian aristocracy, the family still uses the title. This makes Gian Luca a Count. According to their family’s website, their last name, which means peace, was obtained in 1307 when the then-count Ottopasso de Preposulo negotiated peace between two fighting groups, the Guelf and Ghibelline in Bergamo.

Career Breakthrough: A Fashion Magnate

Gian Luca is an Italian fashion executive working for the French fashion brand Moncler. Moncler, the clothing company specializes in high-end jackets and sportswear. However, his name was busted into the media when he got married to Jessica Chastain. Upon graduation from IULM University of Milan, he gave a kick start to his career by working at Armani as the Director of Public Relations.

According to Vanity Fair profile published in 2009, he considers Roberto Armani as his idol. He also highlighted that working at Armani he hung out with Armani’s VIP clients including Katie Holmes, Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, and George Clooney. His family makes fortune from their own Prosecco- Prosecco de Villa Tiepolo Passi. Apart from his involvement in the fashion industry, he has co-founded premium Prosecco brand Fiol. Fiol is a partnership between him and his childhood friends Pietro and Giovanni Ciani Bassetti, innovated with the objective of changing the culture surrounded Prosecco and other sparklingly wines, to make it a drink for every occasion. The brand is sold in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Relationship with Jessica Chastain

The Italian Count began dating actress Jessica Chastain back in 2012, who is six years older than him. Chastain is an American actress and a producer who has even bagged the Golden Globe Award as ‘Best Actress’ for the drama Zero Dark Thirty. Jessica Chastain is a private person and nobody knew she was actually dating Gian until 2013. Gian moved to New York City to live closer to his sweetheart. The same year in an exclusive interview, Jessica opened up about her relationship with Gian. In February 2013, the pair made their first public appearance holding each other’s hands at the Women in Film 6th annual Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party held at Fig and Olive in Los Angeles.

Likewise in 2015, Jessica gave a statement about her now-husband in an interview with W magazine. She told:

“He is a gentleman. And that’s very important to me. He is from an old-school Italian family. No one in his family has ever been divorced.’

Gian with wife Jessica at Award ceremony

After dating for five years, the lovebirds finally tied the knot on June 10, 2017, in Gian’s home country Italy. Mr. Count proposed Chastain on Valentine’s Day just some months before exchanging vows. The wedding ceremony was held at the Passi de Preposulo family estate, Villa Tiepolo Passi located in the northern Italian city of Treviso. The ceremony was held at the presence of close family members and few celebrity guests that included Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, Jess Weixler, Edgar Ramirez, Roberta Armani, and the like. The beautiful actress wore a gown designed by Alexander McQueen. Soon after getting married, they went on an adventurous honeymoon trip to Africa.

Start of new Life After Being Married to Jessica

Jessica Chastain never imagined herself walking down the aisle until she fell in love with Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo. In an interview with WSJ. Magazine, she told:

“I never wanted to get married. When I first met my husband, he knew that marriage wasn’t something I was interested in. And then as we got to know each other, the idea of marriage shifted for me. There are some things worth celebrating and he’s worth celebrating.”

The actress reveals she is truly cherishing her married life. She told:

“I actually love being married. I never thought I would, but this is a spectacular human being and I am celebrating that I get to share my life with him.”

Further, she added:

“I just feel so happy and so grateful that I get to spend every day with my husband, so it’s been a wonderful journey.”

Jessica Chastain shares pictures with her husband Gian on her Instagram. They look super happy in their pictures together. The couple became parents to their first baby named Giulietta Passi Chastain on April 4, 2018, via surrogacy.

De Preposulo’s Net Worth

Gian has enjoyed the legacy his family holds, after all, he is a member of one of the wealthiest families in Italy. Besides, Gian serves as the fashion executive on French brand Moncler. He has worked as the Director of Public Relations at the Armani. This has contributed a lot to his net worth. However, his exact net worth is not known as he likes to keep his life very private. Gian’s wife Chastain has a net worth of $20 million. Besides being an actress and producer, Jessica is also a philanthropist. She has donated $2000 for women’s fertility treatment on the occasion of International Women’s Day last year.

Start of new life after marrying

Gian Luca and Jessica with their daughter

In March 2020, Gian Luca and his wife Jessica Chastain were photographed taking a family stroll in Santa Monica, California. While Gian was pushing the stroller carrying their first child, Jessica was seen holding an infant child in her arms. The infant who is revealed to be a baby girl, was the new addition to the family.

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