Who is Hilaria Baldwin: Facts to Know About Actor Alec Baldwin’s Wife

Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin is an American-Spanish dancer turned Yoga instructor who co-owns Yoga Vida, a yoga studio. Apart from this, she is an author and an actress who couldn’t leave a mark in acting. Further, Baldwin has also made her name in the showbiz industry working as a correspondent on the Television show “Extra”.

But, her career journey isn’t the thing that has gained her fame and popularity. It’s her relationship with actor Alec Baldwin that helped her hog the limelight. From their love at first sight to what she is doing now, catch everything we know about Ms Baldwin.


Hilaria Was Interested in Dance Since her Childhood

Hilaria Lynn Thomas aka Hilaria Baldwin was born on 6th January 1984 in Mallorca, Spain. She was born to an American father and a Spanish mother whose identity isn’t known. Baldwin spent the early days of her life in Spain and later moved to Boston, Massachusetts with her family.

As a child, she had an interest in ballet, flamenco, and gymnastics. Her parents admitted her to dance school when she was just two years old. Likewise, by the age of 13, she was already an accomplished dancer and took part in the International Latin Ballroom Dance Competition.

As for her alma maters, Hilaria Baldwin graduated with a degree in art history and dance from New York University.

Hilaria Wears Many Hats: An Actor, Author, Dancer and a Yoga Instructor

Hilaria Baldwin started her career as a professional dancer. However, she had to give up her career as a dancer as she suffered from a broken leg and hip after a bad fall. She had also struggled with anorexia and bulimia which affected her name while working as a professional dancer. At that time she was attending New York University. Talking about the incident, she explained:

‘A long-simmering struggle with anorexia and bulimia began to hold me firmly in its grip, By the time I was 20 years old, my 5 foot 3 frame was at least 20 lbs under a healthy weight. My nails were brittle, my hair was falling out, my period was MIA, and my energy had tanked. I was miserable and desperate to feel better.”

Subsequently, she took yoga classes and pursued her career as a yoga instructor. In 2010, she co-founded Yoga Vida, a yoga studio. The studio offers yoga classes at a reasonable price. Yoga Vida was first established in Union Square and Noho in New York. The venture has now been expanded in Tribeca and Dumbo as well. The fitness and yoga expert has also launched a workout DVD titled ‘@ Home with Hilaria Baldwin: Fit Mommy-to-BE Prenatal Yoga’. 

hilaria baldwin's book

Besides working as a yoga instructor and dancer, Hailie Baldwin has also tried her hands at acting. In 2016, she shared the screen with her husband Alice in the movie Nightcap. Baldwin also appeared on the TV show ‘Extra’ – a program covering fashion and fitness news.

Further, Hailie Baldwin is an author too. She has penned a book titled ‘The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind and Joyful Life.’ The book was launched on December 27, 2016. The book is all about the ways to maintain a balance between mind and body and live a healthy life. In the book, she has discussed her struggle as a dancer with anorexia and bulimia and how she found peace with both food and her body.

Despite her prominence and fame as a yoga guru, it’s her relationship with Alec Baldwin that has made her everyone’s favourite in the industry.

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Met at a Restaurant

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin

Love stories can start anywhere, in any situation irrespective of time and place. The same thing happened in the case of Alec and Hilaria. Hilaria Baldwin met Alec for the first time at the Pure Food and Wine restaurant in Manhattan in February 2011.

Her beauty attracted Alec the first time he saw her. Alec couldn’t resist approaching Hilaria and giving her his card after chatting for a while. Hilaria felt hesitant to call him but ended up calling him when her friends encouraged her to do so. Eventually, things worked and they started dating afterwards.

Hilaria and Alec Had a Star-studded Wedding

After dating for some months, Baldwin moved to Alec’s place and they started living together in Greenwich village. Meanwhile, Alec proposed to Hilaria in April 2012 while they were enjoying a weekend night. Hilaria without any doubt accepted his proposal and the duo got engaged.

Soon after, the duo decided to tie the knot on June 29, 2012. Their wedding ceremony was held at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, in New York. Many celebrities like Woody Allen, Tina Fey, Lorne Michales, Robert Kennedy Jr., and others attended their wedding.

Though it was the first marriage for Hilaria, the case was different for Alec. The actor was previously married to Kim Basinger with whom he has a daughter, Ireland Baldwin.

Hilaria is a Doting Mother to Seven Kids; Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo, Eduardo, Maria, & Ilaria

Hilaria Baldwin with her husband and seven kids

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec were blessed with their first baby Carmen Gabriella Baldwin on August 23, 2013. Likewise, they again embraced parenthood on June 17, 2015, when they gave birth to their second child Rafael Thomas Baldwin. They went on to expand their family and welcomed their third child Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin on September 12, 2016.

She want on enlarging the family and gave birth to their fourth child Romeo in May 2018. Further, Hilaria again announced her fifth pregnancy on her Instagram post in September after she suffered a miscarriage in April. She shared the heartbeat of the unborn with the caption that wrote on Instagram:

‘It is still very early but we have learned that there is a little person inside of me. The sound of this strong heart makes me so happy – especially because of the loss we experienced in the spring. We went to share this news as we are excited and don’t want to hide the pregnancy.”

Hilaria then gave birth to her fifth child Eduardo Pau Lucas on September 8, 2020. Likewise, five months after Lucas was born, Hilaria and Alec welcomed their sixth child Maria Lucia Victoria via surrogacy. Further, the duo surprised everyone when they announced they were expecting their seventh child in March 2022. Six months after the announcement, the couple welcomed their seventh child on 24th September 2022. They named their baby daughter Illaria Catalina Irena Baldwin. Upon her arrival, Hilaria and Alec released a joint statement that said:

How grateful we feel to welcome our newest little daughter into this world. Just as magical and filled with love as every other little person we have been blessed with.

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Renewed Their Wedding Vows

On their fifth anniversary, Hilaria Baldwin and Alec renewed their wedding vows. Her husband Alec Baldwin approached her to renew the vows. Their second wedding was held in July 2017, at Wolfer Estate Winery, Hamptons, New York. The duo stood in the rustic ceremony to reclaim their love in the presence of friends and family members. Hilaria extremely loving her life as a wife and a mother. For her, for a successful marriage, both partners should continuously be working to make their marriage work out. In an interview, she remarked on her wedding:

“Marriage is something you are constantly working on, and it’s wonderful thing to celebrate, which we are doing, and it’s also a wonderful thing to go, ‘Hey, I am still in this, I’m still doing this, and we met a lot of people since then so we have to include them.”

Alec’s success has never overshadowed Hilaria. Moreover, Hilaria stands behind Alec as a rock during the ups and downs of his life.

Baldwin’s Husband Alec Baldwin is a Big Name in Hollywood

Alec Baldwin born Alexander Rae Baldwin is an actor, writer, producer, comedian, and political activist. He started his career in early 1980 with the soap opera “The Doctors”.  However, he gained recognition after he landed a role in the CBS soap opera “Knot’s Landing”. His performance in the drama earned him other ventures including Joe Orton’s Loot. With Loot, he made his Broadway debut in 1986. The following year, he made his big-screen debut with the movie Forever, Lulu.

Hilaria Baldwin with husband Alec Baldwin

His solid portfolio includes movies such as The Marrying Man, The Shadow, The Aviator, The Departed, Beetlejuice, Working Girl, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and many more on the list. Besides, he has also hosted the radio series ‘The New York Philharmonic This Week’. He has also hosted the show ‘Here’s the Thing’ interviewing renowned figures like Michael Douglas and Ed Rollins.  Apart from this, Alec has written a book named ‘Nevertheless: A Memoir’ in 2007. The book was published by HarperCollins Publishers and Blackstone Audio.

Hilaria Was Accused of Faking Her Heritage

In 2020, news of Hilaria faking her Spanish heritage aired all over social media. Many users accused Hilaria of faking her Spanish accent and lashed out at her for faking her identity. As the words of war were on, she released a seven minutes video at her end that said:

I have seen chatter online questioning my identity and culture. This is something I take very seriously, and those who are asking-I’ll reiterate my story as I have done many times before. I was born in Boston and grew up spending time with my family between Massachusetts and Spain. My Parents and sibling live in Spain and I chose to live here in the USA.

Hilaria’s Net Worth in 2023

The dancer-turned-yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin must have earned an enormous amount from her career. However, her annual salary and net earnings are not known to the public yet. It will only be understood if Hilaria herself will reveal it to the public. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt she is a millionaire. On the other hand, Alec’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 65 million.

Million Followers on Instagram and the Trolls Following the Milestone

Hilaria Baldwin followers reaches million in Instagram

Hilaria finally gained 1 million followers on her Instagram account on her 39th birthday. She achieved the milestone when her husband Alec pleaded on his Instagram account to follow her as a 39th birthday gift to her. In the video, he was captured saying:

I would like to ask you a small favour and that is my wife is just, it seems like she’s just centimetres shy of a million followers on Instagram. I would like to ask you, as a birthday gift or even just a gesture to my wife, would you follow her on Instagram?

While she gained millions of followers, her husband Alec faced a backlash in the media. He became the subject of trolling by many. Some social media users even called him ‘shallow’ and left trolling comments on his video begging for followers.

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