Inside the Love Story of Tom Selleck and His Beautiful Wife Jillie Mack

Jillie Mack with husband Tom Selleck

You might have known him as private investigator Thomas Magnum from the hit 80s TV series ‘Magnum, P.I.’ or as Monica’s love interest Richard from ‘Friends’ or might have seen him as a bachelor architect in the hugely successful comedy movie ‘Three Men and A Lady’, there is no denying that actor Tom Selleck is one of the most decorated actors in Hollywood. During his prime days, he was regarded as one of the hottest men in Hollywood by many people.

But despite that, he did have a string of bad lucks when it came to his relationships with women. However, destiny came calling for Selleck in the form of the musical ‘Cats’ where he found his soulmate, Jillie Joan Mack. Now you might be wondering who really is Jillie Mack? Let’s find out more about the beautiful woman who along with Tom Selleck, has one of the strongest marriages in Hollywood.


How Did Jillie Mack Meet Her Husband Tom Selleck?   

Jillie and Tom have spent nearly three decades together by now. But, how did their great love story start? By the time the duo met, Tom was a divorcee who was previously married to model Jacqueline Ray. Tom was in London filming for his movie when the duo got to know each other for the first time in 1983.

Jillie Joan Mack in the musical Cats where she met Tom Selleck for the first time

While in London, his crew members took him to the production of ‘Cats’ and there his heart stuck at one of the kittens. The 25-year-old Jillie was playing the role of Rumpleteazer where Mack won Tom’s attention at first sight. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa, Tom shared a few words about the moment and said:

“I was fascinated by this one kitten on stage. She looked good in a leotard but she had too much personality.”

His frequent visits to watch the musical led him to crack a dinner date with Jillie. The couple eventually hit off and started dating. Mack then finished her contracts with Cats and moved to Hawaii where the actor was shooting for his upcoming movie Magnum P.I. Soon then, Mack and Tom started appearing together everywhere from the award shows to Tom’s Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Becoming the Bride of Tom Selleck: Romantic Saga Turned into Blissful Marriage

Mack and Selleck surprised everyone when they got hitched in a secret wedding in 1987 arranged by Selleck’s brother Bob. The couple said ‘I Do’ in Lake Tahoe, Nevada with they disguised themselves as Tom Jenkins and Suzie Mark on August 7, 1987.

Jillie Mack gets married to Tom Selleck in an intimate ceremony

As reported by People, the minister didn’t know their real identity until the last moment. The duo only revealed their real identities before the recital of the wedding vows. The groom and bride arrived at the venue in casual clothes and changed into their wedding dress in the venue. The pair entered the oaken, Victorian-style chapel, walked down the aisle under a white trellis covered in fresh red roses, and took part in a double-ring ceremony. A source close to People stated:

“They were both nervous like any other couple about to get married. He was very concerned that the service be heartfelt, very concerned for her that the service be meaningful. He is a very warm, caring man.”

Further, the actor only had polaroid photos of the wedding so that photos from the negatives couldn’t be leaked to the press. Their wedding was a low-key affair attended only by their family members. The two now have spent more than three decades together and are still going strong. In an interview with New York Daily News, Tom shared the secret behind his happy marriage. He told:

‘Jillie and I have a pretty good partnership. We don’t do anything or make any decision without consulting each other. And if one of us makes a decision involving Hannah, the other parent completely supports that position, even if you disagree.”

Jillie Had A Balanced Childhood

Jillie Joan Mack was born on 25th December 1957 in Wiltshire, England. Though born into a middle-class family, her family fulfilled all her wishes. As she was interested in dance since her childhood, her parents admitted her to dance classes. Apparently, she also developed an interest in acting.

By the time she completed high school, she participated in many theatrical plays in high school theatrical productions.

Jillie Has Made a Bit of a Name For Herself in the Town as an Actress and Dancer

Jillie always had an interest in acting ever since she came to her senses. She began showcasing her acting talent by participating in theatre plays while she was a college-going girl. She then climbed the ladder of fame with her appearance in the theatre production of ‘Cats‘. The musical witnessed a massive success in London and this is where she met her husband Tom.

After getting into a relationship with Tom, she moved to the United States and began appearing in movies. She has appeared in two episodes of Magnum P.I portraying the role of Sally. Her credits also include the hit series, Frasier. She appeared in one of the episodes of the series titled ‘Police Story’. 

Apart from these, she is also known for the series Silverfox where she played the lead as Joanie alongside actor James Coburn. Mack has also made a few guest appearances in series like ER, Tales from the Darkside and Adventures of Nicholas at Roaring Camp.

Though Jillie couldn’t have a successful career like that of her husband, Tom has always credited Jillie for his success. With Tom’s popularity reaching new heights, Jillie Mack also enjoyed the limelight being the wife of one of the most successful stars in Hollywood.

She is a Mother to Hannah Selleck

Mack and Tom welcomed their first child Hannah Margaret Selleck on December 16, 1988, after one year they got hitched. Jillie’s life took a new turn with the arrival of the baby. Mack along with her daughter and husband moved away from the Hollywood limelight and moved to Ventura County, California on a 65-acre ranch. Jillie thought moving out of the limelight was the best decision for Hannah as they could nurture her in a normal environment. In an interview, Mack said:

We both thought it was the best environment for Hannah to grow up in.

While growing up, Hannah grew up developing an interest in horse riding. She was already riding horses by the age of four years. Later on, she took training at Foxfield Riding School located at Westlake Village, California. Jillie then sent Hannah to Huntover to take horse-riding classes with Mark Bone. After a bit of time, she switched her coach and began training with Karen Healey.

Tom Selleck with his daughter Hannah and wife Jillie Mack

Thanks to the efforts made by Tom and Jillian, Hannah is all grown up and is pursuing a career as an Equestrian. Besides, Jillie is also a stepmother to Kevin Selleck, the son of Tom with his first wife Jacqueline Ray.

Jillie and Tom Both Follow ‘Family Above Everything’ Rule

The couple has set their priorities in life clear. For them, their family holds the top priority in life. Back when Jillie and Tom welcomed their daughter, the duo decided to move to California away from the limelight so that they could live a life away from the spotlight.

To be with his family, Tom even took a back seat in his rising career to spend more time with his wife and baby. In 2012, in an interview with People, he said:

I worked 90 hours a week and did a movie every break. I quit Magnum to have a family. It took a long time to get off the train, but I try very hard to have balance. My first priority is time with my family.

Rumors of Their Separation Raised the Eyebrows of Many

In the world of Hollywood where marriages are a short-lived story, Tom and Jillie have been together for so long. But, at one time rumours of their separateness were being aired around the town. As tabloids reported, Mack and Tom were living separately for the sake of goodness.

As per those reports, Jillie and Tom realized they have very little in common after 32nd years of togetherness. Therefore, the two agreed to give each other some space and Tom moved out for some time and were together back again.

However, fortunately, those rumours turned out to be false. The same was confirmed by the couple’s spokesperson who released a statement that said:

“It is an outright lie on all fonts. All is well with them and the whole family.”

Jillie’s Three Decades of Marriage with Tom Has Become More Satisfying

Jillie Mack and Tom Marks three decades of their marriage

Married in 1987, Jillie and actor Tom are one of the iconic couples in Hollywood. From going on an attending award shows together to supporting a short break in an acting career, they stood by each other’s side through every thick and thin. With each passing year, their relationship has grown deeper and deeper without any doubt.

Like the rest of us, her husband Tom also agrees on the same. In a recent exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, the actor revealed that their marriage has become more satisfying with each passing year. He said:

I don’t think the infatuation stage of any relationship lasts forever, but it can grow into something. It just grows more satisfying. You become true partners.

In March 2021 talking to Closer Weekly, Tom revealed that he always try to do little things for Jillie that makes her happier. He said:

I get up before Jillie and put on the teakettle, so when she gets up, her tea water is hot. I think I’m pretty romantic.

Accusations of Stealing Water For California Ranch

Jillie was on the headlines again after her husband Tom was accused of stealing truckloads of hydrant water for their California ranch. As per the lawsuit filed against them by the Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County, Jillie and Tom were accused of dispatching trucks to their avocado farm at least 12 times since 2013 and 2015.

As per the accusations, despite giving warnings by the Water District in 2015, the duo continued to swipe tank loads from Thousand Oaks to hydrants located in the Selleck Property at Hidden Valley in Westlake Village. In response, Tom claimed that they were legally buying the water from a construction company.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Times reported that two parties reached a settlement and Tom paid $21000 to settle the lawsuit against him. However, the inside details of the settlement deal have been kept private.

Jillie celebrated her 65th birthday among her loved ones

jillie mack posing on her 65th birthday

On the Christmas day of 2022, Tom Selleck’s wife Jillie Mack turned 65. Her family and friends all gathered to celebrate her special day. The family held a small gathering in the couple’s California ranch. The couple’s daughter Hannah posted a series of stories of the family celebrating the occasion right from their breakfast to their trip through the countryside on her Instagram with the caption ‘HBD mama, Love you to moon and back’.  

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