Joel Smollett: Everything We Know About Guardian of the Smollett Family

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Late Smollett, a cable splicer, is the king and the guardian of Smollett family. He is of Jewish descent and migrated from Russia and Poland to America. He married a beautiful African- American woman, Janet Smollett. Joel Smollett is not a well-known personality but rather known through his famous children.

All of his children are renowned American actors, producers, and musicians namely Jussie, Jake, Jazz, Jocqui, Jojo, and Jurnee Smollett.


Smollett Had a Big Family: Five Kids and a Loving Wife

Joel Smollett personal Life

Joel Smollett was born on October 8, 1956. He migrated from Russia and Poland to America. He married Janet Smollett. The couple is blessed with six children. All of his children are successful in their respective careers.

Joel Smollett’s children have left a significant mark in the movie industry. Most of them are young actors/actresses who undeniably have a bright future ahead of them. Joel was a capable father who was likely a contributory factor leading to his children’s achievement.

The father of two daughters and four sons died at the age of 58, on January 7, 2014. He lost his battle with cancer. Currently, his wife Janet lives together with her children. Since the death of her husband, she has been living a single life and there is no news of her affairs with anyone.

Joel‘s Kids are into the Acting Business

Joel Smollett is better known through his famous kids who have pursued their careers in acting, modeling, and in music. All of them are popular for their name and fame in Hollywood. They even love to work together. Smollett kids together starred in 90’s popular ABC series; ‘On Our Own’.

Jojo Smollett

Jojo was born on August 28, 1977, in California, as the first son of Joel and Janet. He has three brothers and two sisters. Jojo is an actor and producer. He is famous for his works in movies like City of Hope (1991), The Practice (1991), and Roseanne (1988). Jojo Smollett has appeared in the show  ‘On Our Own’ with his siblings.

Jazz Smollett  

Jazz Smollett Warwell, born on April 1, 1980, is an actress from Northern California. She is an actor and a producer. In 1.994, Jazz first stepped into the entertainment world with a role in the family sitcom, ‘On Our Own’. Being the eldest sister in her well- known family, she has helped her parents raise her siblings.

Jazz is married to the love of her life, producer Troy Warwell since 2012. The couple has a baby daughter whose all details are kept secret. Jazz and Troy together work in the entertainment world. Jazz often assists her producer husband Mr. Warwell with his movie projects as a co-producer and an actress.

Jussie Smollet

Born on June 21, 1982, Jussie is an actor, photographer, and a singer by profession. He is also known as ‘Justin’. Justin has worked on movies like Empire (2015), The Mighty Ducks (1992), and Allen Covenant (2017). He lost his role model, his dad at the premiere of his movie ‘Empire’. Jussie posted a throwback picture with his dad on his official Instagram profile to confirm news about his deceased father with a caption:

“Yesterday, January 7, 2015, my family lost our king but we gained a righteous angel. Showed us the deepest strength and dignity until your very last breath. You are not just a fighter… You are the CHAMP.

Jurnee Smollett

Joel Smollett Daughter

She is the second daughter and fourth child of Joel and Janet. The American actress also began her career with the comedy show “On Our Own” along with her siblings. Jurnee has been awarded as the ‘Best Younger Performer’ for the movie ‘Choice’ and for outstanding actress in a motion picture in 2008. She started working in the campaigns that help prevent HIV AIDS from the age of 11 years, inspired by a girl named Hydeia Broadbent, a survivor of full flown AIDS back in 1989.

Jake Smollett

Like his five siblings, he is also an American actor. He was born on July 29, 1989. Ja has showcased his acting talent in movies like Eve’s Bayou (1997), The Middleman (2008) and On Our Own (1994). Jake has an enormous fan following in social media. He has 78.3k followers on Instagram, more than 9k followers on Twitter, and more than 5k followers on Facebook.

Jocqui Smollett

Jocqui Smollett, born on August 2, 1993, is the youngest and talented sibling of the Smollett family. He is known for playing the role of ‘Jarreau Jerrico in On Our Own. He came back to the industry with the television show ‘Smollett Eats in 2016’. Jocqui is also a technologist, founder of Hosted Incorporation.

Joel Died Suffering From Cancer

The king and the pillar of the Smollett family died at the age of 58. Joel Smollett lost his battle for life with cancer on January 7, 2015. He was a supporting father and a loving husband. Smollett was an inspiration for his kids. His children keep on remembering him. His daughter Jurnee posted a heartful post on Instagram on the Fathers’ Day with the caption as:

Love You Dad. Keep flying high up there. Till we meet again.. Love your little girl.

He has taught his children to work hard and to help others. His daughter Jurnee Smollett is supporting foundations and charities like Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation, Children Defense Funds, etc. Smollett family has been conducting campaigns for civil rights.

How Rich was Joel?

The late Joel Smollett’s net worth has never been disclosed till date. But, what we can assume that being the father of famous children, he must have collected a decent amount in his life. He is tagged as the struggling father who gave his best to raise his children and make their life better. As of now, his children who are in the media industry are all doing well and are able to increase their paycheck.

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