Julie Yaeger: Bio and Wiki of Paul Rudd’s Wife


I met Julie in the New York City in 1995, after my agent wanted me to have a PR team. She was a publicist at the company we had hired. I arrived late in her office but she took it quite nicely offering me her help to dislodge my belongings. From there we just hit off!

That’s what Paul Rudd said while remembering his first meeting with his wife, the former publicist and mother of two, Julie Yaeger.

Julie Yaeger’s early background, Personal & Family Life

Julie is American by birth and holds a degree in Public relations. As of late, we don’t have prior details about Julie’s early background. Unlike Paul’s parents, Julie’s parents are under the shadow of fame.

The couple is hardly seen with Julie’s parents no matter the occasion. However, Julie does have an unfeigned bond with her mother in law Gloria Rudd. The couple and their two children are often caught by paparazzi hanging out with Gloria and Michael Rudd.

As of now, we know that everything started with Paul’s visiting the PR firm. But there is more to that story.

Paul Rudd Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
HOLLYWOOD, CA – JULY 01: Actor Paul Rudd (L) and his family attend ceremony honoring actor Paul Rudd with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on July 1, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Since Paul was new to NYC, Julie took everything on herself to take care of Paul. From managing his schedule to offering his friend’s house for accommodation, she did everything to make him comfortable.

In an interview with, he mentioned that it was Paul who offered Julie for a lunch. After all, he is also a man. And a man’s weakness can be exploited by a good heart!

After dating for 8 years, the two lovers finally tied the knot on 23rd of February, 2003. Together they have two kids, son, Jack Sullivan (born 2006) and daughter, Darby (born 2010). After getting married to Paul, Julie quit her publicist to focus on her family.

Although Paul and Julie both keep their relationship under the radar, we can clearly see the love and compassion between the duo. Julie hardly misses any movie premiere and is always holding arms with his boo!

Julie Yaeger in Professional Journey

Since she was given the task of managing Paul, you can assume that Julie was in a senior position of her job.

After she moved on from her previous career, she took a new role as a screenwriter. She started her screenwriting career with “Fun Mom Dinner” directed by Alethea Jones. Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t received well by audience or critics. However, the characters were given a good share of praise by the critics.

In a rare interview, Paul also told that his wife gives handy suggestions regarding his screenplays and has a good eye for it. He further went on to say how he was able to make adjustments to his characters just by implementing her proposition.

Besides, working as a screenwriter she made active contributions to blockbuster movies like Men in Black and Mr. Jealousy. Apart from being a screenwriter, she was also an executive producer of a documentary, “The Suite with Dave Karger.” And it features stars like Orlando Bloom and Eva Green.


Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Well, when you are the wife of a popular celebrity, you are bound to have eyes glued to you. Unfortunately, Paul and Julie both keep it quiet when it comes to their personal endeavors.

Julie, as well as Paul, don’t have any social media accounts. And keeps it absolute private and mystery for the fans. Any accounts that you see on Instagram or Twitter at the moment are fan made accounts.

As far as net worth is concerned, few forums suggest that she pulls around $1 million from her multiple gigs. But it’s perhaps nowhere near the $30 million her husband makes annually.

But at least she has a case that unlike many she doesn’t depend on her husband.

Brief background on Julie’s husband Paul Rudd

Born on April 6, 1969, Paul Rudd actually broke the scenes through his role as Josh Lucas in the hit comedy movie, Clueless. However, it was his character as Mike Hannigan in Friends that shed the limelight toward him. And after that, we all fell in love with him, didn’t we?

With all the recognition he had through Friends, he went on to star in a plethora of blockbusters including one of 2015s biggest hit in Ant-Man. Rudd is a big fan of MLB’s Kansas City Royals and NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs.

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The love for the Kansas team probably comes from the time he studied theater in Kansas. He is often seen with his son Jack Sullivan sitting in the front row and cheering his team during the games.


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