Untold Story About Kimberly Anne Scott: Eminem’s Ex-Wife and Probably Love of his life

Kimberly Anne Scott featured biography

Eminem wasn’t just in the headlines for his rap songs. But, also for his volatile relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott also known by many as Kim Mathers. Kim is the former wife of Eminem and mother of four; Hailie, Alaina, Whitney, and Parker. Their love story is no different from a roller coaster of a movie where they got married twice and even got divorced twice. The school sweethearts perhaps didn’t enjoy their love life too long.

Kimberly Anne Scott also known as just Kim Scott is an author and American mercenary illustrator. She has written dozens of children’s books. She isn’t famous for her writing but indeed came in headlines for her turbulent relationship with the controversial rapper- Marshall Bruce Mathers III AKA Eminem. 


FAQ about Kim Scott

  1. How old is Kim now?

    Born on January 9, 1975, Scott is 47 now.

  2. How many kids does Kim have?

    4. Halie (24), Whitney (18), Alaina (27), Parker.

  3. What does Kim do for a living?

    Writer and American mercenary illustrator.

  4. Where is Kimberly Anne Scott now?

    She does have a knack of getting in trouble with law having been arrested in 2001 for drug possession and in 2015 for DUI. However, she seems to have redeemed herself with therapy and now living peacefully in her house in suburbs of Macomb, Detroit.

  5. Is Kim married?

    No. But she did marry and divorced Eminem Twice (1999-2001), (2006-2006)

  6. What is Kimberly’s Net Worth?

    Around $2 million. But it’s believed that most of her money comes from Eminem’s pocket.

Who Exactly is Kimberly Anne Scott?

Kimberly Anna Scott aka Kim Mathers

Born in Warren Michigan, the USA to mother Kathleen Sluck and father Casimir, Scott is primarily known as the ex-wife of the rapper, Eminem. She has also got a twin sister named Dawn Scott who passed away due to a heroin overdose in early 2016. The twin sisters were raised by her mother and step-father.

Growing up, Kim and her twin sister had a disturbing childhood. They had to deal with their alcoholic step-father who even used to assault Kim sexually. As a consequence, she and her sister ran away from the house and started living at a Youth home in 1998. But later on, after meeting with Eminem, they moved to his house.

How did Kim and Eminem Meet?

Kimberly Anne Scott and Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known by stage name as Eminem met each other by utter fate.

In an interview, Debbie, mother of Em recalls Marshall bringing a tall, sulky blonde call to home.

He introduced her as Kim Scott. She said she was fifteen and there was no reason to doubt it. In truth she was so cute and busty, she could have easily passed for seventeen, said Debbie.

However, Kimberly was 13, and Eminem was just 15 years of age at the time of the meeting. The duo came into each other path when Eminem was singing his favorite song “I am Bad” standing half-naked on the table. His swag was able to make an impression on Kimberley who instantly fell in love with him.

Their friendship blossomed at the party and it didn’t take long before Eminem let Kim and her sister stay at his mother’s house. However, they were constantly chased away by Debbie’s boyfriend’s claims Debbie.

Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott’s Rollercoaster Relationship

Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem

The duo started dating in the year 1989 and throughout the 90s. Things were already getting sour between the couple when Kimberly got pregnant when she was living with Eminem’s mother. Despite the on-and-off relationship, they gave birth to their daughter on Christmas 1995. The Christmas baby was named Hailie Jade Mathers.

The following year, the couple parted their ways, and Kimberly with her daughter shifted to a one-bedroom apartment. Whereas, Eminem went back to stay with his mother. Despite staying away for more than two years, the duo revived their romance and later got back together in 1999. They also exchanged vows at St.Joseph Mo the same year they got together.

Kimberly Ann Scott Marriage with Eminem

Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last long and they parted their ways legally in 2001. It’s assumed that the reason behind their separation is the song ‘Kim’ where he mentions killing his wife. Further, he played the song in his ‘Up in Smoke Tour’ where Kim was one of the audience. This incident created more tension between the couple whose output was the divorce.

However, after five years of their separation, again the two decided to give second chance to their relationship for the welfare of their daughter and re-married in January 2006. To everyone’s surprise, the marriage only lasted for one month. Scott and Eminem shared the joint custody of their daughter Hailey Jade.

Prior to a second marriage, Kimberly was in a relationship with a man called Eric Hartter. She also gave birth to a daughter named Whitney Scott from that relationship.

Kim Mathers’ Children: The Glue That Kept Them Together

Despite having many differences, Kim and Eminem came together from time to time for their daughter Hailie. Both parents loved Hailie immensely and she was the glue that kept them together for much longer than they should have been. They gave many chances to their relationship for their Christmas-born baby. However, in the end, they ended their up-and-down relationship.

Besides Hailey, Kim also has another daughter Whitney Scott from her relationship with Eric Harter. She and Eminem also took custody of  Aliana Marie Mathers, the daughter of Dawn Scott because of her drug issues. They formally adopted Aliana in 2002.

According to few sources, it’s said that Mathers also has a son named Patrick Scott. No further details about him are known other than his name. Eminem and Kim together share the custody of their biological and adopted children. They are on good terms for the sake of their children. Nobody can deny the fact that though being bad partners for each other, they have proved themselves as good parents.

Controversies with the Law: Kim has been Arrested Multiple Times

Kim's involvement in Controversy

In June 2000, Eminem saw his wife kissing a friend John Guerra on his cheek in the parking lot of a Warren, Mich. Nightclub. Eventually, he assaulted the man and was also arrested for the incident.

He was pled guilty and was charged with a sentence of two years. Likewise, in 2000, Eminem played the song ‘Kim’ and assaulted a blow-up doll stand-in for Kim at one of his concerts in Detroit. She wasn’t able to handle this humiliation because of which she tried to kill herself by slashing her wrist.

In 2001, Eminem’s wife was arrested and charged with drug possession but wasn’t declared guilty. Again in 2003, she was arrested for unsafe driving with two bags of cocaine. She was fined and was kept on probation. Later when she violated her probation, she was sentenced to one month in jail.

Similarly, in October of 2015, Kim was found under heavy influence when she crashed her SUV into a ditch and utility pole.

Later at Shelby TWP Court, she admitted to her drunk driving case and attempted suicide. After a year-long trial, she was fined $900 dollars and sentenced to one year of probation. Talking about her mental state, she mentioned she has been doing fine with her therapy sessions.

Eminem’s Apology to Kim

Eminem’s stormy relationship with his ex-wife has been a major source of inspiration throughout his musical career. He has humiliated his ex-wife through his musical albums in the past. However, on his new album ‘Revival’ with ‘Bad Husband’, he has finally apologized to Kim for the pain he has caused.

Eminem opens up “Bad Husband” by elaborating on the height of their chaotic public relationship from 1998 through 2001. That is from the time they got married and when they got divorced while his career was on the path to success.

Eminem still has a Huge Impact on Kim’s Life

In an interview with ABC News, Kim talks about Eminem and how he is the best possible father for their kids. She goes on to talk about the problems of having fame, infidelity, and how her relationship went down the hill from there. Kim also talks about how Em’s performance on Kim and her attempted suicide!

Kimberly Scott’s Net worth

Being the ex-wife of a famous rapper, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. However, her former husband, Eminem has a whooping sum of amount $220 million as net worth according to Celebrity net worth in 2019. The rapper comes under the 6th position among the richest rappers in the world. In 2001, for the divorce settlement, the court ordered Eminem to pay $52000 per annum to Kim for spousal support and child custody.

The ex-couple still see each other, but Kim has managed to clean up her life, despite the bad influence Eminem seems to have on her. Their daughter Hailie had a normal upbringing and wasn’t affected by the stormy relationship of her parents.

Will Kimberly and Em Ever Get Back Together?

Well, there is a saying you can never say never. When there is so much history between two people, you can never tell what can befall. They have shared their teens together, loved, married, divorced, married, and again divorced. Both of them are still single. So, who knows what can ignite this fiery relationship again.

In November 2013, a news surfaced that Eminem might just re-kindle his relationship with his ex-wife when his ex-mother in the law revealed that he was building a house for Kim. She told how Em and Kim see each other often and think they have a good chance of getting back together.

But it’s been almost 7 years after the story was revealed and the ex-lovers seem to be living peacefully in their own lives.

Kim Attempted Suicide in 2021

Kim has been suicidal all her life and recently she has once again tried to take her life away following her mother’s death on 23rd July 2021. As reported by TMZ, police, and paramedics responded to a call that someone was trying to take her life in Kim’s building in Michigan on 30th July 2021. When the team arrived at her place, Kim was found covered in blood with several small lacerations on the back of her leg. She was then immediately rushed to the hospital for medical treatment by the paramedics.

As of now, she has been discharged from the hospital and is recovering at her home.

Kimberly Ann Scott Now: Keeping herself clean and Away from Limelight

Apart from coming into the highlights with her toxic relationship with Eminem, Kim rarely makes any public appearances. She isn’t even featured on her kids social media posts making it hard to keep up with Scott’s recent ventures

After the relay of horrific incidents on her life, she seems to be coming out clean for the past few years. She was recently captured roaming around her tights near her house. But she has certainly been off the radar. Therefore, we can only guess she is living a peaceful life away from the limelight and is making ways to make her life better.

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  1. Kim,there’s something I wanna say to you,Love yourself,don’t try to take your own life again,the premise of loving someone else is loving yourself first. I think you should accept yourself,appreciate yourself from the bottom of your heart…Life is so precious,we gonna seize everyday of our lives??…

  2. On behalf of stans, I wanna tell you that we love you, Kim. Most of us see Marshall’s songs as his emotional outlets so we understand the situation. The media might not make it seem that way but most of us think you’re a wonderful mother and a good wife. Take care! Learn to love yourself and treat yourself well. We love you!

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