Laura Louie: Unraveling the Life Story About Actor Woody Harrelson’s Spouse

laura louie

Laura Louie: A Lady Charisma of Woody’s Success

Laura Louie, an American businesswoman who has founded the top US Company ‘Yoganics, an organic food delivery service. Before this, she had worked as an assistant on the number of TV and movie productions. Besides being the co-founder of Yoganics, Laura is best known for being the lovely wife of the versatile Hollywood actor Woodrow Tracy (Woody) Harrelson. Woody, a famous award-winning actor has given his marvelous acting in more than 55 films to this date. Laura and Woody are known to be the best couple in the whole Hollywood world. This duo has been together for more than two decades. And till today they look like one of the happiest and lovely couples in the entertainment field. 

laura louie

Laura along with her husband works on Voice Yourself website which is all about social causes. Through these sites, they mainly focus on people and encourages them to fight against the air, water, and noise pollution. She also works on building an eco-village in Mauli (a sunny beach island), Hawaii. In their life, this both husband and wife always try to adopt eco-friendly things.

Early Background

This lady was born in 1965 in the United States of America. Laura was raised and grew up in the Asian affluent family which means she is American by her Nationality and holds an Asian Ethnicity. Since her childhood days, she was loved by everyone in her family members. However, the info related to her parents and other family members is still under review. And moving towards her educational performance, Laura got her degree in Business Management and Environmental Sciences from the deemed American Universities. 

Briefly talking about her early days, after completing her schooling she worked on television/movie productions as an assistant. During working as an assistant on the sitcom Cheers, she met her love life, Woody Harrelson. 

Laura’s Relationship with Woody Harrelson

Laura met Woody for the first time while working as an assistant on the sitcom Cheers in 1987. After knowing each other for two years, they started dating and moved towards a romantic relationship. The most shocking part in Laura’s life was in 2002, there was a controversy that her boyfriend Woody was caught having sex with three women.

However, surprisingly, despite all these rumors she believed her husband and didn’t break up with her love. This proved the strength and level of trust they have in their relationship. Finally, on 28th December 2008, this beautiful couple tied the nuptial knot and took their relationship to the next level.

laura louie with husband Woody harrelson

Laura and Woody’s wedding was one of the simplest but beautiful wedding ceremonies held on Maui Home. The guest list was limited as they desired to keep their wedding a private affair as much as possible. It was said that the total cost of their total wedding was $500. Woody revealed:

“I have found, the least expensive things can be the most personally rewarding, Take my wedding. We didn’t feel the need to shell out a ton of cash and do anything over the top. It was basically just a bunch of good friends getting together in Maui.”

Further, he added:

“I paid for some food and drinks, a few hundred bucks, and that was about it. At the end of the day, it ain’t about how much it costs- it’s about having great people in a beautiful place and just celebrating.”

The couple had already welcomed their offsprings before tying the knot. They were blessed with three baby girls named Deni Montana (born on 28 February 1993), Zoe Giordano Harrelson (born on 22 September 1996), and Makani Ravello (born on 3 June 2006). The Harrelson family is often caught having a gala time together.

On 16th June 2018, Laura and her partner Woody along with their youngest child Makani were spotted enjoying their holiday together in Italy. And one year later, they were seen at the French Open Tennis Tournament in Paris. Today, this lovely family along with two dogs and cats lives a happy life in a small community, Maui, Hawaii. 

Net Earnings

Before moving towards the net worth of businesswoman Laura Louie, let us have a preview on her husband’s net worth. Woody Harrelson has an incredible net worth after giving his best shot in his career as the Hollywood Star. From this, we can guess how much Woody has gained in his past and till today as a Comedian American Actor. And according to the various source, we came to know that he has a handsome net worth of around $65 million.

Besides this when looking at her career, she had served as an assistant on the number of TV and movie productions. Further, she is the founder of Yoganics which has gathered almost everyone’s eye and doing fairly well. And through all this, she has got a huge success in her career and we can predict that she has accumulated a huge net worth of around $3 Million US Dollars. However, the genuine information regarding her net worth hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Social Media Outreach

Laura Louie has worked in the Hollywood industry for a while. She is familiar with the fact that media have the power to create problems in personal life. So, it seems as she isn’t a media-friendly person.

Despite being the wife of an actor, Laura skips being in the limelight. She prefers to live a low key life. Hence, it may be the reason behind Laura’s absence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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