Everything About Laura Louie: A Lady Charisma of Woody Harrelson’s Success

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People often say, there is a lady behind every successful man. And Laura Louie has proved it right. Laura Louie is the wife of famous award-winning actor Woodrow Tracy aka Woody Harrelson. Woody, a man who wasn’t ready for serious relationships changed his thoughts when he saw his lady Laura Louie. Laura who worked as an assistant for Woody later became his girlfriend. She has stood by his side even after the foursome scandal. The level of trust she has in him is something commendable. Because it’s not that easy to forgive someone who has cheated on you. Had it been other girl, she would have bashed and leave him over cheating allegations.Instead, she opted to be with him and the rest is all history. 


Early Background and Childhood

laura louie

Laura Louie was born in 1965 in the United States of America. Laura was raised and grew up in an Asian affluent family. Only limited information about her childhood is known excluding the details of her parents and other family members. As for education, Laura holds a degree in Business Management and Environmental Sciences from the deemed American Universities. 

How did Laura’s Relationship with Woody Harrelson Begin?

Their love story dates back to 1987 when Laura met Woody for the first time on the sets of the sitcom Cheers. As per The Hollywood Reporter, Woody needed an assistant and when he asked ‘does anyone have secretarial skills’, a girl from the crowd raised her hand. The girl was Laura to whom Woody asked to meet at his place Marina del Rey the next day. The duo met for the meeting and Laura was hired as an assistant to Woody Harrelson. This was the beginning of their journey to happily ever after. Woody revealed:

We had one of the greatest conversations I ever had, so she became my assistant. She was so great that every other person in Cheers got an assistant after that. She became my assistant the day after I met her and for the next three years. It was one of those things I wouldn’t admit to myself: I didn’t want to be attracted to my amazing assistant. But there was no connubial bliss.

Laura Stood by Woody’s Side Even after the Foursome Scandal

laura louie with husband Woody harrelson

After knowing each other for two years, Woody expressed his love for Laura. Laura on the other hand also confessed that she was also in love with Woody. The duo then eloped with each other and the rest is all history. Everything was going smoothly between the couple until 2002 when Harrelson was caught in a foursome scandal. A drunk Harrelson was caught having sex with three women in his residence. As People reported, Woody was in a bar when two stranger women approached him with an offer to ‘take a walk on the wild side. When the three of them were getting into a car, a third woman got in as well. He remembered the story and said:

We went to my place, and one o the girls was a paparazzi or worked for them, worked for the rags. And she got a photographer to come out. That one girl manipulated the other two.

Further, he explained:

I was bummed when they all left together cause I knew it was going to happen(an article). News of the world, it was. I never read it cause I didn’t want to read it.

The actor revealed how his wife Laura reacted after she found out about the news. He said he didn’t know how Laura got the news but she knew. Instead of breaking uo with Woody for cheating her, Laura reacted in a calm way. As per Woody, she said:

That must be really hard for you, to have this shit exposed.

This proved the strength and level of trust they have in their relationship. Finally, on 28th December 2008, the pair tied the nuptial knot and embarked on the journey to happily ever after.

Laura and Woody Harrelson’s Wedding’s Total Cost was Just $500

Laura and Woody’s wedding was one of the simplest but beautiful wedding ceremonies held at Maui Home. Though marriage was first for Laura, it wasn’t for Woody. He was previously married to Nancy Simon.The guest list was limited as they desired to keep their wedding a private affair as much as possible. It was said that the total cost of their total wedding was $500. Woody revealed:

“I have found, the least expensive things can be the most personally rewarding, Take my wedding. We didn’t feel the need to shell out a ton of cash and do anything over the top. It was basically just a bunch of good friends getting together in Maui.”

Further, he added:

“I paid for some food and drinks, a few hundred bucks, and that was about it. At the end of the day, it ain’t about how much it costs- it’s about having great people in a beautiful place and just celebrating.”

The Duo Welcomed their Offsprings Before Getting Hitched

The couple welcomed their kids before they got married. The duo welcomed their first child Deni Montana Harrison on 28th February 1993. She has stayed out of the spotlight for most of her life. However, Deni is seen attending few red carpet events alongside her dad and family. Similarly, three years later, Laura and Woody again became parents to Zoe Giordano Harrelson born on 22 September 1996. Zoe has already shared the screen with Woody in s short movie ‘U2: Song for Someone’ in 2015.

The same year Zoe also made a Ted Talk about the importance of disconnecting from our phones as a senior studying in Seabury Hall private school. As a participant of TEDxYouth, She intended to bring social awareness regarding issues related to the excessive use of our phones and the need to experience moments away from them.

Further, the duo welcomed the youngest member of the Harrelson family on June 3, 2006. The baby girl was named Makani Ravello. Upon her arrival, Woody and Laura released a statement that noted:

In this crazy patriarchal world we live in, we are doing our part to balance the energy. We are proud to announce the completion of our goddess trilogy with the birth of our third daughter, Makani Ravello.

The Harrelson family is often caught having a gala time together. On 16th June 2018, Laura and her partner Woody along with their youngest child Makani were spotted enjoying their holiday together in Italy. And one year later, they were seen at the French Open Tennis Tournament in Paris. The family of five along with two dogs and cats lives are living a happy life in a small community, Maui, Hawaii. 

Laura Switched Her Career To Become a Business Lady

Laura started her career working as an assistant in movies and television production set right after she completed her studies. Her first job was working as an assistant at the sets of hit sitcom Cheers where she met her husband Woody Harrelson. She served as an assistant for Woody for two consecutive years. After that, she got into a romantic relationship with Harrelson and left the job of an assistant. 

Laura along with her husband has always been an advocate for an eco-friendly lifestyle and green initiatives. Having an interest in making the world eco-friendly, she has established an Eco-village in Mauli, Hawaii. As per their website, they inspire their visitors to expand the use of eco-friendly products and practices. 

Apart from this, Laura is also a co-owner of ‘Yoganics’ an organic food delivery service business with her husband. Likewise, she owns a website ‘Voice Yourself’ launched in 2001. The main motive behind launching the site is to educate people about various eco-friendly and greenhouse tips. The website also focuses on various eco-news and encourages people to fight against air, water, and noise pollution.

Woody credits his wife and children for keeping him grounded

Being in the Hollywood limelight tends to make its stars lose sight of who they are. Luckily for Woody Harrelson, his wife and children have been the support preventing him from going too far off the end. In a 2018 interview with the Guardian Harrelson admitted, “I went through a period of arrogance and having my head up my ass. But luckily, this life, and my family; my wife and my daughters, they kind of loved me into a better human being.”

Woody has also talked about the family keeping him hopeful all the time. He told Lufthansa magazine, “No one who’s as lucky as I am has a right to be cynical. Luckily, I have a family which makes me hopeful. What they do comes more from the heart than the head. And there’s a young generation growing up and they are coming from a very pure perspective. It’s not connected to economics. These kids give me hope that finally, a change will happen.” Now that’s a family who celebrates the company and love of one another.

Net Worth: What does Laura do for Living?

Laura had served as an assistant on a number of TV and movie productions. Further, she currently works as the founder of Yoganics which has gathered almost everyone’s eye and doing fairly well. Besides, she also owns a website ‘Voice Yourself”. Through all this, she has got a huge success in her career and we can predict that she has accumulated a fair amount of wealth. Some online sources claim her estimated net worth to be around $3 Million. However, the genuine information regarding her net worth hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Louie is a Private Person

Laura Louie has worked in the Hollywood industry for a while. She is familiar with the fact that media have the power to create problems in personal life. So, it seems as she isn’t a media-friendly person. Despite being the wife of an actor, Laura skips being in the limelight. She prefers to live a low-key life. Hence, Laura’s absence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is understandable.

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