Manuela Escobar: The Daughter of Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar

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You must have definitely watched the hit show ‘Narcos’ or at least heard about it if you are a serial Netflix binge-watcher. The series’ main story revolves around the life of infamous drug dealer Pablo Escobar and his family. While his wife Maria and son Juan have come in front and talked about how they were affected by Pablo’s deeds, his daughter Manuela is a mystery. Viewers still wonder who is Manuela Escobar and want to know about the real story. Read on and find what happened to Manuela after his death and about her whereabouts. 

Early Life as a daughter of Pablo Escobar

Manuela Escobar was born on May 25, 1984, to Colombian Crime legend Pablo Escobar and his wife Maria Victoria Henao. She has a big brother named Juan Pablo Escobar. Her father Pablo was a drug lord and was one of the wealthiest criminals in the world. Pablo was ranked at the seventh richest man in the world by Forbes earning $6 million per day back then. 

Being the only daughter of Pablo Escobar, Manuela lived a world of fantasy in her native land Colombia. Manuela had a life of luxury residing in luxurious mansions filled with sculptures, lavish rooms, a zoo and many more. However, she never lived the life of a normal child. She never got to socialize with the kids of her age as her life would be at risk from attack by her father’s unyielding foes. Unlike most of the children, Manuela was homeschooled as attending a public school might have a threat to her life. 

Pablo has really tried his hard to keep away Manuela’s life affected by his deeds. However, living a normal life being the daughter of the most wanted criminal is quite hard. When she was only three years old, she witnessed a murder attempt on her father by a car bomb explosion at their Monaco apartment. The incident almost made her deaf. 

Manuela Escobar with family

Even though Pablo was known for his cruel behavior and violence, he was a doting father. He always had a soft side for his family, especially for his daughter and would go any length for her. One of the incidents proving his brilliant fatherhood is mentioned by Author J.D Rockefeller. He reported how innocently Manuela once asked her father how much a million dollars is worth to and simply Pablo replied: 

“The Value of your eyes, my princess”

It’s quite safe to say Manuela was apple of her dad’s eye. As per reports, once Manuela asked for a unicorn to play. Any other normal parents would hand her a toy unicorn, but Pablo’s fatherhood was simply out of the box. To fulfill her wish, Pablo bought the most expensive white horse in the area and stabbed a horn on its head. Likewise, wings were glued on the back to give a complete look of a unicorn. The act did put a smile on Manuela’s face, but the poor horse died of infection. 

However, it wasn’t the weirdest act Pablo did so far to keep Manuela happy. When she fell ill and suffered from hypothermia in the Medellin mountainous region, Pablo set fire to $2 million to keep her warm. During the time, the Escobar family was hiding in the area from enemies. In addition, he got her mistress to kill the unborn baby just because Pablo once said she would be the last in the line. While his act seemed a bit crazy, it proved how much he loved her daughter.

Manuela Escobar received all the things she wanted as a child. Unfortunately, what she lacked was peace and stability- the most important things having a huge impact on a child’s mentality. 

Depression Following Her Father’s Death 

Pablo Escobar

Manuela’s life took a different turn after Pablo’s death. He was killed when she was only nine years old. Pablo was shot dead by Colombian police on 2nd December 1993 in Madelin, Colombia after he tried to run away. Losing a father at a young age made her vulnerable. She suffered from depression. 

According to reports, she slept with the shirt of Pablo the day he died. In addition, the little Manuela also kept a mustache under her pillow. From this point onwards, her life changed from riches to the life of refugees. 

Hardships After Pablo Escobar’s Death

Manuela and her family were living a life of riches until Pablo was alive. Though Pablo lived a life of criminal in the eyes of the world, he always was a family man. After he was encountered, his family became the victim of his sin. They were price tagged of four billion dollars. They had to give all their wealth to Pablo’s enemies to save their lives. Manuela along with her mother and brother had to hide their real identities to run away from the Colombian’s violence and fled to new places for survival. 

The Escobar family tried to take refuge in America, Germany, and several other countries. But, no one allowed them entry.  In 1994, the Colombian government gave them new identities with new names. Her mother’s name was changed to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero. Likewise, Juan’s name was changed to Juan  Sebastian Marroquin Santos and Manuela’s to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. 

With new identities, they flew to Mozambique, an African country. But, they left the country after living for less than two weeks and moved to Brazil. Things didn’t go as per their way in Brazil too and thus moved to a new destination. On 24th December 1994, Manuela and her family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina on a tourist visa and lived a regular life. 

Manuela Escobar with family

There Manuela and her brother attended public school like normal children. Her mother worked as a real estate entrepreneur and things started getting normalize. However, it came all crashing when the Argentine government found out their real identity in 1999. A case was filed against her mother and brother for forging documents and money laundering. Manuela was set free being a minor. However, due to lack of evidence, Maria and Juan were released.

Nevertheless, the situation hard-hit Manuela’s psychology. She suffered from depression and had to consult with a psychiatrist. There came one point when she even tried to end her own life. She refused to go to school in fear of bullying. Following this, she was once again homeschooled. 

After many years, finally, the gloomy days went off her life and she was able to live a normal life. Her mother got an Argentine Citizenship in 2010. She even voted as a citizen of Argentina. However, her brother still holds Colombian Citizenship. 

Her Brother Juan Sebastian Marroquin Santos

Manuela's brother Juan

Unlike Manuela, Juan has not shied away from the media. Juan is an architect and lives a life of respect, unlike his father. As per him, Pablo was a loving father and gave many life lessons to him that Pablo never followed. They used to play soccer and monopoly together. He got to know Pablo was a drug dealer and killed the minister when he was just seven years old. But, he was too young to understand that. In fact, he was the last person to have the last conversation with dad Pablo.

He has been very vocal about his father’s legacy. He has been going out and sharing his story everywhere. In a 2009 documentary ‘Sins of My Father’, he has talked about Pablo’s actions that had an effect on his life. Besides, Juan has also penned his story in a book named “Pablo Escobar, My Father” released in 2014. Now, he is working on the second book which will include the last days of Pablo’s life when he wasn’t with his family. 

Junior Escobar tried his best to protect his mother and sister Manuela from his father’s enemies. After becoming stable in his life, he has apologized to the families who suffered due to Pablo’s deeds. He has donated to many Colombian Charity projects. Juan now lives a normal life with his wife and six years old son. 

Her dad’s Life Portrayed in Netflix series Narcos 

The 1980s drug trafficker Pablo Escobar’s life has been shown in the Netflix series Narcos. Narcos is a crime drama produced and directed by Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, and Doug Miro. The season one and two of the series is based on the story of late Pablo who accumulated billions through the production and distribution of cocaine. Especially, season two has gone deeper into his family life. 

Meanwhile, her brother Juan thinks the series is full of errors. He believed reality was far grimmer. He told: 

“My father was much crueler than he appears in the show. He terrorized an entire country.”

Further, he added: 

“You have to be responsible when telling this story. There are thousands of victims in Colombia who deserve respect. The show creates a culture where being a drug trafficker is cool. Young people all around the world write to me saying that they want to be drug dealers and asking for help. They write to me as if I was selling tickets for entry into this world.”

Where is Manuela Escobar now? 

Manuela Escobar is living a life under an assumed name to let go from the dark shadows of her past life. There’s zero information available on the whereabouts of Manuela. She is neither on Instagram nor Facebook and not on  Twitter as well. She lives a low key life away from public scrutiny. 

Even though she had nothing to do with her father’s sin, she became victimized. We can only hope she is living a safer life and has found a new home.

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