Nicholas Morgan Lieberman: Everything About Robert Lieberman and Marilu Henner Son

Nicholas morgan lieberman son of Robert Lieberman and Marilu Henner

Before she was married to ‘Michael Brown’ and he was married to ‘Victoria peters,’ Marilu Henner and Robert Lieberman were one of the most influential Hollywood couples.

The ‘Jesus-trimmed’ bearded guy and the star of ‘Taxi’ were married for 11 years. And the two have shared few beautiful moments together. One of those memories stands at 5 feet 10 inch tall charismatic young man in Nicholas Morgan Lieberman. Nick is one of the two sons of Marilu Henner with Robert Lieberman.

He describes himself as a director, writer, and editor.But he has garnered the media attention mostly because of his roots.

Although his work aren’t ground breaking yet he is definitely on his way to garner something big. And with Robert at his helm, he will probably get all the necessary tools to make things work!

Early Childhood and Education

Nicholas Morgan Lieberman was born in 1994 as the first child of his parents Marilu Henner and Robert Lieberman. He was born and raised in the United States of America. Nicholas holds American Nationality and by ethnicity wise, he belongs to white ethnicity. He has a younger brother named Joseph Marlon Lieberman born in the year 1995.

The two brothers were raised by their mother after their parents got divorced when they were very young. Later in 2006, Marilu tied the nuptial knot with Michael Brown. After that, the brothers got fatherly love from their stepfather. Likewise, their biological dad Robert Lieberman also takes care of them.

After completing high school, he went to attend Columbia University where he studied Filmmaking. In spring of 2017, he graduated from the Uni. It’s not just art of filmmaking that inspires him. He has a soft place for story telling and has written numerous columns and articles for his University.

His posts has been featured on publications like Huffington Post. His article “A View from a Son” on Huffington Post talks about his night out with his mother when they attended a play called ‘Mothers and Sons’.

Clearly, he is pursing his career on filmmaking. And you can probably guess who was the inspiration behind It looks like he has already stepped in his father shoes as he has directed a music video for Ben Platt’s Bad Habit.

Nicky is in Love with Actress Molly Gordon

Nicholas morgan lieberman with girlfriend Molly Gordon

Although we don’t know the ins and outs of Nicholas personal life, we do know that he is in a committed relationship. His instagram posts are filled with his girlfriend ‘Molly Gordon‘ giving us relationship chills.

Molly is an American actress who gained massive fame after bagging the role in the TNT drama series named the Animal Kingdom in its third series.

In July 5, 2016, he posted ‘happy 4rth from Mollsterg’ suggesting that it’s their fourth anniversary. If that’s the case they might have been in a relationship for over 9 years. Perhaps they were high school sweethearts but it’s just a mere speculation.

Similar to her boyfriend Nick, Molly’s career too hasn’t skyrocketed. She has been featured in numerous supporting roles in projects like Booksmart, Good Boys, Life of the Party, and Broken Hearts Gallery. But she has high hopes for her career. She dreams of being in SNL just to make a fool out of herself.

Coincidently, she also happen to have a beautiful voice and she doesn’t shy away from showing her talent through her instagram videos.

Parents, Siblings, and Family

Nicholas Morgan Lieberman Family

Nicholas Morgan’s identity is linked with the fame of his parents Marilu Henner and Robert Lieberman. Both of his parents are well-known in the Hollywood industry.

Robert Lieberman (born on July 16, 1947) is an American director of Hollywood films and television series. Robert was the founder of the commercial production company Harmony Pictures. He has directed about 2000 commercials. He has directed movies like D3: The Mighty Fighting Back (1980), Ducks (1996), Titanic (1996), Red Skies (2002), Breakaway (2011) and so on. Some of his Television series include The Expanse, Private Eyes, Rogue, The X-flies, Strong Medicine, Killer Instinct and the like. He has won the DGA award in 1980 for Best Commercial Director. Likewise, he was nominated 3 times for the DGA award and won his second award in 1996. Besides being a director, he is also a producer and writer. He has written the story for The Casino (2004) and Killer Instinct (2005).

Nicholas Morgan Lieberman with mother Marilu

His mother Mary Lucy Denise Pudlowski AKA Marilu Henner was born on April 6, 1952, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She is a well-known American actress, producer author, and a host. Marilu is best known for portraying the role of Elaine O’ Connor Nardo on the sitcom Taxi. She has written nine books including ‘I Refuse To Raise A Brat’, and “Total Memory Makeover”. Besides that, she has also published an autobiography named “By All Means, Keep Moving” in 1994. Marilu was a contestant on the show Dancing with the Stars on season 23 in 2016 and has finished in 6th position.

Robert Lieberman and Marilu got married on June 27, 1990, in the USA. After celebrating 10 years of relationship together, they legally parted ways in 2001. After their divorce, Nicholas and his brother Joseph were raised by mother Marilu. The kids are seen making appearances at the Red Carpet and Award ceremonies with her mother.

Nick is Relatively Active on Social Media

Nick isn’t your average millennial kid who is 24/7 onto social media. He’s probably old school who likes to keep his life private. However, he does have an Instagram and Twitter account. Being a celebrity son, he should have a million followers on social media accounts. But shockingly, he doesn’t have.

His Instagram posts are mainly filled with his projects he’s working on. He hardly has anything to flaunt other than his pictures with girlfriend Molly.

Nicky and Joseph Gave Away their Mother to their Step-dad Michael Brown

While some have difficulty accepting their parents divorce, Nicky and Joseph took it like an adult although they were just kids at that time. They actually were thrilled to see their mother happy holding hands of another man. According to Nicky he just knew that his mother relationship with her new found love was going somewhere.

He even went on to say, ‘When you get married, can we give you away?’

It wasn’t just Henner’s kids that saw the glow in their mother’s eyes. Brown who had one son and two daughters revealed how his kids could see the joy on his face after the date with Henner.

“When he came home, it was like something magical had happened,” said Cassia, Brown’s daughter.

Brown and Henner’s story goes way back in 70s when they were first year students in University of Chicago. Henner had a sort of crush on Brown but at the time he was dating her roommate.

You know what they say about not dating your friend’s boyfriend?

Well, that went down to the gutter.

After just few months of dating, Michael was diagnosed with cancer. And this only made their bond stronger. She was there for him on his vulnerable days and after his cancer went to remission, he proposed her.

That’s destiny folks!

On December 21, 2006, then 55 year old Marilu walk the aisle and she was given away by you guessed it, her kids, Nick and Joe.

Nick and Joseph gave Marilu Strength during her Divorce

Marilu and Robert were going through divorce after 17 years of togetherness. This could have taken a toll on both the parties mental health. But the maturity the couple showed was commendable.

While talking to Ilyssa Panitz, she spilled few beans about her marriage and the coping mechanism she used to deal with her divorce.

Getting a divorce is one of the most difficult things you can ever do. Filing for divorce from my second husband, who is also the father of my two boys was the most difficult decision I have ever made, she said.

She revealed that all sorts of questions aired in her head when she decided to file for divorce. But she knew she had to keep level headed for her two kids.

I knew I had to keep my life intact especially for my boys. I am a mom first! Marilu told Ilyssa.

On contrary to many Hollywood couples that end with messy divorce, this golden couple ended their relationship in a subtle way. They decided that the assets that belong to Rob would be his and what belonged to Marilu would be hers. As far as children custody was concerned, arrangement was made according to work schedule. Now that’s what a mature couple does.

Nicholas has been taking tiny strides toward his film making career. At the moment he is working on small projects. His latest project being the shoot of ‘You and I’ by Ben Platt. We are hoping to see Nick’s career evolve in the near future

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