Nicole Tuck: Here’s Why the Wife of DJ Khaled is One of The Most Loved Ones

Nicole Tuck the wife of DJ Khaled

With all the media limelight on celebrities, you still hardly know who they really are. American music producer Dj Khaled is known for his larger than life persona which makes us wonder what kind of life his family lives like. While American rapper Nicki Minaj might have gotten publicly proposed by him, it was his longtime girlfriend turned wife Nicole Tuck who has remained the queen of his life. So who is DJ Khaled’s wife and baby mama, Nicole Tuck? Let us learn more about her.

Nicole is a Immigrants from Palestine

Nicole Tuck was born on December 7, 1975 in New Rochelle, New York, USA. She is an African-American and her family was immigrants from Palestine. Her father Elwood Tuck is known to be a very important and well-known member in the community the family was living. Nicole Tuck spent most of her early years in New York growing up in a loving home along with her two siblings; brother Jonathan Tuck and sister Freshie Tuck. She is still very close with her parents and always shares her respect and love in her Instagram posts.  

Tuck is a graduate of Fordham University

Nicole Tuck coming from a family of business owners, focused on getting higher education to gain maximum knowledge about how a business is run. After graduating from high school, she enrolled into Marymount Manhattan College. She then graduated from college in 2003 with a degree in Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. Nicole continued her studies and went to Fordham University to obtain her post-graduate degree in Business Administration. She graduated from Fordham University in 2005. 

Started Her Own Clothing Brand

While there is limited information regarding Nicole Tuck’s earlier career path, in 2011 she started her own clothing and apparel line. The clothing line was called ABU apparel (Always Be You) which was deeply influenced by the funky and streetwear fashion mostly found in New York and Miami. The company was endorsed by her husband DJ Khaled along with some other celebrities like Akon and Ace Hood. In its early years of establishment, the company did a really good job in creating profit but as time went by it could not compete with its rivals. As seeing significant loss, the company sadly closed down.

Relationship with DJ Khaled

Tuck with her husband Khaled and daughter

The exact timeline of the relationship of Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled is still under wraps, but many sources claim that the couple met each other sometime in the 90s at an event. Shortly after that, they were said to have started dating each other. 

Considering how DJ Khaled likes sharing his life moments in the media, it is quite surprising that he did not go on broadcasting his relationship with his girlfriend. After DJ Khaled’s public marriage proposal to Nicki Minaj that many believed to be somewhat true, there were rumors that Nicole Tuck had separated from him. 

A couple of years after the proposal stint, came an even bigger surprise in the form of  his marriage with Nicole Tuck. The couple who were going strong for a long time reportedly got married in secret sometime in 2016. There are some who believe they probably got married after the birth of their first child.

Her First Childbirth was Documented on Snapchat

While he might have been secretive regarding his marriage, DJ Khaled up his game after broadcasting one of the most private moments of one’s life that is of his wife going into labor. Following the announcement of the arrival of his first child, he went ahead and asked the doctor if there would be any problem if he recorded the moment. After the doctor’s affirmation, he started sharing Nicole’s labor and delivery of the baby on his Snapchat. 

On October 23, 2016, a beautiful healthy baby boy, Asahd Tuck Khaled was born.

Extending the Khalid Clan

In September 2019, DJ Khaled shared a video of his wife Nicole getting an ultrasound with the caption:

“God is greatest. All I ever wanted was to do was inspire the world to be great and to leave a legacy. Almost 3 years ago when I found out my queen was expecting our son Asahd I knew my life would change forever and that OUR legacy would soon be on the way. After that blessing, I released some of my biggest albums to date inspired by his greatness”. 

DJ Khaled with  his wife Tuck, son and daughter

On January 20, 2020, Nicole Tuck gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Aalam Khaled. Her husband shared the news on his Instagram by posting a picture of him giving a high five to her doctor with the caption “Thank you, Allah! Thank you, my queen, Nicole! Bless up, Dr. Jin! Another one!!!!!!”. 

Supporting Her Husband’s Career

Along with taking care of her children, Nicole Tuck is also an unofficial manager of her husband. She is known to handle many aspects of her husband’s career and has been very successful in the way she does her work. Though the couple do not specify the detail, many sources close to the couple have mentioned Nicole handling a lot of her husband’s background work.

A Love for Giving Back

Nicole Tuck is not only a smart and beautiful woman, but she also has a beautiful heart to involve herself in charity work. She also endorses different charity organizations on Instagram and urges other people to take part in it as much as they can. Apart from this, she also works with her husband’s charity ‘We The Best Foundation’ and engages in many philanthropic activities.

The couple never shies from the opportunity to give back to the community. On her son Asahd’s second birthday, the guests at the carnival-themed party included many underprivileged children in the 305 area. Over 150 children and their families from community centers such as Local Boys and Girls Club were invited to enjoy the birthday celebration. During the ceremony, the couple also announced the launching of another charity Asahd Initiative. 

Her Net Worth

Nicole Tuck’s net worth can hardly be separated from her husband’s. Her husband DJ Khaled has an estimated net worth of $65 million dollars. She also shares a house in Mulholland estate in Los Angeles which was previously owned by Hollywood legend Robin Williams. She apparently also uses a $70,000 Bentley to move from one place to another.  

A Tragedy In The Family: Death of Brother

In February 2018, Nicole Tuck’s younger brother Jonathan Tuck was shot in the face in a Belmont apartment. He was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital but soon was pronounced dead. The five people involved in the crime had burst into the apartment with the intention of robbing the place.

In October, all of the suspects were arrested and the one who pulled the trigger was sentenced to 20 years in prison. In her letter to the federal judge, Nicole voiced out justice to be served in maximum citing ‘A Life for life’.

What is Nicole Tuck up to lately?

The new baby mama as of now is enjoying her time with her family. Her hands are full of raising two kids who take most of her time. She does take time to exercise and stay healthy although she does not wish to be filmed during her workout regime. She probably also takes care of her son’s Asahd’s social media presence. Despite being the wife of one of the most social media active people, she still likes keeping her privacy to a certain degree. 

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