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Robert George Hawking is a British Software engineer working at Microsoft but more importantly, the eldest son of the notable theoretical physicist “Stephen Hawking.” Deemed as Stephen’s supporting backbone by Jane Hawking during the catastrophe of neurone disease, Robert was a responsible kid from an early age.

Struck in the eyes of media more likely due to his father’s presence, Robert himself is a popular character. He further burst into scenes after the release of Movie – Theory of everything. Actor Tom Prior played the role of Robert Hawking when he was 17.


Robert’s Early Life, Family & Education

Robert Hawking was born in May 1967 to father Stephen Hawking and mother Jane Wilde hawking. Stephen, the director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology is known for his polarized works in cosmology and physics. Whereas Robert’s mother also is the woman of education. She is the author of the book – Making a trip to infinity: My life with Stephen” which was later adapted to become The theory of everything that we now know. 

Stephen and Jane wedding photograph
Jane Hawking and Stephen Hawking in wedding dress

Growing up as a child Robert wanted to walk into the footsteps of his father and become a scientist. But later he decided to move to engineering. He graduated with a degree in software engineering from Oxford University – one of the elite universities of the world. 

The 50-year-old engineering veteran has two siblings – 47-year-old Lucy and 38-year-old Timothy Hawking. Unlike Robert, Lucy fills in the steps of her mother as a novelist and educator. She works as a British columnist and philanthropist. She used to teach French and Russian at Oxford University.

rare photo of robert and lucy playing infront of stephen and jane

She co-authored 2007’s book George’s Secret Key to the Universe with Stephen Hawking and Christophe Galfard. The book was then published with four more sequels, latest being released in 2016. Looks like the talent runs in the bloodline of the Hawkings.

Passed from Exter Universtiy in England with specialisation in Spanish and French, Tim holds a low job profile. Currently, he is the loyalty executive of a toy store “LEGO”. 

Robert’s Personal Life: Relationship among the Hawking family

Robert is a married man who currently lives in Seattle with his wife and a daughter and a son. The Hawking family share a mutual bond of love and respect for each other. Even after the couple’s split in 1995, Jane, Jonathan (Jane’s Husband), and their kids often pay visits to Stephen’s house. Jane now a grandmother of three has also taken the responsibility of Lucy’s son who is autistic. 

Tim and Lucy even showed their concern when they found bruises on Stephen’s body along with a broken arm. According to a rare interview, Tim told that he was never sure about Mason’s intent behind the marriage. And the 38-year-old blamed Elaine Mason(Stephen’s second wife) behind the misconduct. The nurse that took care of Stephen also told Times that Elaine abuses her husband. In one of her statement she told

She gets angry and has thrown him on the bed where he kicks his limbs or hurts himself. She allowed him to slip down low in the bath so the water goes in the hole in his throat.

However, Stephen denied the speculations. 

Elainemason and stephen hawking married
Source: MMP Cambridge. Stephen and Elaine getting married in 1995

In 2014, the three kids took the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) ice bucket challenge on behalf of their father. This is the same disease Stephen has been suffering from the age of 21.

Stephen Hawking family performing ice bucket challenge.

Robert shares a special and emotional bond with his father. When he was just a minor he used to take care of his father which his mother refers to as emphatic and affectionate side of his son.

“He had to do things for his father that children really shouldn’t have to,” said Jane.

It wasn’t just Robert who had an emotional side for their father.

In a BBC interview, Tim told how he used to prank his father by installing swear words in his father’s speech box. He also told that Stephen and he even shared the same drive for Formula One.


When your father is a decorated theoretical physicist and also have a degree from the University of Oxford, it would be hard for you to get unnoticed. And this is what happened to Robert. He instantly landed many job offers from multinational companies.

As a product engineer, he moved to Canada for few years due to his job prospects. Although he is British, his work is stationed in Seattle, Washington. He currently works in Microsoft as a senior software engineer.

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