Sarah Ward: A Complete Look Into the Life of Tom Hardy’s First Wife

Sarah Ward First wife of Tom Hardy

Being into a relationship with a partner who has the opposite taste isn’t easy. For a courtship to be successful, one needs to give complete time and should have a feeling of commitment. If not, the relationship will be dissolved sooner or later. The same thing happened with Sarah Ward. You might be wondering who she is.

Sarah Ward is the first wife of Oscar-nominated actor Tom Hardy who has bid farewell to the limelight. Here we are revealing some juicy facts about Sarah- the lady who was once married to heartthrob Tom Hardy.

Life Before Fame

Sarah Ward’s name was dragged in the public following her relationship with Hollywood actor Tom Hardy. She has maintained a low-key life and prefers privacy even though she has witnessed the fame for a while. In such a condition, the details regarding her early life including her birth date, educational background, immediate family members and childhood are not known to date. 

Relationship with Actor Tom Hardy 

While a lot is not known about Sarah Ward, one fact couldn’t be ignored while talking about her. She was married to actor Tom Hardy. The story behind how their courtship got started is not known as both of them didn’t talk about their relationship while being together. However, it is known from some sources that they didn’t take a long to hold their hands forever. The couple walked down the aisle in 1999 just three weeks after knowing each other.

Sarah Ward with Tom Hardy

Everything between the couple seemed to be perfect, until 2004 when the news of their separation came out in the public. Sarah was the one to file for the divorce. There has been a lot of speculation about the reasons behind their doomed marriage. However, many suspect that it was Hardy’s addiction issues that drove the couple apart. 

In an interview, Tom spoke about his split with first wife Sarah. He told that she filed for the divorce because he was unable to give time to their marriage. After his 2002 movie Star Trek Nemesis terribly got flopped, he involved in addiction which eventually created sourness in their relationship that led to divorce. 

Sarah’s Ex-Husband Tom Hardy 

Tom Hardy

Edward Thomas Hardy was born on September 15. 1977 in London. He is the only child of comedy writer and novelist Edward Hardy and painter Anne. Growing up, Tom suffered from drug addiction, alcoholism, and delinquency. However, he came out of all the addiction stepped into the entertainment industry. 

He first stepped into the spotlight with the HBO BBC mini-series Band of Brothers in 2001. Following the success, he debuted in the movie industry with Ridley Scott’s war thriller Black Hawk Down. Since then, he has featured in successful movies like Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Lawless, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Drop, Warrior, Dunkirk, Venom, Peaky Blinders, The Revenant, and many others.

Tom Hardy with wife Charlotte Riley
Tom Hardy with wife Charlotte Riley

Throwing lights on his personal life, he has moved on his life after parting ways with Sarah. He has finally managed to find the love of his life after going through one heartbreak after another. Currently, the actor is married to actress Charlotte Riley. The adorable couple met on the sets of the movie Wuthering Heights. Tom and Charlotte are together since 2014 and are parents to two children. They gave birth to their first child in 2015 and second child in December 2018. 

Before meeting Charlotte, he had a brief romance with assistant director Rachel Speed. They together have a son Louis. His now-wife Riley has accepted Louis with wide arms filled with love in her life. In an exclusive interview, she told: 

“Louis is the most incredible, intelligent, creative little human being I have ever met- he is amazing. I feel very honored to be his step mum.”

Life After Divorce 

Sarah has vanished away from the showbiz since her divorce with Hardy. As such, nothing is known about what she is doing in her life. Multiple sources claim that she was a producer when she met Tom. But, it seems like she hasn’t invested in any new projects after her doomed marriage. Most probably she must be single enjoying her life away from the media tantrums.

Net Earnings 

Much information regarding Sarah’s life has been under the bridge where no light can fall including her net worth. She is said to be a producer. So, she must have accumulated good fortune to live a good life.

Meanwhile, her former partner Tom Hardy has a net worth amounting to $30 million as of 2020. He contributes the amount from his career in the industry. In the days to come, his net worth would certainly increase if he goes on delivering hit movies at the box office. 

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